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November 26 - December 2, 2015 • Volume 35, Issue 48
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“Be the best that you can
be at no matter what it is
you do, and remember that
people are always watching.
So whatever comes out of
your mouth – live it.”
– The Rev. Gail Brown,
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An early morning mist rises off the 18th fairway at the Lake Monticello golf course.
Photo by Julius Neelley
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2 | FLUVANNA REVIEW | November 26, 2015
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November 26, 2015 | FLUVANNA REVIEW |
Bylaws disregarded
On Jan. 7 the Fluvanna Board of Supervisors adopted this year’s Bylaws and Rules of
Practice and Procedure. This past Wednesday, Nov. 18, the Board abandoned those
Perhaps parts of the county’s rules remain
intact, but sections governing the ways in
which official motions must be made, seconded and passed are out the window. At
the end of a session that ran until almost
midnight, the Board voted on and passed a
motion from one supervisor even though
the motion received no second.
According to the rules of practice and procedure, “When a motion is made and then
cannot obtain a second, the motion will die
for lack of a second and does not require a
vote.” Supervisors ignored that rule, which
seems clear cut and unambiguous, to pass
a controversial measure relating to a water
line through eastern Fluvanna County.
One justification offered for this unusual
procedure is that it is permitted by some
obscure section of the Code of Virginia. But
the county’s bylaws state, “All meetings and
business shall be conducted in accordance
with the Code of Virginia, Robert’s Rules of
Order Revised, and these bylaws as interpreted by the Chairperson.”
The word “and” in the sentence above is
critically important. A few years ago, Fluvanna lost a court case brought by a developer against the county because of the
word “and” in a county ordinance. The
Circuit Court judge lectured the county
that the word “and” does not mean “or.”
Supervisors can’t choose which conditions
to enforce when the word “and” is in the
list. That word means that every condition
listed must be enforced, the judge said.
When supervisors voted the other night,
they enforced a condition from the state
code but ignored General Robert’s rule and
their own bylaws.
Not only did this action result in passage
of a controversial motion without a second,
it also seems to have set an unfortunate
precedent for the board. From now on, apparently, supervisors may vote on motions
without bothering with a second.
Is that the way we want to run our county
– Dennis Holder, Kents Store
Midnight votes wrong
I am a Fluvanna resident who has never
held a public office or even owned a business in Fluvanna County. I am an avid voter
and consider myself to be a well-informed
citizen. Midnight votes are not good for
Fluvanna County. They are unethical especially concerning issues as important as the
JRWA and the pipeline that has divided this
county. Most Fluvanna residents like myself
may think that bringing water to Zion
Crossroads is a way to open the door for
commercial development, not only bringing jobs, it will also provide a more sustainable tax rate in Fluvanna County.
Our disagreements have been surrounding the way to accomplish this task. Do we
desecrate our county’s history by commercializing Point of Fork in an effort to give
water to Louisa County only to buy it back
from Louisa at no discount? The midnight
vote not only requires Louisa to provide
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4 | FLUVANNA REVIEW | November 26, 2015
Notary Public
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400,000 gallons a day to Fluvanna, but it
also includes the ability of Fluvanna to purchase that water at Louisa’s then-current
commercial rate. The “then-current commercial rate” is in no way good for Fluvanna County. What happened to this being a
joint effort? We will be purchasing our own
water back at the “then-current commercial
rate”. This is the same rate Louisa gives all
businesses. This is not a good deal for Fluvanna County. This means that by the time
Fluvanna sells its water to a future business
it would cost more than that same business buying water from Louisa. Why would
any business cross over into Fluvanna if its
tax rate and utilities are less expensive in
Louisa? I can’t see how this as a good deal
for Fluvanna. Is it great for Louisa? Yes, but
I’m a Fluvanna County resident who loves
this county and wishes to see it prosper for
many years to come. I believe that we can
come together as a community to develop
a water plan that would save our history
and focus on our comprehensive plan to
develop not only Zion, but south to Palmyra
and the Fork Union areas.
– Renée Moss, Fork Union
When one cent makes sense
The ongoing debate on the James River
Water Authority (JRWA) and Louisa County
Water Authority is baffling. For the first time
in three decades, the county finally has a financially sound opportunity to bring water
to Fluvanna.
Yes will:
1) Uphold the Oct. 13 inter-jurisdictional
agreement where Fluvanna committed
to building intake with JRWA and securing land for pipeline.
2) Secure Fluvanna’s 50 percent share of
the about 8 million gallons per day of
untreated water.
3) Guarantee Louisa will invest (about
$50m) to bring treated water from JRWA
to Zion by 2018 (at zero cost to Fluvanna.)
4) Guarantee Louisa will make at least
400,000 gallons per day of treated water
available to Fluvanna in Zion Crossroads
(expandable to more) at reasonable commercial rates (a fraction of what the Lake
currently pays Aqua.)
5) Will cost Fluvanna about one penny on
tax rate to cover debt for JRWA investment (and that doesn’t take into account
any economic development over the
next 20 years which will offset that cost.)
6) Makes a clear commitment to business
community that Fluvanna is open for
No will:
1) Put Fluvanna in breach of the Oct. 13
2) Put Fluvanna at serious financial, legal,
reputational risk for its breach.
3) Close door to any future Louisa collaboration.
4) Either:
a) Make decision that Fluvanna will not
invest in water/infrastructure to bring
economic development to Fluvanna
(guaranteeing real estate tax burden will
increase and investment in core services
will decline.)
b) Force Fluvanna to build own pipeline up
Rt. 15 and a treatment plant that would
likely cost Fluvanna >$50 million (over
10 cents on the tax rate) more than
current JRWA plan, would substantially
delay water to Zion, and may put Fluvanna’s DEQ permit at serious risk.
Dec. 2 is the biggest vote this county will
make for the next 50 years. Simply stated, this
is only a vote to follow up on already exist-
ing commitments made by Fluvanna with no
additional financial commitment. Don’t sit by
idly and watch it pass by. Either contact your
Board of Supervisor’s representative or show
up on Dec. 2 to voice your opinion!
– Bill Sullivan,
Focus on Fluvanna’s Future
Vote for water
Last month our family business was selected as Business Owner of the Year by
the Fluvanna Chamber of Commerce. I was
really shocked when I was told and felt that
there were plenty of other deserving individuals for this award. I was asked to speak
(for which I had not planned) and the topic
of public water and sewer struck me as
very relevant to getting more businesses to
locate in the county.
When our family purchased the land in
2004 we were told there would be public
water and sewer in the next two to three
years. Our plan was to develop the Better
Living Business Park to help offset the
expense of building the new building
supply and millwork facilities. As of today,
the property is not listed for sale due to the
lack of water and sewer. The mill shop had
to be sprinklered due to the type of work
performed inside at a cost close to $100,000
additional expense due to the lack of water
and sewer! What business would want
that additional expense if they can go to
Louisa and not have to pay that additional
expense? All you have to do is look at the
new businesses in Louisa and compare that
to the lack of commercial development in
Fluvanna! I hope if this is published that
readers will call or send emails to their
county board member encouraging a yes
vote on the water plan on Dec. 2. .
I can assure you that our ability to grow
and thrive in Fluvanna has been directly
impacted by the lack of growth and infrastructure due to limited water supply. The
75,000 gallons from the Department of
Corrections is a good start, but it will never
meet the demands of the area. The potential of millions of gallons of water per day
is a true game changer. I urge you to join
me in please asking your elected officials to
vote yes.
– John Nunley, Charlottesville
Fluvanna will thrive
with water
The addendum to the Inter-Jurisdictional
agreement that was approved by the boards
of Fluvanna and Louisa ushers in a new era
of collaboration between our two counties.
Despite decades of failed negotiations, the
two counties are now just two SUP votes from
securing a resource that can fuel the economic growth of our part of Central Virginia for
generations to come, at a price that we can
afford and is a fraction of almost every other
plan ever considered by Fluvanna.
This economic engine will help ensure
that we can pay to replace our aging buildings and vehicles, provide competitive salaries and benefits for teachers, first responders and public servants. It will help us to
balance our tax base to keep taxes down on
homeowners and maintain a competitive
tax structure with surrounding counties.
While I truly respect that there are differing opinions, and those who believe there
are better and more perfect plans, the reality
is that just to get to this point takes years
to accomplish. And this time, should we
say no to Louisa, it is hard to imagine why
they would ever choose to cooperate with
us again. This would essentially doom the
county to struggle to find what it could have
so easily and affordably had. Please join me
See Letters, page 6
To advertise email: [email protected]
Save Point
of Fork
SAVE the Point-where the James and Rivanna meet
• War - Sheridan’s
• Precious green space
• Legacy of Dr. Russell Snead,
beloved physician and healer
• Integral Part of Fluvanna’s
Civil heritage
• Capital City of the Monacan
Nation - Rassawek
• On John Smith’s original map
• Home of Point of Fork Arsenal
• Revolutionary War- Battle
of Point of Fork
The Virginia Department of Historic Resources Archaeological Site Record 44FV0021 documents the finding of 22 human bones
Woodland period house/ hamlet ca. 1,200-1,600.
L. Daniel Mouer, PhD, informed the Fluvanna and Louisa’s County Administrators and Board of Supervisors: “I feel it is highly likely that the
proposed water treatment and pumping facilities and associated pipe lines could impact critical archaeological remains if construction takes
place anywhere on the flood plain on or just below Point of Fork. I encourage you to consider such impacts early in the planning process and
with a realistic understanding how they could eventually affect the timing, the cost, and even the viability of the James River Water Project.”
Say “NO” to:
• The extraction of approximately 12 million gallons of James River water daily
• Dynamiting Pre-Cambrian Schist rock at the bottom of the James to a depth of 18 feet
• Pumping the water to Louisa’s treatment facility where Fluvanna MAY BE ABLE to purchase back 400, 000 gallons at Louisa’s
then - current commercial rate
• The erection of a 40 ft. x 60 ft. x 35 ft. high pumping/electrical station on the Point
• The widening of the narrow Point farm road from 10 ft. to 30 ft. with a 10 ft. utility easement
• The Special Use Permit allowing major utilities in the properties currently zoned “agricultural general” which could decimate
this fragile and historical land
• The seizure and condemnation of land owned by taxpaying citizens
• Not being listened to nor acknowledged by local elected representatives
• To letting Louisa conduct eminent domain on Fluvanna citizens
• To despoiling, a national landmark and one of Virginia’s foremost historic sites
• To spending millions of dollars on a water project which helps Louisa’s economic development years before any water ever becomes
available to Fluvanna
• To letting Louisa run a free line through Fluvanna landowners’ property while other counties charge for such access
• To betting millions on a water project and promising homeowners tax relief in return when there are no hard numbers to prove
the Louisa line will beneϐit Fluvanna citizens
• “DONE DEALS” behind closed doors at the midnight hour with only 3 supervisors present
Mozell Booker, Chairperson, Fork Union District, email:[email protected] luvannacounty.org, phone: 434-842-3311
Robert Ullenbruch, Vice-Chair, Palmyra District, email: [email protected] luvannacounty.org, phone: 434-987-9764
Mike Sheridan, Columbia District, email: [email protected] luvannacounty.org, phone: 434-906-2133
Tony O’Brien, Rivanna District, email: [email protected] luvannacounty.org, phone: 434-242-1659
Donald W. Weaver, Cunningham District, email: [email protected] luvannacounty.org, phone: 434-286-2687
Attend the public hearing Wednesday, Dec. 2 at 7:00 PM in the Fluvanna County Circuit Court Building.
