Subaru STI/WRX/Forester


Subaru STI/WRX/Forester
4 Nissan 370Z
5 Juke
6 Up to 2015 STi
Subaru STI/WRX/Forester - fact sheet
Nissan 370Z Tuning Suite
EcuTek’s ProECU tuning suite provides a powerful ‘all in one’ OBD2 tuning
solution for the STI, WRX, Forester and Legacy
ProECU delivers access to over 300 different ECU maps, they are logically named and
accurately defined with real map values
Ignition control, correction maps, per
cylinder and gear, knock retard and
knock learning
Fuelling includes injector firing
7 - angle
STi 2015 WRX
8 - Mazda MX-5 Miata New 2015 model 9
Boost control with target pressures,
compensations and valve frequency
Inlet and exhaust VVT control fully
Torque and throttle maps
Limiters and sensor scaling
Secondary air pump control, tumble
valve delete and gear thresholds
Enable/Disable Diagnostic Trouble
Codes and DTC Limits
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features and video demonstrations
Models Supported
Product endorsements
Supports all electronic throttle
models worldwide from 20042015* including STI, WRX, Forester,
Legacy, over 400 different ROMs
are supported including naturally
aspirated versions
PRODRIVE – the famous Prodrive
Performance Pack was sold through
the Subaru UK dealer network with
a 3 year warranty, Subaru created
desirable limited edition models
such as UK300, WR1, GB270, RB320,
330S and the 320R/340R models, all
powered by EcuTek.
* see our website for exact models
Product Achievements
**Isle Of Man TT Record**
Driving a RaceROM powered 2015
Subaru STI rally legend Mark Higgins
smashed the TT course record with
an incredible 19 mins and 11 secs
and average speed of 117.5mph
**Gymkhana - Ken Block STI **
Crawford built and RaceROM
powered the first Ken Block STI
with over 650bhp as it elegantly
pirouetted around the dockside
**Cosworth – CS400 **
Cosworth built limited edition CS400
with 400bhp and a 3 year warranty
from Subaru UK
T + 44 (0)1895 811200
[email protected]
Subaru STI/WRX/Forester - fact sheet
RaceROM Special Features
Map Switching – Swap effortlessly between ROAD and RACE maps
using SI Drive, ECO switch or full throttle and the defog switch, a
flashing check engine light (CEL) indicates the current map switch
mode that’s selected. RaceROM features can be enabled in any of
the map switch modes
The following maps are available for RACE mode map switching:
• Ignition – base and advance maps
•Fuel – base maps, injector size, closed loop lambda target, per
gear enrichment
• Boost – per gear boost targets and per gear wastegate control
(initial and maximum duty cycle)
•VVT – intake and exhaust maps
Vehicle Speed Limiter – throttle based limiter can be used for
valet mode or a pit lane limiter
Launch Control – includes Boost Off The Line (BOTL) special
feature – Live adjust the launch RPM using the cruise control or the
accel pedal and defog switch (where cruise control is not fitted).
BOTL is a clever and dynamic pre-launch manifold pressure target.
Set any boost pressure you want on launch! It can be enabled in
ROAD or RACE mode
Flat Foot Shift – full throttle gear shifts by reducing the engine
torque and controlling the air fuel ratio during the shift
Auto Blip – applies a short burst of throttle when down-shifting
under braking to provide a smooth entry into the next gear during
Speed Density – MAP sensor based tuning with a hybrid SD option
offering a transition from MAF to SD (or vice versa) so you can have
the best of both worlds, a must for high power forced induction
E85 and Flex-Fuel – create an accurate ethanol calibration by
importing a flex-fuel sensor signal into the ECU
Additional Features
Up to 20 custom logging parameters that are critical for accurate
Combined Ignition view, see the total ignition timing relative to the
advance multiplier
Coloured map tracing showing AFR or knock events on the map
ROM Compare see the differences between two ROM files
High Speed ECU Programming in under 1 minute
ECU Recovery and ECU data protection to prevent others from
copying your work
Read and Clear DTCs and ECU Reset function
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ProECU Programming Kit support for worldwide E-Tuning
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