March/April 2010 - New Mexico Gun Collectors Association


March/April 2010 - New Mexico Gun Collectors Association
New Mexico Gun Collectors Association March / April 2010
Jim Covell
Vice President
Darlene Couchman
Dan Brovont
Show Manager
Mark Covell
Web Site:
[email protected]
NMGCA Member Benefits
What are the benefits of being a member of the New Mexico Gun
Collector’s Association? Glad you asked. First, membership for spouses
is at a reduced rate and junior members (18 and under) are free. Members of the NMGCA enjoy free attendance at our Gun Shows and
Old West Show. Also, if you are a member, you are invited to set up
a trade table free of charge at the Mini Shows which are held 6 times
a year. And there is a reduced cost to attend the December Banquet.
However, the greatest benefit to being a member of the NMGCA
might be in knowing that you are part of an organization that is dedicated to firearms collecting, the shooting sports, and firearms safety
education. The purpose and objectives of the NMGCA are to foster
and encourage an interest in the collecting, development, use, and research of all types of arms, including edged weapons as well as firearms and associated equipment or material, both ancient and modern.
Membership Dues: Annual renewal
for regular members, under age 62,
is $35.00.
Renewal for
spouse: $15.00. Annual Renewal
for senior members, over age 61,
is $30.00. Renewal for
senior spouse is
The Tiniest 25s
Page Two New Mexico Gun Collectors News March / April 2010
New NMGCA Board
Martini-Henry Rifle
True Breech-Loader
March 2010 Gun Show
Display Winners
The NMGCA is pleased to welcome new Board of Directors members Joe Maniaci and Rex Meador.
According to Wikipedia, the
Martini-Henry rifle was the first
British service rifle that was a true
breech-loader using metallic cartridges. The rifle first entered service
in 1871, replacing the Snider-Enfield
and variants were used throughout the British Empire for 30 years.
The Martini-Henry was used
during World War I in a variety of
roles, primarily as a Reserve Arm.
During the early stages of the war
it was issued to aircrew to shoot
down observation balloons and
other aircraft. The Martini breech
action was also applied to shotguns
by the British company, Greener.
And the Martini action was used
by BSA/Parker Hale for their series of small bore target rifles that
were in production until 1955.
The following are the March
Gun Show display award winners: First Place, John Eckert: The
Luger Pistol; Most Educational, Don
Couchman: Japanese Edged Weapons; Second Place, Earl Mount:
The Tiniest 25s; and Third Place,
Jim Covell: Whitney Revolvers.
Congratulations to the winners and special thanks to the volunteers who judged the displays.
Displays provide a vital educational component to the mission of the NMGCA and we encourage you to consider setting
up a display at our future shows.
Web Site Updated
The NMGCA Web site has
been updated. Please check it out
for information on upcoming shows,
vendor and membership applications, and our current newsletter.
March 2010 Gun Show
The NMGCA March 2010
was a success. Kudos go to the
Gun Show host and his crew and
many thanks also go to the volunteers who worked so tirelessly.
Whitney Revolvers
New Mexico Gun Collectors News March / April 2010 Page Three
The Luger
Japanese Edged Weapons
Page Four New Mexico Gun Collectors News March / April 2010
June 5th and 6th
October 2nd and 3rd
OLD WEST SHOW: August 7th & 8th
March 24th
April 28th
August 25th
June 23rd
The NMGCA Mini
Shows for the rest of the year
will be held at the La Quinta
Inn, 2011 Menaul Blvd. NE,
Albuquerque, NM. The location is just East of University Blvd. on the North side
of Menaul.
For more information call
October 27th
*Mini Shows are free and open to the public. All NMGCA members
are welcome to set up a table at no charge to sell gun related items.
The New Mexico Gun Collectors Association
PO Box 13687
Albuquerque, NM 87192
Non-Profit Org.
U.S. Postage Paid
Albuquerque, NM
Permit No. 1448
Mini Shows:
New Venue