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A systematic revolution
This is true pioneering spirit; in a joint pilot project the Bitburger Brewery Group and KHS
have developed a manufacturing execution system or MES which is specifically tailored to the
beverage industry. Innoline MES now provides companies with a complete integrated system
which takes one step further towards the advent of the smart factory..
The demands and processes in beverage production are becoming
increasingly complex. In 2010 this prompted KHS to look for a
customer who was prepared to invest both time and expertise in
developing a manufacturing execution system based on standard
software which was specifically customized for the industry. In the
Bitburger Brewery Group KHS quickly found the perfect partner for
its pilot project.
A specially compiled team of experts from Bitburger and KHS drew
up a detailed concept and defined which functions a MES for the
beverage industry would need to generate the maximum benefit.
The project had three main goals:
The reduction of costs through detailed process analysis
„All told, I consider this pilot project to be a clear win/win
situation, from which the other breweries in the Bitburger
Brewery Group will also profit in the near future.“
The production of standardized evaluations for improved
Rudolf Wahl, head of the Central Filling and Filtration Department
at the Bitburger Brewery Group
The optimization of administrative processes
The MES also had to be able to communicate with the ERP or
enterprise resource planning system and various other systems,
such as those used in logistics, enabling the entire control process to be managed in production in real time.
Bitburger and KHS developed the Innoline MES based on the
existing HYDRA MES from MPDV Mikrolab GmbH, one of the
leading providers in this field. The IT system comprises six selectable modules – line monitoring, order scheduling, order execution, order material tracking, recipe management and production
analysis – and meets the individual requirements of the beverage
industry. The system documents the entire production and other
processes with maximum accuracy and sends this data to the
ERP system for optimized business process management. This
software system thus takes one significant step further towards
the smart, networked production process, bringing the beverage
industry closer to the vision of Industry 4.0.
Full Innoline MES IT system –
the five chief benefits
Competitive advantage: transparent production process
for greater efficiency and flexibility
Intelligently combining production and business
processes boosts efficiency
Scalable for both individual filling lines and entire plants,
regardless of the manufacturer
Optimization potential quickly and easily recognizable
thanks to informative analyses and reports
Special masks for cross-system data entry save
time and eliminate sources of error.
Wolfgang Heßelmann
KHS GmbH, Dortmund, Germany
Phone: +49 231 596 1612
Email: [email protected]
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Industry 4.0 – the
production revolution
A new form of production is set to revolutionize the factory floor
in the next few years,with workpieces and products increasingly
controlling their own production processes. Experts believe this development represents the fourth industrial revolution after the age
of the steam engine, the introduction of the assembly line and the
advent of automation. The objective is to create the smart factory
which is distinguished by its versatility, efficient use of resources,
ergonomics and the integration of customers and business partners into the business and value creation processes.
Professor Henning Kagermann, member of the Executive Board
for the German National Academy of Science and Engineering
(acatech) in Munich, Germany, sees great potential here.
„This new production technology gives companies the chance to
manufacture with greater economy, more energy efficiency and
improved customer specification.“
Wolfgang Heßelmann
KHS GmbH, Dortmund, Germany
Phone: +49 231 596 1612
Email: [email protected]
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