(WATCH for a POSSIBLE CHANGE in DATE, Time or Place!) For more information call : 434-842-3677
To advertise call: 434.207.0222
November 26, 2015 | FLUVANNA REVIEW |
ounty Arts
at Carysbrook Performing
Arts Center
Tis The
Saturday, December 5 at 7:30 pm
Sunday, December 6 at 3:00 pm
Fluvanna Community Singers present:
'Tis the Holiday Season
It’s the Holiday Season
and that means
it’s time for the annual
Holiday Concert by the
Fluvanna Community Singers.
With both old and new songs of
the Season, you are sure to get
into the Holiday mood!
Expertly directed by
Horace Scruggs.
★Admission FREE
★ No Reserved Seats
Purchase your tickets online:
or call 434-842-1333
Carysbrook Performing Arts Center
8880 James Madison Highway (Hwy 15)
Fork Union,VA 23055
Surprise vote passes
amended water agreement
Late Wednesday night (Nov. 18) in a surprise vote, a portion of the Fluvanna County
Board of Supervisors approved an amended
interjurisdictional agreement between Fluvanna and Louisa Counties, the James River
Water Authority (JRWA), and the Louisa
County Water Authority (LCWA) regarding
the James River water pipeline.
Supervisor Tony O’Brien said that the
amendment, which is not yet available on
the county’s website, stipulates that Louisa
will make “every effort possible” to have
400,000 gallons per day of water for Fluvanna’s use at Zion Crossroads by Dec. 31,
2018. Per the agreement, he said Fluvanna
will be able to purchase that water at Louisa’s then-current commercial rate.
“In essence this agreement provides a
pathway for us to have quantities of water
at Zion Crossroads sufficient for decades to
come, at a cost that is significantly below
any cost that has previously been seen by
the Board,” said O’Brien.
The vote, which was not on the agenda,
took place after the regular portion of the
meeting had come to a close. When supervisors exit for closed session, typically
any remaining members of the public and
media leave. Closed sessions can last for
hours. Supervisors then reconvene in open
session to certify that their closed session
only pertained to matters which they
are permitted to privately discuss. Often,
though not always, the meeting immediately adjourns.
This time, however, O’Brien brought up
the idea to vote on the amended interjurisdictional agreement. Supervisor Bob Ullenbruch was not present at the meeting, and
when the topic arose Supervisor Mike Sheridan exited the meeting in conformance with
his promise to recuse himself from discussions on the LCWA pipeline, as a portion of
it is proposed to run through his property.
So only three supervisors – O’Brien, Chairperson Mozell Booker, and Supervisor Don
Weaver – voted on the agreement, which
passed 2-1 (Weaver dissenting).
When asked why the issue didn’t come
up during the regular portion of the
meeting, when the public was present,
neither O’Brien nor County Administrator
Steve Nichols would comment.
In addition, neither would comment
when asked why the vote hadn’t been put
on the agenda.
Because Sheridan recused himself, only
four supervisors could vote on the agreement. If Ullenbruch had been present and
had voted against the agreement, the vote
would have been 2-2 and would have failed.
When the meeting reconvened in open
session, the audio recording of the meeting
recommenced. As heard on the recording,
O’Brien suggested the vote, saying, “I think
there is an opportunity to get something
done, and it may not be the best timing,
but I also think that it may eliminate some
“I don’t want to do anything while somebody [Ullenbruch] is not here,” Weaver responded. “I’m not going to be a part of it.”
“What’s your major objection?” asked
“Midnight,” responded Weaver, referencing the late hour.
“Aside from that,” said O’Brien. “It’s been
6 | FLUVANNA REVIEW | November 26, 2015
done before.”
“Yeah, it’s been done in Charlottesville
and Albemarle County, and you saw what
happened with them,” Weaver replied.
“People were outraged. They were doing it
late at night. It wasn’t on the agenda.”
“This is an operational agreement –
it isn’t forcing the next two votes,” said
O’Brien, referencing the major votes on
the pipeline project coming up on Dec. 2.
“It is simply guaranteeing that this part [the
agreement amendment] is done. In fact, I
would argue it strengthens our position in
advance. It actually gives us a better place
to be…to make a clear decision on Dec. 2.”
“It wasn’t put on the agenda,” repeated
Weaver. “You should have brought it up at
some other time.”
“It was put on the agenda,” said Nichols.
“I was threatened so I took it off.”
Nichols declined to comment on who
threatened him or how he was threatened.
The recording continues with O’Brien
saying, “One could say this is going to
be one of the largest votes that Fluvanna
County will take…and that it shapes the
future of the county for years to come.”
“I don’t like to vote at midnight when it
wasn’t on the agenda. That’s where I am,”
said Weaver.
“I would like for us to go ahead and get it
over with because this would be one piece
done,” said Booker. “We know Mike [Sheridan] couldn’t be here. Bob [Ullenbruch]
isn’t here because he’s – whatever reason,
on vacation, whatever – I can’t control
that. At this most important time if I were
a Board member I would be present. I don’t
know his personal things but it’s just too
many times he’s out and we have been considerate of not taking votes when he’s out.
When you’re out two and three and four
and five and six times, and we have to delay
our business because we don’t have a full
Board – I’m here all the time. Don [Weaver],
you don’t ever miss any days. So why are
we being so considerate of Bob because
he’s chosen to take off at this very important time?”
O’Brien made the motion to vote on the
amended agreement. When County Attorney Fred Payne confirmed that the vote
could proceed without a second, Booker
and O’Brien passed the agreement over
Weaver’s objection.
When asked to explain the hasty vote,
O’Brien said, “The Virginia Resources Authority (VRA) is the expected financing body
for the debt obligations of both projects…
The VRA pool for the spring is early February and between the holidays, Board schedules, and potential delays in the special use
permit votes without an agreement, making
the spring pool would be very difficult.”
Nichols said the VRA’s spring pool deadline is the first week of February. When
asked if VRA financing was affected by
having the decision made Wednesday night
as opposed to Dec. 2, Nichols said no.
Because he said the previous interjurisdictional agreement did not provide sufficient guarantees for Fluvanna, O’Brien said
he did not feel comfortable voting on the
LCWA special use permit on Dec. 2 without
the amended agreement already in place.
“The unpredictability of Boards is a complicated thing,” said O’Brien. “We have seen
repeated instances where negotiations have
come down to the last minute. This was one
of those last minute things and I felt it was
critical to the future of our county.”
“I don’t want to hurt the county or the
Board, but I cannot withhold the truth,”
Weaver said to the Fluvanna Review. “When
Tony [O’Brien] made the motion I said,
‘We’re doing this under the guise of darkness and I won’t be a part of that.’ I’m not
saying there was anything wrong with the
content [of the agreement], but it was the
procedure. Never before in 26 years have
we voted on a major issue when not all
Board members were there. They need to
read their code of ethics, because what
went on was wrong.”
The vote amended an existing interjurisdictional agreement. It did not approve or
deny the water pipeline project itself. Those
two votes will take place Dec. 2.
Letters from page 4
in asking my fellow Board members to stop
kicking this can down the road and truly
open up “Our gateway to the future.”
– Tony O’Brien, Board of Supervisors –
Rivanna District
Water plan near perfect
A perfect plan is only good if it is brought
to fruition. In what has to be one of the best
and most affordable opportunities Fluvanna
has ever had to bring water from the James,
this is as near perfect as we will ever have. I
have had the good fortune of working with
my counterparts in Louisa for the better
part of the last six years and we have all
worked diligently towards a win-win solution for both counties. Fluvanna will truly
set its reputation and opportunity to the
wind, if it fails to seize on this opportunity.
– Joe Chesser, James River Water
Authority Board member and
former Fluvanna supervisor.
Flu Anna’s water wish
The Grinch Who Stole Little Flu Anna’s
Christmas Wish
For teachers and better school programs,
For rescue services to take care of her
little sick brother,
For law enforcement to keep the bad
guys away,
For wonderful stores to buy presents, and
For a job for mom to help pay for college.
But the Grinch says “business will never
That there will be a “better and more
perfect deal some other Christmas”, and
All that will ever happen is “more kids
like you will show up asking for more.”
Oh, Grinch open up your heart and eyes
and grant little Flu Anna her wish for a
better tomorrow. She has only been waiting
for 40 years!
– Katy Clossin, Palmyra
It’s not about water
I have heard and read a fair amount of
knee jerk reactions regarding the water
pipeline proposal and the new Battle of
Point of Fork.
To advertise email: [email protected]
Late night water
vote raises questions
The public uproar over a Wednesday
(Nov. 18) night vote has sparked concerns
over whether the vote was even legal.
At almost midnight, a portion of the Fluvanna County Board of Supervisors voted
to approve an amended interjurisdictional
agreement between Fluvanna and Louisa
Counties, the James River Water Authority
(JRWA), and the Louisa County Water Authority (LCWA) regarding the James River
water pipeline.
The amendment stipulates that Louisa
will make “all reasonable efforts” to have
400,000 gallons per day of water for Fluvanna’s use at Zion Crossroads by Dec. 31,
2018. Fluvanna will be able to purchase
that water at Louisa’s then-current commercial rate.
But with Supervisor Mike Sheridan recusing himself from the vote since the
proposed LCWA pipeline’s path will run
through his land, and given Supervisor Bob
Ullenbruch’s absence from the meeting,
some Fluvanna residents are questioning
just how the vote took place.
Typically, motions must be made by a supervisor then seconded by another supervisor before a vote can occur. Chairpersons
are prohibited from making or seconding
motions. Supervisor Tony O’Brien made
the motion to approve the amended agreement, but Supervisor Don Weaver would
not second the motion. Since Chairperson Mozell Booker could not second the
motion, some presumed the motion to be
dead. But County Attorney Fred Payne said
the vote could proceed without a second.
Supervisors approved the amended agreement 2-1 (Weaver dissenting).
So why was this vote allowed to be held
when others aren’t? “Supervisor meetings
over the decades are littered with motions
that failed for lack of a second,” said Elizabeth Franklin, a Kents Store resident. “At five
to midnight or whatever time it was, this decision rains down like manna from heaven
above. Why hasn’t this happened before?”
The Board of Supervisors operates under
its own bylaws and rules of practice and
procedures, which it adopted in January.
One of the rules states, “When a motion
is made and then cannot obtain a second,
the motion will die for lack of a second and
does not require a vote.”
When asked why he advised that the vote
could take place without a second, Payne
said, “As I understand the law, the chairperson has the right to call for a vote without a
second. If there is no second and the vote is
held, the vote is nevertheless valid.”
The purpose behind needing a second in
order to hold a vote, Payne said, “is to prevent
the decision-making body from wasting
time on hopeless motions. Say we’ve got 14
members of a group and I’m the gadfly, and I
make a motion and everyone knows I’m the
only one who agrees with it, and everyone
has to take a vote. It just wastes everyone’s
time. If there’s a second it shows that there is
at least one other member of the body that
supports taking a vote.”
