Fall 2010 - Collie Health Foundation


Fall 2010 - Collie Health Foundation
FALL 2010
Volume 23
Issue 3
Nancy McDonald
Helga Kane
Vice President
Gerrie Oliver
Vice President
Hildy Morgan
From the President, Nancy McDonald
2834 Cotton Road, Sanford, NC 27330
Phone: 919-718-9347/Email: [email protected]
Laura LaBounty
The Officers and
William K. Brokken, MD
Jane Clymer
Peggy Darington
Robette Johns
David Hansen, DVM
Krista Hansen
Gayle Kaye
Nancy Kelso, DVM
Pati Merrill
Lori Montero
Membership Chair:
Nancy Van Note
Newsletter Editor:
Mary Hunter
There are certain things that are just meant to be. And no one person can alter the
path of those events. One of life’s pleasures for Collie people is the annual
Gathering at Sunnybank. Karma has been involved laying the path to the event
we enjoy every year – and began nearly a century ago when Albert Payson
Terhune’s stories began to reach the dog-loving public. From his stories in
magazines, books, and movies, to Claire Leishman’s mission to preserve “The
Place” 40 years ago to now the Collie Health Foundation’s embrace of “The
Place” as the site of its premier summer event, the romance Bert established with
our Collies is alive and growing today.
In the current context, “no one person” means Madame Gerrie Oliver’s army of
volunteers that make everything work for the enjoyment of our guests. It really
does take a village to make a village – and they really do make a village of Collie
lovers every year! They arrange lodging, food, shelter, clothing, education, and
entertainment – most of us don’t want to leave! Of course, it goes without saying
that the primary missions stated in the Collie Health Foundation’s charter are
achieved at the annual Gathering:
To foster and promote the public's knowledge and appreciation of dogs in
general and Collies in particular
To further understanding of the diseases, defects, injuries and other
ailments that afflict dogs in general and Collies in particular
To support and promote study of and research on the history, character,
varieties, breeding genetics and particular health problems of Collies
To establish a national data base of resource materials about Collies
To produce, publish and distribute to the general public educational
materials about the proper care, treatment, breeding, health, development
and training of Collies.
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President’s Message (continued from page 1)
The Collie Club of America National specialty 125th anniversary event is also the Foundation’s 25th anniversary.
Volunteers are working on several projects to celebrate our first Quarter Century – keep an eye out for updates
in CCA publications and Collie Expressions on our website. CHF promos chairs Pat and Brenda have a lot of
new items – please check them out on page 9 - make Christmas shopping easy this year!
Your CHF Board has been actively reviewing more grant proposals. See the Grants report for details. Also
approved was a provision to back up the effective date of memberships to August 1 for the following year and to
mail renewal notices October 1. This will hopefully eliminate confusion with CCA membership renewals and
offer full year memberships to the folks that join at Sunnybank.
Volunteers are still needed for a variety of projects – just let me know if you would like to take one on – many
can be broken up into little parts, making light work for all!
-- Nancy
Collie Health Foundation Balance Sheet
as of July 31, 2010
Current Assets
Bank of America Operating
Bank of America Money Market
Wachovia – Hilda Rickenbaugh
$ 57,076.82
$ 85,121.11
$ 16,490.26
$ 12,863.65
UBS Money Market
UBS Accounts
Total UBS Assets
Total Current Assets
Other Assets
Promo Items Inventory
Total Other Assets
Total – Checking/Savings:
UBS Assets:
Opening Balance Equity
Net Income
$ 54,643.90
Total Equity
For additional financial information, contact: Laura LaBounty, Treasurer, Collie Health Foundation, Inc.
1057 Old Homestead Hwy., East Swanzey, NH 03446. Email: [email protected]
Membership 2010
Helen K. Denton
Helga Kane
Pati Merrill
A. David Russell
Harold W. Sundstrom
Carolyn M. Berger
Suzanne & Tim Berggren
Therese L. Holmes- Terrell
Donna J. Walle
Rick Bronson
Shawn & Debra Amszi
Karen & Jeff Anderson
Tyrone & Kaelene R. Artz
Emily D. Berkley
Dr. William K. Brokken
Theresa A. & Michael D. Brown
Ronald M. & Nancy E. Carter
Central Iowa Collie Club
Collie Club of Alabama
Collie Club of New England, Inc.
