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Muvizu 3D 1.0
Create your own animated movies and share them
online with this clever 3D studio program
It used to be the case that animation
was a really complex art form that took
ages to produce results. Even the
advent of computers has done relatively
little to simplify the process – until now
that is. Muvizu makes animation so easy
that pretty much anyone can do it.
You can create a basic short video
from scratch in around ten minutes. As
soon as you begin a new project there’s
a character on screen ready to animate.
You can choose how it’s dressed, place
it in a choice of sets and add a
soundtrack that’s automatically lipsynced to the picture. You want the
character to move? No problem, just
click where you’d like it to go and
change the speed and gait to suit. In
walk mode you’ll see a trail of dots on
the screen showing the exact path.
Lighting and camera positions can be
adjusted to get the effect you want,
In order to make full use of Muvizu and
share your material online you’ll need
to set up a free online account at
www.muvizu.com. You need to be over
13 years old to create an account.
▲ Dislay a timeline
from the Edit
menu to help you
compose your
versions should allow users to
contribute new objects and characters
that can be shared. It’s important to
note that Muvizu is a big program and
needs a pretty powerful PC to work well,
don’t expect it to run on older systems
or low-spec laptops. If your PC is up to
the task, however, not only is Muvizu an
innovative tool it’s great fun too.
though you’re restricted to four cameras.
Muvizu is geared towards a
community approach allowing several
people to collaborate on a project, each
working on a different element. Later
PCU link
Full program; online account
a set for your video. You can choose one
▲ ofselect
the ones provided with the program or start
When you launch Muvizu you’ll be asked to
with a blank set and opt to build one of your
own from the components provided or by adding
your own images.
on the set to build up the scene. Once
▲ anitems
object has been created you can drag it to
Select Create/ Object and you can place other
where you want it and move it forward or
back. Right-click to change object properties,
so you can allow characters to stand on
chairs, for example.
www.pc-utilities.co.uk >> issue 128
various things to your movie. Select Character
▲ and
choose from one of the basic types on offer.
Click on the Create button and you can add
You can customise its features, clothing and so
on later by right-clicking on the character to
bring up the edit menu.
recording it directly into the program or by
▲ importing
a file you’ve recorded elsewhere. The
You can add sound to your movie either by
program will automatically sync the character’s
eyes and lips to the dialogue, you can fine tune
this later via Direct/ Dialogue if you need to.
pane to select Decals. From here you can add
▲ textures
to objects. You can change skin
Use the drop-down at the top of the appearance
texture, or as here add a design to a T-shirt.
Your own images can be imported or more
choices are available online if you log on.
together your movie. Using the icons in the
▲ floating
pane you can choose whether the
From the Direct menu you can begin to put
character should be happy or sad and select an
initial state. Click the clapperboard icon to
enter Director mode and move your character
using the disc.

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