The issue really arises, Payne said, when
there are few supervisors at the meeting. “If
you have one person [Sheridan] disqualified
from conflict of interest and one person not
there [Ullenbruch], you just lost 40 percent
of your membership,” he said. “It makes it
almost impossible to conduct business.”
It’s within the chairperson’s discretion to
decide whether a motion dies for lack of a
second, Payne said. “In this case, she supported the motion; she knew that she would
vote for it,” he explained. “There were three
members there. Clearly she knew that it
was not a waste of time, that if the motion
were brought to a vote, it would pass.”
If a motion can’t garner a second when
five members of the Board are present, it
is likely doomed if a vote were to be taken.
If there is no second when only three
members are present, and one is the chairperson who is disqualified from seconding, the vote could still succeed. “It was
clear that Mozell [Booker] knew what she
thought,” said Payne. “She knew what the
vote was going to be, and she was right.”
Payne wouldn’t say whether he and O’Brien
had discussed the issue ahead of time.
13027 James Madison Hwy. in Palmyra at Rt. 15 & Rt. 53
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idents of, or have businesses in, Fluvanna.
Fifty-nine people is hardly a representative sample of a 25,961 person county or
for that matter of the 220 members of the
chamber itself. The chamber of commerce
is also linked to member(s) of county governance favoring the project. The title would
be more accurate if it were, “The chamber
of commerce (under)whelmingly supports
water projects.”
If the right to purchase 400,000 gallons of
water per day at Louisa County’s then commercial rate “will satisfy Fluvanna’s water
needs for decades to come,” why spend millions constructing an intake, pumping station
and pipeline designed to remove 12,000,000
gallons per day from the James River?
I don’t think this is about water at all.
I think it is about establishing a utility
through-way across historic rural Fluvanna.
The people aren’t going to have it.
“The liberties of a people never were, nor
ever will be, secure, when the transactions of
their rulers may be concealed from them.”Patrick Henry
– Snead Gillam, Columbia
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Here are a few of the facts.
Fluvanna County’s tax rates are higher than
Louisa, Buckingham, Goochland, and Orange
on real estate accessed value and much
higher on personal property and business.
What Zion Crossroad business would
want to be in Fluvanna when taxes are less
than half on the Louisa side of the border?
Fluvanna County has lost about half of
the businesses it had over the last 5 years
or so while at the same time managed to
spend itself into a huge debt which prompted further tax increases. The same people
chest thumping about jobs and tax bases
haven’t demonstrated their words with
action. Indeed, they have done exactly the
Adding to Fluvanna’s $100,000,000
deficit by spending millions more certainly
isn’t going to lower the tax burden on the
According to the Nov. 19 Fluvanna
Review article, “Businesses overwhelmingly support water projects.” I would voice
the following concerns. Members of the
chamber of commerce don’t have to be res-
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November 26, 2015 | FLUVANNA REVIEW |
Supervisors rezone
Zion Crossroads
land for business
Providing Full Service
Veterinary Care for Cats and Dogs!
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Wellness Special
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Senior Wellness Special includes Senior Wellness Exam, Bloodwork,
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microchipping, surgery, dental cleanings & dental surgery
Digital X-ray • Dental X-ray
Dr. Jesse Bejar
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65 Jefferson Court
Gordonsville, Va. 22942
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The Fluvanna County Board of Supervisors kept the ball rolling with development at Zion Crossroads Wednesday
night (Nov. 18) by approving a request to
rezone an agricultural parcel of land for
business use.
Currently vacant and wooded, the
4.7-acre plot lies along Rt. 250 about a
quarter of a mile west of its intersection
with Rt. 15. “We want to get it rezoned to
make it more attractive to someone who
may want to purchase the property,” said
Craig Travis, husband of property owner
Robin Travis. “We have no designs on
doing anything at all with the property
except for putting it up for sale.”
Supervisors approved the request 4-0,
with Supervisor Bob Ullenbruch absent.
Fluvanna schools’ Finance Director
Ed Breslauer presented to supervisors a
request to carry over $637,048 in funds
from fiscal year 2015 (FY15) to FY16. The
surplus was due in part to the schools’
deliberately conservative estimate of
average daily membership, a complicated formula that approximates how many
students attend Fluvanna schools and
corresponding funding.
The schools intended to use $61,883
of the excess funds to purchase vehicles
in FY15, but ultimately determined to
make the purchases in FY16. So supervisors gave the schools the $61,883 for
vehicle purchases, adjusting the schools’
budget accordingly.
Historical Society
weighs in on water
The Board of Directors of the Fluvanna
Historical Society is asking Fluvanna supervisors to recognize the historical importance of land that may see a water line
cut through it, according to a press release.
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Lake Monticello
107 Crofton Place
Zion Crossroads
9654 Three Notch Road
8 | FLUVANNA REVIEW | November 26, 2015
The Light Academy in Centre Court
near Lake Monticello requested an
amendment to its special use permit to
allow it to increase its maximum student
number from 50 to 116. The Light
Academy recently acquired adjoining
space and sought to expand its facility.
Supervisors approved the request 4-0.
Supervisors then turned their attention to the Fluvanna Historical Society’s
Farm Heritage Museum, which hopes to
raise adequate funding to construct its
building at Pleasant Grove Park. All four
supervisors in attendance voted to move
the county’s financial commitment from
the following fiscal year to the current
fiscal year in the hopes of “moving the
project along,” as County Administrator
Steve Nichols said. Only three supervisors
(Weaver dissenting) supported increasing
the county’s contribution from $10,000 to
$15,000, funded from county proffers.
Brad Sheffield, executive director of
JAUNT, gave an annual report to supervisors. Though ridership did go down due
to “general funding dynamics,” he said,
JAUNT’s overall ridership is “rebounding;
we’re definitely seeing an increase.” Fluvanna County government contributed $72,141
to JAUNT, or 3 percent of its budget, he
said. But overall JAUNT received $235,915
in revenue from Fluvanna – a total which
included federal and state funds, plus ridership fares. JAUNT’s expenses in Fluvanna
were $236,561, he said.
Carroll Morse
P.O. Box 8, Rt. 603
Kents Store, VA 23084
At its regular meeting on Nov. 17, the
Board passed unanimously the following
resolution to be sent to supervisors:
“Resolved that the Board of Directors
of the Fluvanna Historical Society, in accordance with its mission to preserve
and protect the historic resources of Fluvanna County, urges our elected officials
on the Board of Supervisors to recognize
the historical importance of the two Fluvanna properties on the National Register
for Historic Places in the proposed rightof-way for the new water line, Point of
Fork and Gum Creek, by ensuring that
no actions are taken which would in any
way imperil, harm or encumber their historic assets. Both these properties were
and are eminently qualified for inclusion on the National Register due to their
unique and important significance to the
history of Fluvanna County, our region
and our nation. Any actions taken to alter
or destroy these historic assets would be
viewed as detrimental to the Historical Society’s efforts to carry out its mission.”
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sitting room. Hardwood & ceramic
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full baths, basement, workshop
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on 3 acres.
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19 Woodridge Rd. – $448,000
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November 26, 2015 | FLUVANNA REVIEW |
Lawsuit spotlights inadequate
health care at Fluvanna prison
Capitated compensation – a contract
model in which private medical companies were paid based on prison population – may have been at the root of
medical neglect that allegedly violated
inmates’ 8th amendment rights at the
Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women
(FCCW), according to a lawsuit filed in
U.S. District Court in Charlottesville.
The class action lawsuit by inmates
at the Fluvanna Correctional Center for
Women against the Virginia Department
of Corrections has brought attention to
inadequate medical care at FCCW, and to
the controversial compensation method.
The Virginia Department of Corrections (VDOC) has chosen, since 2011,
to use capitated compensation to pay
the private contractors who provide
medical services to its prisoners. Under
this method, the contractor is paid a set
amount per inmate housed in the facility. The less money the private contractor
spends on the provision of medical services, the greater the profit seen by the
contractor - an inherent inducement to
the contractor to minimize services provided and medications given in order to
decrease costs, and increase profits, according to the lawsuit.
“Corizon,” a Tennessee-based company
that provides medical services to jails
and prisons, earned $1.4 billion in 2014
from contracts in 27 states, but has recently suffered a ‘negative outlook’ rating
from Moody’s Investors Service because
of multiple lawsuits and lost contracts,
according to an article by David Royse
published in Modern Healthcare. Corizon
won a five-year contract to provide health
care services at the FCCW in 2013.
FCCW houses approximately 1,200
inmates, and has a medical building
that includes an infirmary, and dental
and mental health care offices. FCCW is
considered the Virginia women’s prison
best able to provide health services, and
female inmates with serious and chronic
health conditions are transferred to
FCCW from other prisons across the
Despite its reputation as the state’s
best women’s prison for inmates with
health concerns, some inmates at FCCW
have died, and others suffered great pain
and serious complications including amputations, kidney and liver failure, and
blindness because of negligent health
care, according to the lawsuit.
Documented incidents supporting
the inmates’ claims of medical neglect
include a known diabetic who entered
the infirmary with symptoms of dangerously high blood glucose levels who
laid untreated on a cot for several hours
until she lost consciousness and died.
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10 | FLUVANNA REVIEW | November 26, 2015
Another inmate diagnosed with colorectal cancer was prescribed chemotherapy
by a UVA oncologist in November 2013;
chemotherapy was not begun until July
of 2014 (this inmate died in March 2015.)
U.S. District Court Judge Norman K.
Moon, whose final ruling on the settlement is expected in December 2015,
wrote in a Memorandum Opinion released in November 2014 that, “Plaintiffs continue to experience the adverse
effects of health problems they already
had at the time this action was filed, as
well as new health concerns in connection with which they remain subject to
the seriously deficient medical care that
is provided by FCCW on a systemic basis.”
“...with full awareness ... that the
medical care at FCCW was already substandard on a systemic basis, the VDOC
chose Corizon to serve as its contractor
for the May 1, 2013, contract, based on a
bid that was $17 million lower than the
bid of Armor, the VDOC’s incumbent provider,” wrote Moon. “Bruce Teal, Armor’s
Chief Executive Officer, testified that,
based on its incumbent status, Armor
was well aware of the costs of providing
care at FCCW facilities, and that ‘under
no circumstances’ could Armor have
agreed to serve as the VDOC’s medical
care provider under the new contract for
the amount bid by Corizon.”
“Given these facts,” wrote Moon, “a
reasonable fact-finder could conclude
that a reduced level of medical care
was the virtually inevitable result of the
VDOC’s decision to select Corizon as its
contractor,” wrote Moon. “I conclude
that, based upon the evidence before me,
a fact-finder could reasonably determine
that the VDOC is deliberately indifferent
to the serious medical needs of the Plain-
“The DOC has worked with us
to reach a settlement. They
agreed that things should
change and they worked
with us to create a settlement
that everyone could sign
and agree to. I just hope they
comply with the things that
they have agreed to do.”
– Legal Aid Justice Center
Attorney Brenda Castaneda
tiffs and the entire class of women residing at FCCW.”