Collie Club of Western PA
Lelah E. Crockett
Orville & Becky Crowley
Roy, Susan & Cassandra DeLorenzo Penny & Ron Dionne
Jane A. Dixon
Christine K. Dungan
Michael Esch
Rosemary George
Jody & Harry Greenberg
Krista F. Hansen
David Hansen, DVM
Greater Brighton Collie Club
Thomas Hoadley & Cynthia A. Lomba Betty L. Hodgson
Marie & Jay Hooper
Phillip Hubrig
Indiana Collie Club
Doreen A. Ingrassia
Svend E. Jensen
Nancy Kelso & Tim Duvall
Linda L. Kuribayashi
Barbara Ridder Irwin
Claire K. Leishman
Jacqueline & David Linstad
Norman J. Markese
Carol Martin
Patricia & Kris Martin
Grant & Pati Merrill
Renee Millison
Robert A. Mondillo
Hildegarde S. Morgan
June E. Morris
Piedmont Collie Club, Inc.
Nipon Pongprueksa
John C. & Constance J. Quillinan
Sally Richardson
Mary & Rose Robischon
Karl & Pat Rosenbaum
A. David & Patricia A. Russell
Sylvia G. Sippel
Carol A. & Donato T. Soranno
South Jersey Collie Club
Terhune Sunnybank Memorial
Susan J. Torkelson
Harold & Patricia Warren
Kelly L. Wheeler
Candace Wisnieski
Rachel, Anthony & Patricia Anstett
Anthony & Dena Barcellona
Suzanne Benchoff & Dennis Cronin
BiBi Bennett & Richard Hand
Sandra L. Wrenn
Mary Jane & Timothy L. Anderson
Ann & Jim Boles
Dr. Cindi Bossart & James Efron
Robert & Elaine Boydston
Brian & Michele Brane
Virdette L. Brumm
Leslie Butler
Patricia F. & Allyson Caldwell
Mary Callaham
Barbara & Will Cleek
Thomas & Jane H. Clymer
Collie Club of Maine
Neal & Frances Current
Robert N. & Gail P. Currie
Stuart Cypen & Susan Winn
Paul & Donna Darland
Kenneth & Helen Dombeck
Dennis & Joanne Drosky
Howard A. Dullnig
Russell W. Dyke & Julie Hinnzhsen
Dennis R. & Carol F. Elliott
Anthony & Diane Fanelli
Fred F. & Rita A. Figg
Corinne & Lawrence Finckenor
Marcy & Mike Fine
Steve & Lisa Finken
Chandra & Michael Flaim
Susan T. Floyd VMD & Scott E. Perkin Dr. Joseph & Pearl Friedman
Gail Garman
Dr. Robert & Janice Geller
Erin & Adam Gorney
Samuel J. & Beverly J. Hall
Sandra R. & Margaret Haney
Donald G. & Suzanne E. Hardy
Leslie & Al Hernandez
Robert & Janet Hill
Beverly & David Hirt
William H.& Janet N. Holbrook
Bernard J. & Phyllis Howard
Gerald & Nancy Hvinden
Daniel & Mary D. Jackson
Donald & Leslie Jeszewski
Robette G. & Stephen M. Johns
David & Mary Elizabeth Jones
Karen & Gary Jordan
Helen M. & Lane J. Kamhi
Gayle & Don Kaye
Robert W. Kelly
Martin E. & Joan E. Kirkland
James S. & Irene C. Lackman
John & Linda Lanham
Cal & Mary Lemon
Lawrence & Carmen Leonard
Stephen & Nancy Machinton
Jeffrey A. & Catherine M. McWhirter
Stephen & Diane Mierz
Annette & Ed Miller
Alicia & Thomas Moore
Janet Morley
Robert A. & Lynn Y. Myers
Neil & Reva Neideck
Julie Niemeyer
Anthony M. & Mary E. Olheiser
Dr. Mark R. & Susan M. Orner
Robert & Marion Otteraaen
Russell & Catherine Petter
John & Jane Powers
Frances L. Preston
Kathleen & Joey Price
Daemeon & Billie Reiydelle
Clayton K. & Tammy Russell Rice
Deborah Ricketts & Fred Caruso
Julia W. Ritchie & Leila F. Wachtel
Judi M. Roller
Timothy & Lisa Root
Lisa E. Schmidt
Martin & Barbara Schwartz
Fred & Virginia Shafer
Robert & L. June Shuldes
Deb & Scout Smith
James R. & Judith H. Smotrel
South Bay Collie Fanciers, Inc.
