Christening, Communion and marriage



Christening, Communion and marriage
Chrzciny, komunia i ślub
 Christening is a Christian celebration of purification of
sins. It is performed by washing with water. Baby
christening dress is white. Girls’ outfit has got a blue
ribbon and boys’ has got a pink one. A child receives a
special candle and a white robe. During the
christening the baby is accepted into the community
of the church, and may take another sacraments.
 In Poland, the age of the adoption of the First Holy
Communion is currently set at the third grade of
primary school. Children on the day of the ceremony
dress in white long robes called “alby”. The preparation
for the ceremony lasts the whole year. Just before the
First Holy Communion children have to confess their
sins. This is the second consecutive sacrament in
human life. Children for the first time receive the Body
of Christ in the form of bread (wafer). It is a solemn
and moving ceremony.
 Marriage is a solemn celebration, during which the
bride and groom swear faith, love and honesty in the
presence of witnesses and invited guests. They
exchange and put on the wedding rings . A woman for
this occasion is dressed in a beautiful white long dress
sometimes with a train, and upon her head she has a
veil, while the man is wearing a suit, a white shirt and a
bow tie. After the ceremony, all the guests take part in
the wedding party.
 A wedding party is held after a marriage ceremony.
Parents of the newlyweds greet them with bread and
salt at the beginning of the party. After the toast the
newlyweds break their glasses throwing them behind,
which is supposed to bring them luck. Between
dances you can taste dishes prepared specially for the
occasion. And then they can try the wedding cake.
Around midnight, different games begin, the most
popular is so-called “oczepiny” – taking off the veil of
bride’s head.
Dominika Kosiło and Krzysztof Iłendo