The lawsuit was brought on behalf
of the inmates by the Legal Aid Justice
Center, Wiley Rein LLP of Washington,
D.C., and the Washington Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights and Urban Affairs.
“Our goal,” said Legal Aid Justice
Center Attorney Brenda Castaneda, “is to
get that final order in there so that if they
are not complying with the terms of the
settlement we can go back to the judge
who can find them in contempt. The
doctor who is going to monitor the settlement is going to investigate and come up
with suggestions for change.” Castaneda
felt the ability to find the VDOC in contempt if conditions do not improve was
integral to the success of the suit. “Until
that happens I feel like real changes are
not going to be made,” she said.
“The DOC has worked with us to reach
a settlement,” said Castaneda. “They
agreed that things should change and
they worked with us to create a settlement that everyone could sign and agree
to. I just hope they comply with the
things that they have agreed to do.”
“After suffering years of pain and
neglect due to inadequate medical care,”
said Castaneda, “these women will finally
receive justice through a major overhaul
of the medical services provided at the
Fluvanna prison.”
Assistant Attorney General Michael J.
Parsons, who represented the VDOC for
the Attorney General’s Office, could not
be reached for comment on this case;
VDOC Director of Communications Lisa
V. Kinney said that the VDOC “doesn’t
discuss pending litigation.”
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November 26, 2015 | FLUVANNA REVIEW |
Dinner highlights
local nonprofits
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Monday, Nov. 30
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12 | FLUVANNA REVIEW | November 26, 2015
About 15 local nonprofits gathered
under the umbrella of Fluvanna’s Interagency Council (IAC) at its annual dinner
for the Board of Supervisors on Wednesday
evening (Nov. 18) in the county administration building.
Wafting from the buffet tables were the
aromas of baked chicken and all the fixings,
industriously prepared by the culinary arts
students from the high school, who had
been hired to cater the event.
Fluvanna’s IAC brings nonprofits together
so that they can get to know one another
and share resources, said Karen Davis, assistant executive director of JAUNT. “A lot
of the agencies that serve Fluvanna are
located in Charlottesville, so it’s really important for those agencies to have a presence in the county, and IAC offers that opportunity,” she said.
Kim Mabe, director of social services, told
supervisors that the dinner was held in “appreciation for all you do.” After the 35 folks
in attendance filled their plates, each nonprofit took a moment to share a bit about
how it works in the Fluvanna community.
Out of almost 26,000 residents, over
4,000 people in Fluvanna received either
Medicaid, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, formerly
known as food stamps, or Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) in fiscal year
2014. Fluvanna’s department of social services administers state and federally mandated public assistance programs, which
also include child protective services and
foster care, Mabe said.
The Community Investment Collaborative (CIC) started in Charlottesville in 2012,
said Shannon Beach, program coordinator,
and works with small business entrepreneurs. Twice a year it holds 17-week workshops teaching participants how to structure their business to “get to the next stage,”
he said. Once the entrepreneurs graduate,
CIC is able to offer them mentoring and microfinancing.
Davis took an opportunity to talk about
JAUNT Friends, which provides fare scholarships for passengers struggling to pay
their way. JAUNT riders can apply for scholarships of anywhere from 10 to 70 tickets,
she said. Helping these folks get where they
need to go “is something we’re passionate
about,” she said.
Dr. Denise Bonds shared the good news
that the Thomas Jefferson Health District, to
which Fluvanna belongs, is one of only two
health districts in Virginia that has achieved
accreditation. “This is really a tribute to the
staff that has worked here for the last five
years,” she said.
About 30 members attend the Jefferson
Area Board for Aging (JABA) program on
Wednesdays at the Fluvanna Community
Center, said Emily Daidone, JABA manager
of senior nutrition programs. Soon the organization hopes to start up in the Kents
Store area, she said. “Our goal is to create
opportunities for seniors to connect with
others to promote happy and healthy
aging,” she said.
Betty Sharp, outreach manager for Blue
Ridge PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care
for the Elderly), said that her program is
for adults age 55 and older who qualify for
a nursing home level of care but want to
stay at home and “age in place.” Blue Ridge
PACE provides a full medical clinic with
primary care, x-rays, IVs, and wound care.
The goal, she said, is to “keep people out
of the emergency room.” Blue Ridge PACE
also provides “adult day care” with activities and hot meals. “It’s truly taking care of
the whole person,” she said.
Elwood White took a moment to speak
about Families Learning Together, to which
he was first introduced when he was a participant. The organization seeks to “break
the cycle of intergenerational illiteracy by
providing undereducated parents with the
skills and opportunities to develop their
potential and reach desired goals for themselves and their children,” according to
its mission statement. “I learned just how
much value the program had and decided
to continue with it once I had completed
my term of eligibility, to give back to the
program,” White said.
Bertha Armstrong of Monticello Area
Community Action Agency (MACAA) said
that her organization helps to pay utility
bills, mortgage, and rent to qualifying
families, and provides an emergency food
pantry. She said 136 families will receive
food packages with a turkey for Thanksgiving, and Fluvanna families will have the opportunity to adopt local needy families to
provide Christmas gifts.
“We thank you for this dinner,” said Supervisor Mozell Booker when the evening concluded. “Every year we look forward to it.”
Dr. Jessica T. McAuliffe, D.M.D
has Joined Our Team
Comprehensive Orthodontic Services
Invisalign Teen and Adult
Most Dental Insurances accepted
Financing Option Available
Use Your Dental Insurance
Before the End of the Year!
& Orthodontics
34 Jefferson Ct, Zion Crossroads, VA 22942
Phone: 540-832-3232
2202 North Berkshire Rd., Suite 203
Charlottesville, VA 22901
(Off Rt#15 across from Walmart)
Phone: 434-293-9793
To advertise email: [email protected]
To advertise call: 434.207.0222
November 26, 2015 | FLUVANNA REVIEW |
Dying woman gives thanks
“You see everything in a
different light. It’s like feeling
the sun rays on your face.
It’s like looking out the
window the morning after it
snowed all night – it’s so clear
and fresh and brand new.”
Photo by Christina Dimeo Guseman
The Rev. Gail Brown, 63, is dying.
The knowledge that her life is drawing
to a close has given Brown a unique
perspective that she wants to share. “Be
thankful,” she said. “We may not have
big bank accounts and fancy homes and
top-notch jobs, but we’ve still got a lot to
be thankful for, and thankfulness helps
us to stop being so self-centered. Love;
share; extend a helping hand. A smile
can save somebody’s life.”
Sitting on her sofa in her South Boston
Rd. home, surrounded by sparkling
purple Christmas ornaments she insisted
on pulling out before Thanksgiving, she
shared the bad news the doctors gave her.
Diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer,
Brown said she has three to six months
before her health takes a significant turn
for the worse, and eight months or a little
more before she dies.
“They don’t really know how long
I have,” Brown admitted sadly. “The
doctor said, ‘This is a hard call, but you
won’t make it. It’s going to take you.’”
What does it feel like to hear something like that? “I already knew it,”
Brown said. “But I think it helped me to
accept it more. It helped me to face up to
it. It wasn’t easy, but it was something I
had to deal with. I had said I didn’t want
to know,” she reflected, then paused for
a moment. “But I did want to know.”
But there is a beauty in death, Brown
said. “Death has always been scary to
people,” she mused. “It’s the end; it’s
Giving Thanks for
My Clients Past, Present and
dark and dreary. But it’s not. You’re at
peace, at rest. You don’t have to worry
about these old bodies anymore, getting
sick, shutting down. You don’t have to
worry about hurt and pain. It’s beautiful.
You can just breathe.”
When death comes, Brown imagined,
“You see everything in a different light.
It’s like feeling the sun rays on your
face. It’s like looking out the window the
morning after it snowed all night – it’s so
clear and fresh and brand new.”
In fact, death puts a different perspective on day-to-day human relations, said
Brown. “I don’t want me or anyone else
to have regrets. I want to be able to tell my
friends and family, ‘I love you. If I’ve done
anything to hurt you or cause you any
harm, please forgive me.’ I wanted time to
make peace with me, with my actions.”
Born in Washington, D.C., Brown
moved to Fluvanna, where her family
was from, in the second grade, then attended Central Elementary School and S.
C. Abrams High School. “Lake Monticello
wasn’t here and Rt. 600 was a dirt road.
You drove down the road and dust just
flew everywhere,” she recalled. “There
were cornfields and gardens and cows.
We played running through the fields,
climbing trees, and making mud pies.”
Brown quit school at age 17 to marry
Broadus Brown, with whom she was
“madly in love.” She was pregnant three
times but had miscarriages, she said. “I
love kids – I always wanted kids,” she
sighed, “but I had cancer at an early age.
Eventually after several different operations I ended up having to have a hysterec-
tomy. We never did have biological kids.”
Starting in 2000, Brown went back
to school, completing her high school
diploma and earning additional certificates. She also took religion classes to help
her become a better minister to the Christian group she had started in her home.
Brown grieved when she realized
she’d have to stop studying for a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, she said.
“I didn’t want to stop but I found out I
wasn’t going to make it,” she said. “I
called the school and I cried. I said, ‘I
really don’t want to stop but it doesn’t
make sense for me to keep going when
I won’t finish.’”
But despite the challenges that come
with having to say goodbye to life and everyone in it, Brown said she is thankful.
“I shed tears now and I didn’t used to,”
she said. “They’re tears of gratitude. I’ve
got so much to be thankful for: 45 years
of marriage to the same man, nieces,
nephews, cousins, friends. Things may
not have always been what I wanted
them to be, but I’ve had a good life.”
In fact, Brown’s diagnosis has become
a source of clarity. “This has helped me
to see things in a different light,” she
said. “It helps me not to see the dark,
dreary parts, but the beauty in life. I’m
thankful for that. And I intend to spend
these last months with as much peace
and joy and happiness as I can.”
“Be the best that you can be at no
matter what it is you do,” she continued,
“and remember that people are always
watching. So whatever comes out of
your mouth – live it.”
Black Friday Shop Til You
Overdoing it when you are shopping? Carrying
bags and boxes that are too heavy for you can cause
shoulder and elbow pain. Standing on concrete floors
at for long periods of time can cause back pain and
knee pain. Loading and unloading heavy boxes can
throw your back out. Be careful when shopping to
avoid injury, but know that your chiropractor can
put you back together so you don’t have to miss all
the great deals.
RickWellsDC.com • 434-589-8005 • 9 Centre Ct • Palmyra
Happy Thanksgiving
Monticello Country
(O) 434-589-3539
(e)[email protected]
14 | FLUVANNA REVIEW | November 26, 2015
• Chiropractic Care
• Essential Oils
• Corrective Exercises
• Spinal & Postural
• Lifestyle Advice
• Nutritional Counseling • AromaTouch™ Technique
Right Here at
Lake Monticello
Near Slice/
Fairway Gate
Office Hours
Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday
8:00 am-12pm & 3pm-6pm
8:00 am-11am
8:00 am-12pm & 3pm-6pm
Dr. Wells takes the
“Whole Person Approach”
T advertise
d ti email:
il [email protected]
l @fluvannareview.com
• 93% of Fluvanna taxes are paid by Residential Real Estate Taxes
• Fluvanna needs water to attract Economic Development
• Fluvanna has been discussing water for 3 decades
• We have a clear path that brings water to Fluvanna
• In 2013 we committed to pay 50% of JRWA deal (~$5m)
• Louisa (via LCWA) is investing ~$50m to bring treated
water to Ferncliff and Zion Crossroads (ZXR)
• For no additional investment, Louisa has committed
400k gpd of treated water to Fluvanna in ZXR by 2018
Supervisor Support:
Mozell Booker
Tony O’Brien
Joe Chesser
John Gooch
Charles W. Allbaugh
Tom Payne
Marvin Moss
Shaun Kenney
Norma Hutner
Len Gardner
Sustainable water has been one of the most significant debates in Fluvanna’s history.