Southern California Collie Club
St. Louis Collie Club
Richard L. & Mary G. StClair
Felicia Sternbach & the "Renaissance" Duane & Melinda Sunnarborg
Doreen & John Thomas
Gregory & Wanda Timme
Lawrence S. & Theresa M. Uzelac
Maurice & Lusanna Vaughan
Linda & Mike Vena
James C. & Margaret I. Vohr
Linda Marie & Tanya A. Ward
Virginia A. & John E. White
Yvonne Evans Wynn & Mitch Wynn
Andrew & Linda Zeswitz
Membership 2010
Kimiko Abematsu
Melanie E. Adkins
Loretta Allen
Lilyan Allison
Ruth Anderson
Joan Armitage
Connie Armitage
JoAnn Arseneault
Phyllis A. Autrey
Ruth L. Ayres
Pattrick W. Bahr
Antoinette J. Bailey
Beverly A. Bain
Jayne Bakken
Deanne Balutis
Betty B. Baril
Laura (Mike) Barnes
Rebecca Myers Barth
Janet Baynton
Peggy E. Beattie
Deborah K. Bell
Judith R. Belluomini
Kathryn Bennett
Joan Berfield
Nancy J. Berg
Marcia G. Berg
Lorraine Perry Bertagni
Sandra Bishop
Patricia Blakely
Jeanine Blaner
Maureen Bonham
Dorothy V. Boulin
Colleen Bowden
Lori L. Bowles
Janet Boynton
Betsy Bradshaw
Chenoa C. Braucher
Heidi Braun
Wendy Brown
Pamela Brown
Judith A. Bryant
Wanda Cable
Christine T. Camann
Helen L. Campbell
Leslie Canavan
Susan S. Carbee
Christine Carilli
Leisa Chapple
David Clarke
Janice Coak
Ruth Coates
Pamela Cockrell
Linda Colelli
Carol Ann Coleman
Nanette Colwell
Ann M. Comfort
Nancy Comparato
Hannah H. Cook
Helen M. Cornio
Denise Costanten
Janice Cox
Nancy Craig
William Crawford
Barbara Cudzynowski
Judith G. Cummings
Debbie Dannelly
Peggy J. Darington
Clifford Darley
Betty Davis
Jean P. DeGruchy
Katherine DelGrosso
Babbi Dilbeck
Marlene Doherr
Cindy Doleshek
Audrey Drozek
Roz Durham
Christina Durre
Patricia K. Edwards
Denise Erger
Joseph Esch
Michelle Esch
George F.J. Estock
Angela A. Evers
Carol Fabeck
Julie Fait
Carol Stone Farrar
Nannette Forrest
Diana L. Fors
Helene Forthal
Jacqueline B. Francesconi
Mary Franden
Deborah Franks
Trudi Franzel
Anita A. Gaeta
Virginia Perry Gardiner
William Garland
Tim Garrison
Barbara Gaster
Doris V. Gaume
Kathy Gaume
Adele C. Gay
P. Elena Geldkop
Darlene C. Gilbert
Patricia Gilbert, DVM
Angela M. Gillespie
Therese Gilmore
Ann Gobeski
Bernice J. Goldstein
Patsy Gordon
Richard F. Greathouse, M.D.
