Gun Mart - December Issue - Perazzi Review


Gun Mart - December Issue - Perazzi Review
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have the basics of an already
well conceived trap gun.
Personally I like shotguns
to shoot as flat as possible so
the basic rib setting was at its
lowest. From there, with the
gun mounted for Bob to sight
from the muzzles to my right
eye, the comb was given a 1½
increment right-hand shift at the
front with a 2 increment shift
at the rear before moving to
the pattern plates plus ten DTL
birds and five pairs of sporting.
The end result was that for
trap the comb needed to be
raised 7mm but only 2mm for
sporting, the appropriate spacers
quickly added or removed.
In all other respects the
stock still felt conspicuously
Perazzi, slightly larger than
others with a still very
comfortable though slightly
oversized semi-pistol grip
and hand filling palm
swell complimented by a
matching grain Beaver style,
Anson latched, trap foreend all of which have neat,
finely cut chequering.
On the layouts
But the fit, feel and balance
are nothing if the gun doesn’t
perform and like all new guns
this one still had to prove itself
around the layouts. Loaded
up with Express World Cup
fibres and Supreme plaswads,
forty-eight of Yorkgate’s fifty
DTL birds were decimated
followed by just one less on
the sporting, the MX2000-3
balance and heft seemingly
transforming target acquisition
and the resultant kill into slow
motion, the weight reducing the
occasional tendency to snatch
to a degree its almost imposes
a measured fluidity on the
shooter’s behaviour whilst the
gun’s weight and overall balance
meant that virtually all felt recoil
was eliminated, the basic fit
and angles of the MX2000-3
exemplary in this respect.
Having settled into the
Perazzi, the gun emphasized it’s
abilities a day or so later over
fifty of Rishton SG’s sporting
and a further fifty compact, the
MX2000-3’s ability to inspire
and improve scores once
again immediate, highlighting
why this model is enjoying
success. Already in the hands
of some of the world’s top
shooters, be it DTL, Double –
Rise, Double – Trap, OT and
ZZ, the MX2000-3 is turning in
championship winning scores
whilst the world of sporting
will soon be following suit.
The Beaver style trap fore-end should provide most shooters with a
comfortable, easy grip
Like no other
From my own perspective the
new 31½” barrelled MX20003 is already my shotgun of
2010, Perazzi having redefined
the benchmark by which all
other competition shotguns of
this type will in my opinion be
judged. Yes, it’d probably be
fractionally better if it was half a
pound lighter and yes, I’d take
RUAG UK’s advice and have
Teague modify the top barrel
and have a full duplicate set of
flush-fit multi-chokes along and
have the gun fully regulated.
On the other hand why
not take Perazzi up on their
standing invitation to all their
customers. Hop onboard a
cheap flight to Italy, visit the
factory and have your new
MX2000-3 built to your own,
no extra cost dimension. That
said, the temptation to specify
barrel selectors, an adjustable
trigger-blade along with
upgraded woodwork would
probably prove irresistible but
why not, you don’t buy a gun
like this every day, so push
the boat out and come away
knowing you’ll soon own one
of the most unique, highperformance competition 12
bores to be found anywhere.
It’s a given that all Perazzis
are for serious shooters but after
virtually luxuriating in a month’s
albeit temporary ownership of
the new MX2000-3, the appeal
of this Perazzi was instantly
obvious. And if further proof
were needed, if this gun had
been for sale I could have sold
it five times over, a handful of
perspective owners ready and
willing to hand over the full
asking price, testament to this
Perazzi’s instant ability to score
in anybody’s hands. GM
Perazzi's MX2000-3 comes with the familiar Boss – style engraved
black action with the model name inlaid in gold
Muzzles: In this instance the top barrel was a fixed full choke with a
full set of flush fit multi-chokes for the bottom barrel
Thanks to:
Lyalvale Express;
Bob Agar – Yorkgate GC; 07831 – 170697
Rishton Sporting Clay Shoot;
CENS Digital;
Ballistol UK;
Sinn – Chronomaster;
Arrow Laser Shot;
Perazzi MX2000-3
12 – bore
O/U Boxlock
9bs 4oz
Fixed Full top, flush – fit multi bottom
£8,650 srp
RUAG Ammotec UK Ltd
tel.01579 362319
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