Decades of negotiations have often failed at the very last minute.
Many plans have been debated, proposed, explored and ultimately passed upon.
On Dec 2nd there is a public hearing on the Special Use Permits that are needed to allow for the construction of the
pipelines and will be presented to the Board of Supervisor for a vote.
As current and former Supervisors of the County we urge the Board to pass these permits. Doing so will:
• Provide sustainable water to our County at a fraction of previously explored costs
• Stimulate economic growth and investment
• Reduce the burden on homeowners by helping to balance the tax rate
• Create jobs and invigorate our business community
• Target growth to our most viable economic corridor
• Honor our existing agreement and establish a strong working partnership with Louisa County
• Protect the reputation of the County as a viable partner to work with
• For just around a 1 cent on the tax rate we can have water from the James
Passing these two SUPs will not require any additional investment beyond what Fluvanna has already
committed to the JRWA.
The loss of this opportunity will substantially limit and weaken the County’s ability to meet the challenges of the
future and potentially expose the County to costly litigation and without viable partners to share in the costs of a
James River Pipeline.
Let your Supervisors know the time is now
and join us at the Public Hearing on Dec
2nd at 7:00 PM to see the moment when
our county ended 40 years of negotiations
and opened the door to a new Fluvanna.
177 Main Street P.O. Box 93 Palmyra, VA 22963
434-589-3262 • www.fluvannachamber.org
Paid for and supported by the Fluvanna Chamber of Commerce
To advertise call: 434.207.0222
November 26, 2015 | FLUVANNA REVIEW |
East Coast
%10 OFF
Hours: 8am - 5pm Monday-Saturday
Locally Owned
Feb. 28th
Retaining Walls, Paver Installation or
Outdoor Living Areas
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Lawn Maintenance
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Landscape Lighting
Mulch/Stone Install
Property Maintenance
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Mon – Fri, 7am – 6pm
Sat, 8am – 4pm • Sun, 10am – 4pm
Sean Finneran
ICPI and NCMA Certified
114 Crofton Place-Outside the
main gate, Lake Monticello
[email protected]
of virginia, LLC
It’s time for fall
Custom Home Builder
Cell: 434-962-4626
[email protected]
Cecil L. Cobb
3535 Carys Creek Rd.
Fork Union, VA 23055
Climate Control Coming Soon
Winter Hardscape Special
One-Stop Home Beautification
• lawn aeration and seeding
• landscape maintenance
• hardscapes in stone
• lawn maintenance
• landscape installation
ule your
call to sched
leaf removal
Email: [email protected]
Improvemen ts
Superior Lawn Care for Lake Monticello
& Surrounding Areas at an Affordable Price
Licensed Contractor
Electrical, Plumbing,
Tile and More...
Schedule your leaf removal or to have your
gutters cleaned. Free estimates.
Monthly, weekly, or one time service
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Clean Up Your Lawn Before the Holidays
Schedule Your
Fall Leaf Removal
Full Service
Mowing & Planting
Gutter Cleaning
Stump Grinding
We use our
Fast and
[email protected] • 434-981-6559
16 | FLUVANNA REVIEW | November 26, 2015
1st Month FREE
with a Minimum
Customers 3 Month Agreement
24 Hour Gate Access
Licensed & Insured • Free Estimates
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Decks & Porches
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659 Better Living Dr.
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Make A List
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Your Man Friday Inc.
Affordable Handyman Services & Home Improvement
• Decks & Screen Porches
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Hardwood Floors •
Roof & Siding Repair •
Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling •
Bookcases and Shelves •
Tile Installation •
Drywall Installation & Repair •
J.J. Bevilacqua
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References Available
Lake Monticello Resident
Or Just
Jeff O’Dell
Landscape Design & Installation
Trees, Shrubs, Annuals
Retaining Walls, Picket Fences
Walkways & Patios
New Homes
Finished Basements
Kitchen & Bath renovations
Locally Grown Quality Plants
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Local Company
Roger Robertson
Since 1988
Class A License
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owned and
Asphalt Paving Natural Driveways
Asphalt Repair Drains Installed
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Seal Coating
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Tar and Chip
Line Painting (Some financing available)
Celebrating 22 years
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Edward B. Peed, Owner
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Decks, porches, docks, exterior &
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Loren Tucker
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“Our Strength is Serving Your Needs”
Leaf & Snow
Retaining Walls
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Your Landscaping
Consult Today!
Licensed & Insured
Office: 434-591-6033
Cell: 518-469-2939
[email protected]
FREE ESTIMATES • (434) 589-7800
Fluvanna Crime Log
All Other Larceny
All Other Offenses
All Other Offenses
All Other Offenses
All Other Offenses
Destruction/Damage/Vandalism of Property
Driving Under the Influence
Driving Under the Influence
Family Offenses, Nonviolent
Family Offenses, Nonviolent
Forcible Fondling
Liquor Law Violations
Motor Vehicle Theft
Simple Assault
Simple Assault
Simple Assault
Simple Assault
Theft From Building
5:39 p.m.
11:00 a.m.
1:00 a.m.
12:17 a.m.
8:30 p.m.
6:24 a.m.
12:21 a.m.
8:30 p.m.
9:40 a.m.
5:19 a.m.
10:24 p.m.
6:02 p.m.
8:30 p.m.
2:25 a.m.
10:30 p.m.
7:34 p.m.
8:08 p.m.
1:00 a.m.
4:55 p.m.
3710 block of Central Plains Rd.
240 block of Pine Grove Ct.
640 block of Haislip Ln.
Brassie Ter.
Turkeysag Trl.
4190 block of Stage Junction Rd.
1000 block of Courthouse Rd.
Turkeysag Trl.
30 block of Overlook Cir.
10 block of Forest Dr.
60 block of Wildwood Dr.
640 block of Georges Mill Rd.
Turkeysag Trl.
60 block of Wildwood Dr.
10 block of Jennings Dr.
Charlottesville, Va
140 block of Fair Oaks Dr.
4740 block of James Madison Hwy.
640 block of Haislip Ln.
70 block of Joshua Ln.
Total Offenses: 20
Community Calendar
Fluvanna Art Association
artists exhibits
Fluvanna County Library: works by Sara Gondwe,
Union First Market Bank: works by Sara Gondwe,
Fluvanna County Treasurer’s Office: Sara Gondwe,
Fluvanna County Government Offices: works by
Windy Payne, Cuppa Joe’s Coffeehouse & Smoke
Brake Vapes: Dallas and Pam Holloman, Angell’s
Fitness and Dance: works by Janet Rugari, Pleasant Grove House Museum: works by Janet Rugari.
For more information about the FAA, visit www.
fluvannaart.com or call Susan Lang at 434-5892725.
Pleasant Grove museum
Pleasant Grove House Museum is open MondayFriday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Saturday
and Sunday from 12 to 4 p.m. Admission is free.
Come by and learn about Fluvanna County and its
transportation history. Pleasant Grove is located at
1736 Thomas Jefferson Pkwy (Rt. 53). Call 434589-2016 for more information.
Adult classes
Fluvanna Adult Education Classes (GED prep., basic
skills, and ESL) meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays
from 9 a.m. to noon and on Tuesday from 5-8 p.m.
Families Learning Together, a program for parents of
children from birth to third grade, meets Tuesdays and
Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and Wednesdays
from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. When Fluvanna schools
are closed, adult classes are also canceled. Registration is ongoing and walk-ins are encouraged. For
information, please call 434-842-9273.
Active adult center
The Cunningham Older Active Adult Center meets
the first and third Monday of every month
from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Scottsville VFW on
River Road in Scottsville. Crafts, games, trips and
special events offered with other active older adults.
American Legion meetings
Fluvanna American Legion meets the third
Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m. in the
Village Plaza in Fork Union. The Legion is a veteran’s organization dedicated to assisting local
vets and community through a variety of programs.
Please contact Post Commander Vonderbeck at
842-2200 for additional details.
Thistle Market
Local artisans will display their wares at the Thistle
Market to be held at Thistle Gate Vineyards on Nov.
27 and 28 from noon to 5:30 p.m. Enjoy mulled
wine, snacks and music. For more information call
434-286-7781 or visit www.thistlegatevineyard.com.
St. John’s Episcopal Church
St. John’s Episcopal Church in Columbia will hold
Holy Eucharist services on Nov. 29 at 10:30 a.m.
Soup and discussion on the “Prophecies of the
Coming of Christ” will follow the service at noon in
the Parish House. The church will hold a healing
service on Nov. 20 at 7:30 p.m. A time to heal will
include prayers, meditation, hymns, and laying on
of hands. On Nov. 22, Bishop Goff will attend St.
John’s for a service at 3 p.m. with a light repast fol-
lowing the service at the Parish House. St. John’s
Episcopal Church is located north of the intersection of Washington St. and Rt. 6 - the Parish House
is located at 48 Cameron Street.
Toy lift
Come to the Toy Lift on Friday, Dec. 4 from 9 a.m
- 8 p.m. Bring new, unwrapped toys for all ages,
visit with Santa, and kick off your holiday season
by helping those less fortunate in our county. Your
help is desperately needed as we have over 600
Fluvanna children on this year’s list to receive toys.
off: In front of Lauterbach Chiropractic in the Food
Lion parking lot.
Fluvanna holiday celebration
Come to the Pleasant Grove House Museum
Friday, Dec. 4 from 6 - 8 p.m. Fluvanna Parks and
Recreation is bringing the Holiday Celebration back
and it is better than ever. Meet us at a new location
with some new features for your family! There will
be caroling from Palmyra United Methodist Church,
Santa storytime & a tree lighting at 6 p.m. Enjoy
cookies and the hot cocoa bar. There will also be
complimentary photos with Santa from Fluvanna
Sports Photography Cost of admission is one nonperishable food item to benefit Fluvanna families
this season.
Happy Face party
The Fluvanna Christian Service Society is seeking
donations for its Happy Face party, an event it has
sponsored for 37 years. The event will be held Dec.
5 at 10 a.m. for qualifying Fluvanna County families.
Donations of nearly new/new toys, games, books,
and sports equipment are needed as well as nonperishable food items. Drop off unwrapped gifts at
any of the following places: Health Nutz, Monticello
Realty, LMOA Clubhouse, Orme Fitness Center, Fluvanna library and local churches. For large items or
more information contact Ande at 434-589-2972 or
Linda at 434-989-2992.