Lynn H. Green
Laurie Jeff Greer
Jeanne Gregory
Maret Halinen
Edna M. Haller
Jean Gauchat- Hargis
Linda Marie Hash
Janet Hedrick
Mary F. Heeney
Rayleen A. Hendrix
Sheryl Henry
Cheryl Hess
Gail A. Hetzel
Margaret Heywood
Harriette S. Hickle
Janet R. Hitt
Sharon Hoenig
Martha E. Hoffman
Joan S. Hogan
Debbie Holland
Gayle Horrell
Margaret Louise (Peggy) Howard
Jo Ann Howe
Jane Howells
Joanne Huff
Conlon Hukill
Mary E. Hunter
Christine Inouye
Karen Jahnig
Joan Johnson
Karin L. Johnson
Nancy C. July
Patricia A. Jung
Lenore Juram
Sally Kaczmar
Sue Kennedy
Kay A. Kerns
Judith D. Kirkeby
Sandra L. Kirsch
Nancy A. Kluesner
Audrey Koble
Eva-Maria Kraemer
Gloria G. Krakow
Suzanne Kuechenmeister
Judith M. Kuhn
Theresa M. Kuhn
Diane M. Kwiatkowski
Laura LaBounty
Laura M. LaCongo
Gail A. LaMagdelaine
Carol Lariviere
Susan Larson
Linda Latimer
Gloria Laube
Nancy R. Lawrence
Vicky A. Lee
Gordon Lee
Mary Lenertz
Barbara K. Lennie
Lisa Ann Lepera
Carol A. Lieberman
Barbara A. Linder
Barbara K. Lindner
Armand Lubatty
Heather Luster
Rachel Lynch
Dorcas MacClintock
Maine Pet Service
Cheryl A. Mantel
Marie A. Markovich
Kristina Thomas Marshall
Susan Larsen Martin
Faith A. Martin
Sharon L. Mayes
Barbara P. McCampbell
Lorrie S. McCarthy
Nancy McDonald
Juanita McGhee
Maureen E. McGrath
Kevin McKeon
Allene McKewen
Heidi M. Mendez
Dorothy Meyers
Marsha Milroy
Judith N. Mitchell
Sally Mobraaten
Sherel Money
Lori M. Montero
Thomas Montero
Frances H. (Dee) Montgomery
Betsy Susan Morgan
Ann Griffith Morris
Marilyn Mothersell
William N. Moyers, Sr.
Mary Mulhern
Joan-Ann Ryan Murphy
Kyle Musselman
Sondra Kay Myers
Dr. Gerard K. Nash
Kelly Neeley
Nancy J. Noble
Northshield Collies
Mary Novocin
Gisele O'Leary
Eileen M. O'Mara
Gerrie D. Oliver
Kathleen Parker
Diane Parness
Nancy & Larry Parsons
Leonore Patten
Elizabeth Peplin
Amie Perez
Phillip A. Pilgram
Judith A. Porter
Maureen Prosniewski
Membership 2010
Donald F. Queen
Mona Ragan
Naomi Ragan
Kim Ragland
Donna Jean S. Rewt
Joyce K. Reynolds
Judy Ritner
Anne Robinson
Deborah R. Rogstad
Laura JN Romano
Shelley C. Roos
Patrice Veilleux Roth
Marguerite Roth
Alison Rubendall
Beverly Ruskey
Marlene J. Russell
Deborah Rymer
Theoni V. Veteran Salcedo
Sharon Samuelson
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Susan M. Sarna
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Elizabeth M. Smith
Margaret R. Smith
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Lorrie Spaans
Elizabeth (Tracy) Strother
Robin Borck Sturgis
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Rebecca L. Tehon
Cathy Telarico
Linda Thompson
Audrey A. Tilden
Bonnie Tovell
Linda F. Trujillo
Marlene M. Vachon
Deborah Valenti
Laurie B. Valentine
Nancy Van Note
Celia Van Voorhis
Jill Venturo
Lia Verniel
Brenda Walker
Janet Wall
Cecelia A. Walter
Jean A. Wasiak
Kathryn M. Weare
Susan Webber
Rebecca Wentworth
Patrick D. Wentworth
Doris Elaine Werdermann
Sharon Wilder
Patricia Wiles
Gail J. Wilkes
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Darlene Wimbrow
Deborah Wobeter
Cathy J. Wolf, DVM
Susan M. Wyglendowski
Joan M. Young
Louann Young
Lily Young
Linda K. Yuen
Ann T. Zimmerman
Frances Flaim
Joan Kelso
Tyler Orndorff
Bree Anne Ardizzone
******Reminder 2011 is the 25th anniversary of the Collie Health Foundation ******
The Foundation's goal is to have 1,000 members for our Quarter Century!
Apologies are owed to Linda Colelli for incorrectly listing her memorial donation in the last
newsletter and to Heather Luster for omitting her donation. Linda’s donation should have been
listed in memory of Sue Spiroff, her very good friend. Heather’s donation should have been listed in
honor of Renaire Collies for their help with her litter.
