Clairol Nice `n Easy Perfect 10 A winning makeover


Clairol Nice `n Easy Perfect 10 A winning makeover
Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Perfect
A winning makeover
The Perfect 10 15-shade launch lineup will
continue to expand to meet consumer shade
The Perfect 10 components include a new hightech applicator comb for enhanced ease of use
at home.
Nice ‘n Easy had become a dull, slow-growth
brand. But Perfect 10—thanks to totally new
amino-glycine color technology—was a
breakthrough product, delivering fabulous new
“liquid hair” color in just 10 minutes. The Clairol
and Landor team saw a huge opportunity to
bring a salon-quality product to the at-home hair
colorist. Perfect 10 became the new product to
transform the Nice ‘n Easy image, to eliminate
its negative reputation as “my mother’s brand,”
and make it relevant to a whole new generation.
The team developed a fresh, differentiated visual
concept of rich, luxurious hair colors emerging
from a black background. They then worked with
the world-renowned hair photographer Kutlu and
cast A-level models to create new premium
packaging. “The Perfect 10 program is the gold
standard in holistic marketing,” said Chris
Delapuente, president of haircare and haircolor
at Procter & Gamble. The Nice ’n Easy brand
provided immediate market access and on-shelf
trial. Retailers were delighted with the
promotional support for the launch and the initial
response—particularly from new, younger
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Since it launched in the United States during the
first quarter of 2008, Perfect 10 has exceeded
all expectations. By September 2008, it achieved
a 4.1 dollar market share and the promotional
halo effect helped push sales of the total Nice ‘n
Easy franchise up 30 percent over the previous
year. Additionally, the beautiful packaging won a
P&G A.G. Lafley design award. Perhaps Charlene
Sawyers, North America Marketing Director, said
it best, “A huge thank you to all for bringing
Perfect 10 to life and positioning us to win. [It]
definitely meets the goal of women saying
‘That’s Nice ‘n Easy? I can’t wait to try!’”