Relay fundraiser
Holiday Fundraiser for Relay for Life, Saturday,
Dec 5 from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. located at the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge across from Michie
Tavern. Crafts, canvas paintings, Thirty-One gifts,
Mary Kay, Stampin’ Up!, Pampered Chef, Stella &
Dot and many more! Contact Kem Kirby 434-9898969
Survival workshop
A primitive and survival skills workshop will be held
Saturday, Dec. 5, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the
Pancake breakfast
The Palmyra Volunteer Fire Company invites children of all ages to a free pancake breakfast with
Santa on Saturday, Dec. 12 from 9 to 10:30 a.m.
Enjoy a variety of pancakes and visit with Santa and
tell him your Christmas wish list! The event will take
place at the Palmyra Fire House, 14567 James
Madison Highway. For more information contact
Donna Wills at (434) 589-8332 or email [email protected] yahoo.com.
Henry Chandler &
Company Tree & Landscape Care
Your Professional Tree Doctor
• Pine & Hardwood Mulching
• Careful Tree Removal
• Stump Grinding
• Emergency Tree Removal
Henry A. Chandler Ed.D
Dr. of Arboricultural Science
P.O. Box 15
Fork Union, VA. 23055
Free Estimates • Fully Insured for 2 Million Dollars
Professional Member of International Society of Arborists
www.henrychandlerandcoinc.com • [email protected]
Over 30 Years Serving Lake Monticello & Central Virginia
434-842-5300 • Cell 434-996-8889
To advertise call: 434.207.0222
November 26, 2015 | FLUVANNA REVIEW |
AVIATION Grads work with JetBlue, Boeing, NASA
and others – start here with hands on training
for FAA certification. Financial aid if qualified. Call
Aviation Institute of Maintenance 888-245-9553.
Carwile Auctions Inc. Wednesday, December
9th, 1:00 PM. 362 Acres, Prince Edward Co.
Cattle Farm, Timber, Watershed Lake! www.
carwileauctions.com VAAR392 (434) 547-9100
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Angus, Polled Herefords, Balancers, Gelbviehs,
Black Baldies. Friday, December 4, 2015 @
Noon. Knoll Crest Farm, Red House, VA 434-3763567 www.knollcrestfarm.com
December 12, Noon, Culpeper Agricultural
Enterprise, Culpeper, VA. Selling 62 Angus,
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• 158,000SF Concrete Pad
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Property Insp.: Nov 28th & Dec 12th, 10am-2pm
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William J. Summs, Sr.
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LFCC/Winchester 800-454-1400
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foster parents
Kids in our community need super parents
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Call us today! 855-367-8637
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264 Turkeysag Trail # A
Hours: 7 a.m.-11 p.m.
18 | FLUVANNA REVIEW | November 26, 2015
To advertise email: [email protected]
Classified: 5 per Week
434-207-0221 • FAX: 434-589-1704
Payment: In advance. We accept: Visa, Master Card, Discover, checks and cash.
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Review. Deadline for print ads is MONDAY BY NOON.
Upload direct to OUR WEBSITE with free photo:
All real estate advertised in the Fluvanna Review is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act, which makes it illegal to advertise “any preference, limitation, or discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national
origin…” The Virginia Fair Housing Law also makes it illegal to discriminate because of elderliness (age 55 and over). The
Fluvanna Review will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. All real estate
advertised in this paper is available on an equal opportunity basis.
AUCTION: OnLine Bidding Available at:
liveauctioneers.com, for Vintage Coins, Toys, Militaria,
& Advertising Collectibles on Saturday, December
12. @ 320 Pantops Center, Charlottesville, VA
22911. All Sales start at 10 a.m. For Consignment
Opportunities or Catalogs: [email protected]
com or call (434) 293-1267.
Online). Friday, December 4, (Toy Lift Celebration)
@ 320 Pantops Center, Charlottesville, VA 22911.
All Sales start at 10 a.m. Questions? Call (434)
293-1267 or email: [email protected]
Jackpot every Thursday. Progressive Game. Doors
Open at 5:30 p.m., Early Bird 6:45 p.m. Location:
10 Slice Road, Palmyra, VA (off Rt. 600, across from
CVS). Questions? Call (434) 591-1018
Run $150; 9-Ton #57, $220; 14-Ton #57, $300;
14-Ton Crush, $200: GRANITE: 9-Ton Crush,
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14-Ton #57, $350. Includes Delivery and Tailgate
Spread. Call (434) 420-2002.
ANIMAL SANCTURY in Fluvanna County has
immediate openings for animal care staff. Must be
18, dependable, and have reliable transportation.
30-35 hrs/week, from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Call for
more information – (434) 842-2404.
BUILDING ACREAGE: Owner financing available.
Large and small lots, from 2 acres to 25 acres.
Mostly level land, with wooded and open acreage.
Five to seven minutes from I-64, Fluvanna County.
Call (434) 531-0671 or (434) 589-3074
PROPERTY, 2 BR, 1 Bath, Kitchen, DR, LR, front
porch apartment with nice yard and garden space
Nov 28:
All Holiday
merchandise is
10% off.
A Happy Tails Gift
Certificatethe purrfect gift!
To advertise call: 434.207.0222
Personal Property Liquidation
Contact Edee - [email protected]
1. On FluvannaReview.com click on “Classifieds”
2. Click on “Post an Ad - $10”
3. Login or click on “Register”
4. Select a category
5. Write your ad and upload photo
6. Pay with your credit card via Pay Pal.
adjacent to yard in quiet, scenic location on Green
Creek Road. Available immediately. Electric range,
refrig/freezer, dishwasher, W/D, baseboard electric
heat, woodstove, window ACs. Services included in
rent; water/sewer/trash pickup/yard maintenance.
Non Smoker. No cats. Require references & 1
month security deposit. Rent $750. Call (434) 2938637 after 5 p.m.
RENTALS: 61 Jefferson Dr.- $1100, 3BR,
convenient location. 5 Kanawha - $1450, 4 BR,
unfinished basement. 31 Seminole - $1275, 3 BR,
move in special. 31 Possum - $1900, 6 BR with
finished basement. Contact Rachel (434) 9815173 or [email protected] for more
info. Equal Housing Opportunity.
Decor, Holiday gift making, clothing design/
tailoring/alterations for Women, Children, Men.
Reasonable rates. Pick up and Delivery. Linda
Adams @ (434) 989-1114
a logo, brochure, flyer, postcards or newsletters?
Custom art or designs – but either don’t know
how or don’t have the time? I can provide you with
quality graphic design and artwork quickly and
affordably. Let me do the work for you so you can
concentrate on your business. Call Lynn StaytonEurell @ (434) 906-2524. Please visit http://www.
Care for a variety of needs – As Needed Basis, Parttime or Full time. Visit www.thelightacademy.com
or phone (434) 806-2903 for more information.
Thanksgiving Weekend
Two-day Sale!
Saturday, Nov. 28, 2015,
10 a.m.-4 p.m.
Note enhanced
Sunday Schedule!
Sunday, Nov. 29:
1-4 p.m. 50% Off!
4-6 p.m. 75% Off!
Country Realtors supports local businesses. See
our “Featured Business of the Week” on page 9.
www.monticellorealtors.com (434) 589-3539
COINS: I buy old coins. Call (434) 466-7968
FSPCA SPONSORS NEEDED for 2016. Consider
sponsoring our “Pet of the Week” ad in the coming
year. Your name and/or business name will appear
as sponsor under our photo for the Pet of the Week.
You may also have a special person named or event
remembered. Call Edee at the Fluvanna Review (434)
207-0221 or email [email protected]
INDOOR YARD SALE: Saturday, November 28
and Saturday, December 5 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
at 8 Westham Court, Lake Monticello, VA 22963.
Bring ad to Main Gate for admittance. Home &
Office Furniture, Oriental Design-Art Collectibles &
more. See sample pictures & prices online: http://
html or Call (571) 212-4837.
The Charlottesville Wellness
Center Family Practice
900 Preston Ave.,
Charlottesville, VA 22901
Directions: Preston Ave. at the corner of Rose Hill Dr.
Picture this: Buying comfy waiting room
armchairs for your den/home office/business, children’s oak chairs & rockers, toys,
toy chest from Dr. Samuel Caughron’s office
relocating sale including an exquisite antique partner’s desk w/carved detail, medical cabinets, baby changing tables (great
kitchen islands) & scales, mirrors, beautiful art work---original, as well as framed
including sand paintings, dream catchers,
watercolors, African masks, stacking bins
for home storage/organization, stools on
casters, occasional tables, bookcases, collectibles and so much more.
Beverly Smith • 434-960-4865
Painting, 2500 PSA Powerwashing, renovation
and restoration. Locally owned/operated for 25
+ years. Lake resident since 1995. Fluvanna
County Chamber of Commerce member since
2001. Call (434) 906-1898, or email: [email protected]
insideoutpaintingplus.net. To view portfolio – www.
I love to sit on people’s laps even though some have tried
to tell me I’m too big to be a lap dog. As a matter of fact, I
sometimes get so excited when someone is cuddling with me
that I will get up, run around in circles, and bounce back into
the person’s lap. I have even been known to lick a face or two.
I enjoy nice long walks (I’ve been told I have good leash manners, whatever that means), but I can keep up if want to take
me with you on a jog. I am very attached to my squeaky toys
and will sometimes hide them under myself when I sleep. In
addition to all this, I have been spayed, and I am house trained!
Don’t you want me to come live at your house? Well, c’mon to
the shelter and adopt me!
JANE’S WHITE GLOVE Professional Cleaning
Service. 16 years proudly serving Fluvanna and
surrounding counties. THOROUGH, Dependable,
Trustworthy, Friendly. Excellent References.
Flexible to suit your needs, very affordable! FULLY
INSURED. Call (434) 589-2195
THE LIGHT ACADEMY is offering After-School
Fluvanna SPCA
5239 Union Mills Road, Troy, VA
(434) 591-0123 • http://www.fspca.org
(whoo neve
neverr complain,
omplain, love you
youu unco
ur feett warm & make yyou happy).
only drink water, keep your
Healthy Food Means
Healthy Pets
November 26, 2015 | FLUVANNA REVIEW |
Fluco fall sports banquet honors top athletes
After each sports season, The Fluvanna County Athletic Department holds a
banquet event to honor the teams and
the athletes on their conclusion of the
season. On Thursday, Nov. 12, Fluco fall
athletes gathered in the school cafeteria
for this year’s banquet.
Not all the fall sports teams were as successful as the players and coaches would
have hoped, but the effort was there,
and in high school athletics that is what
is most important. Very few high school
athletes play at the next level and an infinitesimal number go on to make a living
playing sports. Therefore, the competition
Rivanna Hearing
Aid Center
elps Yo u
Yo u r Hea ring H
Enjoy Every M
We service all
makes & models
of hearing aids
FREE Hearing tests
FREE in-house repairs on most models
FREE video otoscopic view of ear canal
Mon.-Fri. 9 a.m-5 p.m.
On Pantops-182 Spotnap Rd. A-2
Charlottesville, VA. 22911
is what high school sports is all about.