Grants, Grants,
The following grants were recently approved. The primary one with Clemson University is exciting for its
dual objectives of mapping the Collie genome, and ultimately identifying the hereditary source of dermatomyositis. Dr. Leigh Anne Clark has also been involved previously in CHF’s DM project at Texas A. & M.
Collie Whole-Genome Sequence And Genome-Wide Association Studies
Amount: $119,978
Researchers • Leigh Anne Clark, PhD • Research Institution/Affiliation: Clemson University
Description: "We propose herein to assemble full-genome, high-resolution sequence data using pooled
DNA from genetically diverse Collies. Completely sequencing the Collie genome will allow for the
identification of DNA sequence variations and other polymorphisms that make the breed unique. Increased
knowledge of genetic markers informative in the Collie will provide a vital resource to expedite future
research in the breed. Moreover, the inclusion of both dermatomyositis-affected and -clear Collies in the
sequence analysis will facilitate an extensive investigation of candidate genes for this disorder. To identify
genomic regions implicated in dermatomyositis, we also propose to use the Affymetrix canine array to carry
out a genome-wide association study. All data (e.g., sequence, genetic marker, etc.) generated in these
studies will be deposited into a database created for the Collie Health Foundation.
AKC/CHF grants paid by Collie Health Foundation donor-advised funds
Acorn grants:
01488A-Health Implications of Spay and Neuter: Goldens and Labs. $500.
Researcher(s) • Dr. Benjamin Hart, DVM, PhD
Breed(s) • Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever
Recent published studies have profiled several examples of adverse effects of the traditional spaying and
neutering procedures on different types of cancer and bone articular disorders in dogs. A markedly
increased risk of bone cancer (osteosarcoma), a blood system cancer (hemangiosarcoma) and the bone
articular disorder of cranial cruciate ligament deficiency, are among the most disturbing. While these
published studies focus on just one disease and one breed, or lump several breeds together for analyses, our
long-term goal is an epidemiological study examining all relevant disease syndromes with sufficient
prevalence, on a breed-by-breed basis, that may be increased or decreased by spay/neuter. This project
focuses primarily on the Golden Retriever and secondarily on the Labrador Retriever, using our extensive
hospital computerized database, for an analysis of several diseases. Our preliminary data indicate that hip
dysplasia in both breeds is increased by about 2-fold by neutering males and spaying females. This project
will complete our analysis of hip dysplasia, examining early versus later spay/neuter. Next, we will examine
the effects of spay/neuter on relevant disease syndromes of the Golden. For disease syndromes that show
trends, we will examine the same syndromes in Labs and pool data for significance testing. The goal is to
provide caregivers with the information they need to make the best choice for the long-term health of their
Full Grants
01272- Isolation and Characterization of Canine Induced Pluripotential Stem Cells. $2,500.
Researcher(s): • Dr. Jorge Piedrahita, PhD
Breed(s): • All Dogs
Background: Stem cells have tremendous promise to alleviate clinical conditions in dogs such as spinal cord
damage, hematopoietic malignancies, and cardiac and hepatic disease. While a range of adult stem cells have
been isolated and studied, most of these have a limited capacity to differentiate outside a living organism
and inside a living organism. Recently, approaches have been developed to convert differentiated cells into
cells resembling embryonic stem (ES) cells by the use of "reprogramming" factors. These cells referred to as
induced pluripotential stem cells (iPS) have the ability, like ES cell, to differentiate into multiple tissue types.
As virtually any cell can be converted to an iPS cell this means that it is now possible to isolate patientderived stem cells.
Objective: The researchers will utilize this technology for the development of canine iPS. Briefly, adipocytederived mesenchymal cells and keratinocytes will be transformed with the required reprogramming factors
and plated under a condition that allows development of iPS cells. Colonies will be selected, expanded, and
studied for their ability to differentiate outside a living organism into multiple tissue types. The development
of patient-specific pluripotential stem cells is a critical step toward the successful scientific application of this
promising technology.
01262-Sequencing And Functional Analysis Of The K9 Y Chromosome. $1,000.
Researcher(s): • Dr. William J. Murphy, PhD
Breed(s): • All Dogs
Background: Studies of the human and mouse Y chromosomes have shown they contain many testisspecific genes that, when defective, cause infertility and sperm abnormalities. The causes of male infertility
in dogs are not well known. Though a high quality draft genome sequence exists for the canine autosomes
and X chromosome, virtually nothing is known about the canine Y chromosome and the genes it harbors.
