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interview with a
Austin Scarlett builds a glamorous
empire at Kenneth Pool By: Carolyn Gerin
As an unabashed aficionado of
Project Runway, I jumped at the
opportunity to interview Austin
Scarlett, the unforgettable pearl
bedecked boy-wonder who rocked
the runway with style, insouciance
and old world glamour. Intelligent,
funny and refreshingly down to
earth, we got right down to the
heart of the matter: what inspires
his collections, and what do women
really want? Austin delivers the
S P R I N G & S U M M E R 2009 |
Q : Tell us what led you at a young age or
what experience prompted you to be a fashion
AS: Natural progression: I’ve always loved
glamour, and would sketch make believe dresses
for stories. When I was in high school, I made all
my friends prom dresses.
Q : How did you get from Point A to Point B to
make that happen?
AS: I was accepted at F.I.T. in New York. I
worked for some boutique design houses, and
doing costume for theatre, ballets and film.
I love one-of-a-kind detail that is why I love
couture. I worked on the Wings Victoria’s Secret
fashion show. Then I heard about a new show
called Project Runway, it was the first season,
so no one knew exactly what it would entail. I
put a portfolio together, heeded the cattle call,
somehow got picked and was lucky enough to get
on the show.
Q : What prompted you to pursue Bridal as
opposed to Couture or Ready to Wear?
AS: A dress should worship the woman, make her
the very best version of herself. A wedding dress
is the ultimate fantasy dress for a woman, and this
is the sort of dress I am interested in creating.
Q : Your moniker in the bridal market place is
what? (ie: if Vivienne Westwood is the punk high
priestess and John Galliano is the bad boy, Austin
is the ...).
AS: The Young Dandy. I love having fun with
fashion in my own life, so I understand why a
bride wants to look completely fantastic but
reflect her own personality. Today you can be
insouciant and sassy, and there are so many ways
to be beautiful. You don’t want to look like you
stepped off the top of the cake. For instance I
loved the Galliano ombre pink skirt that Gwen
Stefani wore at her wedding; it had a sense of
humor, which is a great example of a signature
Q : If there were any woman in history that you
would like to dress for her wedding, who would
it be? What would it look like (colors, materials,
AS: Gala Dali, [Salvador’s wife] creating a dress
from a witty, surreal perspective, as an art piece.
She was eccentric, but an amazing glamorous
woman, which would have made it more
interesting. I would also have loved to dress Marie
Antoinette, but that’s rather obvious…
Q : Give us your concept for a destination warm
weather bride? A cold weather bride? (beach vs.
snow for instance).
AS: For Warm Weather: Tulle and light sheaths
in a charmeuse that’s flowy and not with a lot of
petticoats. For the beach, it needs to be light, and
roll in a suitcase.
For Cold Weather, you can really go opulent with
rich fabrics, brocades, duchess satins, volume;
ball gown skirts are wonderful in the winter with
embellishments: brocades, jewels and beading.
Q : Being the Anti-Bride, I love the idea of
color being introduced into the wedding dress,
AS: I do too and we always try to do color
in every collection. I love oysters, pale pinks,
iridescent lilac (color changes in the light and
becomes magical).
Q : Who is the Austin Scarlett woman? What is
her life about? Give me a quick sketch (ie: Audrey
Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, etc…)
AS: More like Audrey Hepburn’s, wild,
adventuresome cousin. She’s definitely a city girl
who goes out dancing at night in a fantastic party
dress; she has more fun with fashion and is a risk
taker. She’s a bright young thing on the social
Q : What is the hottest silhouette? What’s in?
AS: Extra dropped ball gown. Low sexy fit over
the hips, mermaid silhouette, beading and the
kick at the bottom. Gorgeous molded figure. You
get the fullness of the ball gown, but get to show
off all that gym time.
Q : In five years, you will be...
AS: Still designing away. Love to design wedding
dresses. My own line, my own collections, open
my own atelier. | SPRING & SUMMER 2009

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