In his first year as Fluco football coach
Steve Szarmach was faced with the prospect of developing a foundation for the
future. His team did not improve on the
record of the prior two years, but there
is reason to believe that a number of the
young players on the team will be a base
for some improvement in the future. Two
games early in the season could easily
have been wins, but were one point
losses instead.
Szarmach honored junior wide receiver/defensive back Jay Amos as the
teams’ best all-around player. Running
back and sometimes quarterback junior
Mark Grooms was named the teams’ best
offensive player. The award for top defensive player went to junior defensive
back Jordan Melton. The winner of the
coach’s award for strongest overall effort
was junior defensive back Dylan Walker.
The Fluco volleyball team did not
enjoy as much success as in some recent
years. However, one player finished up
an extraordinary career under Coach
Fluvanna County Board of Supervisors
Wednesday, December 2, 2015, at 7:00 p.m.
Pursuant to Virginia Code Section 15.2-2204, a public hearing will be held in the Circuit Court
Room at the Fluvanna County Courts Building in Palmyra, Virginia for citizens of the County
to have the opportunity to appear before and be heard by the Board of Supervisors for the
following items:
SUP 15:06 – Louisa County Water Authority – A request for a special use permit to allow for major utilities with respect to the construction of a raw water pipeline from near Route
6 along the James River north to the Louisa County and Fluvanna County border. The properties are currently zoned A-1 (Agricultural General) and the properties are located in the Columbia Election District The Tax Parcel Numbers of the properties affected by the proposal are
as follows: 67-12-A3, 14-9-4, 14-A-14, 14-A-20A, 14-A-14A, 14-A-13,14-A-20, 23-A-51,
23-A-61,23-A-50, 23-A-62, 23-12-D,23-12-A, 23-A-66, 23-A-67, 23-A-72B, 23-A-70,23A-96, 23-A-97, 23-A-99, 23-A-101, 23-A-102, 23-A-103, 23-A-37, 23-A-36E, 23-A-36A,
34-A-2, 34-A-4, 34-3-A, 34-3-B1, 34-3-B3, 34-3-C, 34-3-C1, 34-3-B2, 34-2-A, 34-A-17,
34-A-16, 34-A-18, 34-1-1,34-1-3, 34-1-5, 34-1-4, 33-A-30A, 44-A-46, 44-A-46A, 44-31, 44-3-2, 44-2-3, 44-2-5, 44-2-4, 44-2-2, 44-2-1, 44-A-15, 44-A-17, 44-A-18, 44-A-31,
44-1-2, 44-1-3B, 54-A-10A, 54-A-14A, 54-1-1A, 54-6-C, 54-1-1, 54-2-1, 54-A-41, 54-A43, 54-11-Z, 54-11-Y, 54-11-X, 53-11-27, 53-11-26, and 53-11-19.
Christie Harlowe-Garrett. Senior Kate
Stutz was first team all-Conference. She
was the Fluco’s principal setter for her
entire career. Stutz set a school record
for assists in a game, and in a season.
Her career record of 2,946 assists will no
doubt stand for a very long time. Senior
Haley Dillon was also a major contributor for the Fluco volleyball team. She
was selected to the second team allConference and led the 2015 Flucos in
kill shots at the net. Sophomore Candice
Shaheen, who played libero, was honorable mention all-Conference and led the
team in digs.
The Fluco golf team under Coach
Bryan Searcy did not enjoy enough
depth to turn in a winning season, but
one golfer, Jack Stanke stood out. He
played well all season and qualified to
play in the Regional match. The girls’
cross-country team under Rose Brogan
ran to a fourth place finish in the District
meet and then to a fourth place finish in
the Conference meet. Only the top three
teams in the Conference meet qualified
for the Regional competition, so the
Flucos just missed out on going on to the
next level as a team.
Three of Brogan’s runners were named
All-District. Kristen Cabrera and Saige
Haney, who are both sophomores, finished sixth and tenth respectively at the
District meet. Senior Bridget Bossong finished 14th to also make the all-District
team. At the conference meet, Cabrera
and Haney made All-Conference with
finishes of 10th and 11th. Both qualified
for the Regional meet which was run in
Blacksburg on Nov. 3. Haney qualified for
the State meet by finishing 18th overall.
Tom Casto, coach of the boys’ cross
country team reported at the banquet
that seniors Andy Guess and Jonathan
Corbin and sophomore Jack Rice finished
in the top 15 in the Cup race at year end.
He also noted that Guess was an All-District runner, who went on to run in the
Regional meet, where did well, but just
failed to qualify to run at the State meet.
The competition cheer squad under
Coach Julia Hogue competed in two
events this season. They finished second
in the Jefferson District event at Charlottesville High. Although they did not fare
as well in the Conference competition,
the team was proud to have hosted this
event at Fluvanna High.
The Flucos now move on to the winter
season. Boys’ and girls’ basketball, wrestling, indoor track and field and swim and
dive will keep a number of high school
athletes busy throughout the winter.
News briefs
New traffic pattern set for Rivanna River bridge
Motorists should be alert for a traffic pattern change at the Rt. 6 (East River Road) bridge that spans
the Rivanna River in Fluvanna County, according to a press release from the Virginia Department of
Depending on weather and progress of work, VDOT contractor DLB, Inc. of Hillsville will shift traffic
onto the new bridge Friday afternoon. Eastbound and westbound traffic will share the westbound lane
of the new bridge, taking turns crossing the span while controlled by a temporary traffic signal.
The westbound lane was recently constructed with a new bridge deck and roadway surface. The
traffic switch will allow crews to begin constructing the eastbound lane of the new bridge.
The $11.92 million project will replace the existing 22-foot-wide bridge with a concrete structure
and new approaches on both ends. Construction is scheduled to finish in summer 2016.
Motorists should stay alert for new signs and traffic controls as well as workers and equipment near
the travel lanes, VDOT said.
Message boards are in place to notify drivers of the change.
More information about the project is available on VDOT’s website at www.virginiadot.org/projects/
2nd HALF 2015 TAXES DUE: DEC 7, 2015
SUP 15:08 – James River Water Authority – A request for a special use permit to allow
for major utilities with respect to the construction of a raw water supply system which includes
a raw water intake and pump station at the subject properties denoted by Tax parcel Numbers:
53-A-62, 53-A-62C, 53-A-61, 53-11-5, and 53-11-19. The properties are currently zoned
A-1 (Agricultural General) and the properties are located in the Columbia and Fork Union Election Districts and encompass approximately 305.202 acres.
Fluvanna County Real Estate and Personal Property tax bills for the 2nd half of 2015 have
been mailed. The due date is December 7, 2015. Payments received after the due date
(Dec. 7, 2015) will incur a penalty. There is no grace period for late payment and/or failure
to receive a bill does not constitute relief of payment of taxes or penalty. All mail must be
postmarked by Dec. 7. If you have not received your Real and /or Personal Property tax bill
and you know that you own land and/or have a vehicle, you need to contact the Fluvanna
County Treasurer’s Office immediately at (434) 591-1945.
Copies of the complete text of the above ordinances and associated plans are available for
public review at the Office of the Fluvanna County Administrator during normal business hours.
The public is invited to attend these hearings at which persons affected may appear and present their views. Questions or comments may be directed to Planning & Community Development Department, at (434) 591-1910.
REGULAR OFFICE HOURS: Monday-Friday 8:00 am- 4:30 pm
Extended Hours: Saturday, December 5, 8:00 am – 12 noon
Deadline: Monday, December 7, 8:00 am -7:00 pm
20 | FLUVANNA REVIEW | November 26, 2015
To advertise email: [email protected]
2 Luxury Horse Properties - 15 min from C-ville
Near I- 64- Zion Crossroads. 5 mins to Medical and Shopping
10 Acres
8.57 Acres
Turn key Operation
Ouick Occupancy
Willow Oaks-Luxury Horse Property
Perfect for Horses, Alpacas and Cattle
• Quality custom builder’s Home & Farm
• 60’ x 40’ incredible barn w/fans, equipment barn,
tack room, 2 run ins,riding ring, paddocks.
• Lots extras incl. tongue/groove high ceiling,
gourmet kitchen includes, corian, hardwood
floors, large rooms, sun room,
• King master suite, walk in shower and more.
• $585,000, MLS #533495
• Open floor plan great for entertaining & flow
• Vaulted, Tray & 9 Ft. ceilings, stone fireplace,
hardwood floors
• Gourmet kitchen w/ corian and pull out shelves
• Master suite w/ balcony & whirlpool tub & shower
• Barn w/8 stalls leading to separate pastures
• 7 fenced pastures, riding ring & several streams & 2 ponds
• Motivated owner has invested more than ask price
• $439,900, MLS# 535105
Reservoir Waterfront • Redfields
Reservoir Waterfront
1st and 2nd Master Suites
10 mins DIA/NGIC- 15 mins UVA
Pools, Trails & Playgrounds
Waterfront Reservoir, 3,900 sq ft
• Just listed, 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, incredible Private setting
• 3,900 sq ft, 2.85 acre, lots of custom features
• Large rooms and custom extra
• $598,000, MLS# 538068
Immaculate high ceiling, 2 story great room
• 5 bedroom/3.5 bath, huge fenced, wooded yard.
• Minutes to UVA, UVA Hospital, I-64 and Cville, with a
new Wegmans shopping center coming soon
• $414,000, MLS# 537979
Karen J. Kehoe, RE/MAX Hall of Fame
Call 24 hrs 7 days 434/249-5836
[email protected] • www.Move2VA.com
UVA Imaging Zion Crossroads
1015 Spring Creek Pkwy.
Zion Crossroads, VA 22942
Other imaging services available
at Zion Crossroads: MRI, CT,
ultrasound and X-ray
Learn more about UVA Imaging
at uvaimaging.com. Follow us
on Facebook at facebook.com/
Expert care. Close to home.
Diagnosing breast cancer early is critical, and mammograms
are an important tool in early detection. Convenient, walk-in
mammograms are now available at a location close to you:
UVA Imaging Zion Crossroads.
You can feel confident in your mammogram results because
our specialized breast radiologists read each and every image
to ensure your results are accurate. We use leading-edge
To advertise call: 434.207.0222
technology, including 3-D mammograms and ultrasounds,
which provide the best possible images.
Walk-in mammograms are available Monday–Friday,
8 a.m.–3:30 p.m. For an evening appointment, call
434.243.9198. You do not need a physician’s referral to have
a screening mammogram at UVA Imaging.
November 26, 2015 | FLUVANNA REVIEW |
Shop Small Business Saturday
Small Business Saturday is held every year in November to encourage people across the country to support their hometown,
small businesses. Fluvanna residents will celebrate the event
this Saturday (Nov. 28.) From sparkling Christmas lights and
colorful decorations to delicious treats and meals to gift certificates – many residents will stay in Fluvanna to shop in the
community. All of the stores pictured will be open on Small
Business Saturday. Check their websites or call for hours and information on special deals. Photos by Tricia Johnson
Salon DeShano
Frost Bites
EW Thomas
Jefferson Pharmacy
Cuppa Joe Cafe
Fluvanna’s Ace Hardware
Red Rocker Candy
Consider a New View
on Retirement Living
Free Inspections
Established 1944
Fly Management
Fumigation Specialist
Foundation Vents
Residential and Commercial
When you choose the vibrant and engaging Lodge Lifestyle you’ll
find that opportunities for living well are many. Our location in
the exciting multigenerational neighborhood of Old Trail Village
offers dining, golf, swimming, miles of trails
and more, all within walking distance.
And did we mention our views?
Plan Well to Live Well.
Call the Lodge at Old Trail to discover a fresh and scenic approach to senior living.
330 Claremont Lane, Crozet, Virginia 22932 | 434-823-9100
22 | FLUVANNA REVIEW | November 26, 2015
The complete pest
control service including
termite, bird, moisture &
bed bug control.
Toll Free
To advertise email: [email protected]
Dog bite prompts
FSCPA lawsuit
Give the Gift
of Fitness!
Fork Union Pharmacy
A Charlottesville woman, Leigh Anne
Viemeister, is suing the Fluvanna SPCA
(FSPCA) for gross negligence on behalf of
her young son, Noah.
Filed in Fluvanna County Circuit Court
on Nov. 18, the lawsuit seeks $250,000
in damages.
According to the lawsuit, Noah’s
parents, Leigh Anne and Scott Viemeister, adopted a shepherd breed mix
known as Happy/Max on May 2. Three
days later the dog bit Noah in the face
in what the lawsuit calls an “unprovoked
attack.” FSCPA records state that Noah
was 5 years old at the time.
FSCPA records and the lawsuit both
state that Happy/Max had been abused
by a previous owner and surrendered
after a previous adoption for being aggressive to other animals.
When the dog’s behavior was evalu-
ated prior to its adoption by the Viemeisters, “it was determined that Happy
should not be adopted by a family with
young children,” the lawsuit states.
The FSPCA “consciously, knowingly
adopted out an aggressive dog to a family
with children, while aware that the dog
was dangerous,” the lawsuit states. According to the lawsuit, the FSCPA’s
actions led to pain, anguish, and medical
expenses for Noah. “Their actions
showed such indifference to others as to
constitute an utter disregard of caution
amounting to a complete neglect of the
safety of others, including Noah Viemeister,” the lawsuit states.
FSCPA records state that the dog was
euthanized on May 19.
Tony Borasch, president of the FSPCA
Board of Directors, declined to comment
on pending litigation.
Gift Certificates Available
One month of Fitness
& Aquatics for $50!
Hurry in, offer expires 12/24
Letters to the Editor
• Keep letters under 350 words.
• Refrain from personal attacks.
• Do not send letters that have been sent to other newspapers.
• Include your name, address & phone number (for verification).
• We reserve the right to edit letters.
• Submit via email to [email protected] or mail to
Fluvanna Review, P.O. Box 59, Palmyra, VA 22963
Happy Tails
To advertise call: 434.207.0222
You will get an email confirmation that your letter has been
received. If you don’t, contact the editor directly.
4 58
9 61
109 Crofton Place, Palmyra
Visit our website for schedules.
November 26, 2015 | FLUVANNA REVIEW |
Need More Room For The Holidays?
It’s Not Too Late!
Call Today And Let Us Help Get You Into The
Perfect Home For The Holidays! 434-589-7653
18 Bridlewood Drive – Wooded Private Building Lot!
7 Jefferson Drive- Water View!
Could be the nicest
lots at Lake Monticello. A large, level
and private lot that
backs up to acres of
wooded land, near
the Turkeysag gate
convenient to restaurants and shopping.
Over half an acre.
Single story living at it’s best with seasonal water views featuring
1946 sq ft finished, three bedrooms and two baths, large tile foyer,
vaulted great room with raised marble hearth fireplace, spacious eat
in kitchen with Maple Cabinets, formal dining room with hardwood
floors, master bedroom with sitting area. This home is loaded with
extras, leaded glass front door, rosette molding and extra wide crown
molding and chair rail, central vac and more. Enjoy the summer on
your screened in porch or entertaining on your aggregate patio in you
half are private yard!
$49,500 • Call Larry and Diane 434-960-5856
800 Jefferson Drive – Waterfront
36 Paynes Mill Road- Great Floor Plan!
528 Locust Ave – Waynesboro
LAKE!! Gently lived in, meticulously maintained, like
new waterfront home with
beautiful dock wired for an
irrigation pump. Dredged
in 2014, this home offers
beautiful views & easy access to the lake. Owners
have spared no expense in caring for this
i home
hi h is
i move in
i ready.
d Spacious first floor master bedroom with attached bath, jetted tub; 2 bedrooms, 1
bath upstairs. Upstairs bedrooms w/under eave storage. Finished, walk out basement w/gas log fireplace, workshop in garage. Updated eat in kitchen with tons of
counter space and natural light allowing for open access to wrap around porch.
Professionally landscaped with paved driveway and within walking distance to club
house, security force.
Beautiful colonial - Perfect
location. 3 BR, 2.5 bath
home on over 2 acres in
Troy. Home features eat-in
kitchen, open to family rm
w/wood-burning fireplace.
Formal dining room &
separate office/living room.
3 nice sized BRs on 2nd
floor including master BR
with spa-like attached bath & large walk-in closet. 2nd story loft looks down
over front foyer. Attached garage w/built-in shelving & work bench plus a walkup attic & large outdoor shed allow for plenty of storage! Beautiful mature pecan & walnut trees. Level open yard perfect for gardening, entertaining, or just
hanging out. Bonus: House already has 2 wells- 1 for inside water use, one
for outside hose bibs! Water heater a couple years old. Roof replaced around
‘03,HVAC- 2004.
Have the best of both
worlds! Located in the tree
street area of Waynesboro
you get old world charm
and a completely remodeled and updated home!
There is nothing that hasn’t
been redone top to bottom while maintaining the
homes original integrity
and charm. Four bedrooms, two baths, hard woods throughout, gourmet kitchen
with upgraded stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops, beautifully
tiled bath with walk in shower tub combo sunroom leads to the back patio area
and much more. Original period molding, doors and built ins. Large city lot with
mature plantings, landscaping and huge slate patio area and fenced yard. Large
storage shed, two Oversized paved drive provides plenty of off street parking and
street access from the rear.
$349,900 • Call Lisa 434-531-0064
$234,500• Call Jen 434-989-9246
$198,600• Call Tom and Diane 434-960-5856
102 Wagner Place – Great Opportunity To Own A Horse Property!
14 Fairwood Place – Freshly Painted!
499 Kent Store Way – 12 Acres!
This is the horse property
you have been waiting for.
Three bedroom two bath
with unfinished
walk out basement, newly
renovated kitchen with
upgraded appliances and
bath with jacuzzi tub.
Hardwoods throughout.
Step out onto the large covered back porch and enjoy the pastoral and pond
views! Five cleared acres of pasture that has been fenced and cross fenced
for horses with a fenced in area for dogs and multiple flower beds.30 x 30
stall and equipment barn. Six stalls and 50’ round horse pen. Multiple out
buildings including a 36’ x 52’ three car garage with oversized bays, an arts
and crafts studio cottage, garden shed with chicken coop and run and hay
storage building with run in. Private and peaceful location with no thru traffic.
A unique European ranch
featuring the charm of an
English country cottage!
Freshly painted inside and out,
features include English brass
lighting fixtures, ceramic tile &
hardwood floors, a European
electric outlet to plug your
English tea pot in, imported
tile countertops, shower &
tiled gas log fireplace with gorgeous oak mantle. A wide enclosed breezeway off the laundry room connects to one of the two carriage style attached
garages. Second attached garage has separate pedestrian door, windows,
insulated & heated. Inviting side porch/deck for privacy & wide country front
porch to rock in your favorite chair while watching nature at its finest. Few
steps to deal with and an easy walk to beach #4. You’re sure not to miss this!!
Newly Renovated on 12
private acres minutes to I64
convenient to Charlottesville and Richmond! Single
level level living with three
bedrooms and two baths,
vaulted great room with
wood burning stove, dining
room, family room with gas
fireplace and great office space. New paint throughout, hardwoods, roof and
fencing in the back yard. Enjoy the private peaceful setting in your pool or
entertaining on the back deck. But wait there is more a separate 1472 sq
ft garage with electric and wood stove. Not visible from the house in a large
cleared area could be used for parking if used for a business.Property also
borders Venable Creek.
$238,500 • Call Tom and Diane 434-960-5856
$159,900 • Call Lisa 434-531-0064
$265,000 • Call Larry & Diane 434-960-5856
918 Jefferson Drive – Waterfront!
437 South Keswick – 10 acres, 10 minutes to Charlottesville
4401 Campbell Court – Zions Crossroads
Amazing Custom built five
bedroom,four and a half
bath home in sought after
South Keswick features
three master suites, two on
the main floor one with a
brick fireplace leading out to
an enclosed deck overlooking the pool area,eat in kitchen w/ all new stainless steele appliances, slate flooring in the entranceway, hardwoods, custom stone
fireplace in the family room and many more extras.Ten private acres
with fenced horse pasture and invisible fencing less than 15 minutes
from Charlottesville.
Location is the word on
this property! Minutes to
all the shopping and dining
options available at Zions
Crossroads and the convenience of I64. Easy commute to Charlottesville and
Richmond. Custom built
three bedroom four and a
half bath home, two story
living room, large formal
dining room, two spacious lofts, sunny eat in kitchen leads out to Brazilian
hardwood decking, lower level featuring billiard room, large entertainment
area and full bath. Separate oversized garage, workshop with office and full
bath with walk in tile shower! Great opportunity for someone to have privacy
and be minutes from everything!
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One level living w/magnificent water views from almost every room! Completely
renovated! Open concept main floor. Gourmet kitchen, large master suite, expansive back deck & covered patio. Brand new kitchen feat: granite counters,
over-sized island w/extra seating, S/S appliances, pantry, gas cook-top, wall
oven & microwave/convection oven. Luxurious master suite w/sliders out to
back deck, dual walk-in closets, separate vanities w/granite counters & custom
shower. All new engineered HW floors throughout & Marble tile floors in guest
baths. Brand new separate HVAC system for new master suite & newly finished
bsmt bonus rm/storage rms. Anderson sliders. Outdoor shower w/hot & cold
water.New 3-tiered dock. Gas line in place for gas grill outside.
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31 Possum Lane– Lake Monticello
61 Jefferson Drive – Lake Monticello
Water views from this
stunning home. Incredibly
spacious home on private
cul-de-sac offers ample
room to spread out, for
guests and entertaining.
Full finished basement, 6
bedrooms, Hardwood floors
on main level. Enjoy wooded and seasonal lake views from the sunroom.
$30 per adult application fee. Pet considered with owner approval and deposit. No Smoking. Tenant pays $50 LMOA registration and barcode fees.
Responsible for yard maintenance, gutter cleaning and HVAC filter changes.
Renter’s insurance required.
Great location! This
three bedroom two
bath ranch style home
is located next to the
riverside gate. Clean
inside and out. Tenant
occupied until november 30. Tenant pays utilities, $50 lmoa fee, barcodes, responsible for yard, renter’s ins, gutters. $30 Application fee per
adult. Pet considered w/ $250 per pet deposit. No smoking.
$1,900 • Call Rachel 434-589-7653
$1,100 • Call Rachel 434-589-7653
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