Objective: The researchers will use an existing map of the canine Y chromosome to generate a
comprehensive sequence of the chromosome, and explain the sequence for coding and non-coding potential
using cDNAs selected from a large number of canine tissues. The identification of a comprehensive set of
canine Y chromosome genes, their regulatory regions and noncoding RNAs will provide targets for
development of molecular diagnostic tests that examine the influence of these genetic elements on canine
male infertility as well as many other sexually dimorphic traits.
01248- Whole Genome Assoc Analysis For Cryptorchidism In Dogs. $1,000.
Researcher(s) • Dr. Max Rothschild, PhD
Breed(s) • Siberian Husky
Background: Cryptorchidism, or retained testicles, is one of the common congenital problems in dogs. The
testes of cryptorchids are more prone to testicular cancer and infertility. Therefore, cryptorchids and animals
carrying genes for cryptorchidism should be eliminated from the breeding population. Some evidence exists
to suggest that it appears to be a multigenic trait but single genes with large effects may exist. In earlier
studies, the researchers utilized a candidate gene approach using 50 polymorphisms (called SNPs) in 22
candidate genes and found that collagen 2A1 (COL2A1) was significantly associated with cryptorchidism in
Siberian Huskies. Now, they need to use the whole genome association analysis which typically provides
more comprehensive analyses of chromosomal regions associated with a particular trait. This will then allow
them to confirm previous findings or suggest other contributing regions or genes.
Objective: The researchers will utilize a new tool called the canine SNP chip which allows them to genotype
for over 200,000 genetic differences between affected and unaffected animals. All results will be published
and available freely to all dog breeders and they also aim to develop a test to remove the defect from the
01265 Understanding The Mechanism Involved In Canine Autoimmune And Inflammatory
Disorders. $2,500
Researcher(s) • Dr. Ronald Sluyter, Ph.D.
Breed(s) • All Dogs
Background: Autoimmune and inflammatory disorders have a major impact on the quality of life and
lifespan of dogs. Studies in humans show an important role for an immune cell molecule (termed P2X7) in
autoimmune and inflammatory disorders including inflammatory pain. P2X7 in these disorders has an ability
to cause the release of key molecules (termed interleukins) that drive immunity and inflammation. Thus,
P2X7 is attracting international interest as a therapeutic target in humans and currently undergoing clinical
trails in patients with autoimmune or inflammatory disorders. The researchers have recently identified P2X7
on immune cells from dogs. Objective: The researchers will study P2X7 on canine immune cells, and its role
in canine immunity and inflammation. They will also study the P2X7 gene in various dog breeds to
determine if P2X7 differs between breeds and whether these differences contribute to disease susceptibility.
New information about canine P2X7 will enable the use of currently available compounds and the
development of other compounds to target P2X7, and treat autoimmune and inflammatory disorders, as
well as inflammatory pain in dogs.
Dollars Making a Difference
Association Between The ABCB-1 (MDR-1) Gene And Seizure Control In Canine
Principal Investigator • Dr. Karen R. Muñana, North Carolina State University College of Veterinary
Funding: Collie Health Foundation
Medically refractory seizures are a significant problem in both human and canine epilepsy. Alterations in the
ABCB-1 (also known as the multidrug resistance or MDR-1) gene have been proposed to play a role in
drug-resistant epilepsy. The ABCB-1 mutation results in loss of function of p-glycoprotein, a protein
responsible for pumping compounds out of the brain. The aim of this study was to determine whether
differences in the ABCB-1 gene are associated with seizure control in canine epilepsy. Collies, a breed
known to have a high incidence of mutation of the ABCB-1 gene, were studied. Epileptic dogs with the
mutation were significantly more likely to have good seizure control and to be treated with fewer
antiepileptic medications than epileptic dogs that were carriers of the mutation or that had the normal
genotype. These findings suggest that p-glycoprotein may influence seizure severity in epileptic dogs.
Further study is needed to determine whether this is a manifestation of the initial seizure disorder or reflects
a response to treatment.
For further information, please contact [email protected]
Cathedral Of The Collie
The 14th Annual Gathering at Sunnybank – August 21-22, 2010
From the Internet – Interesting Facts About August 2010:
This August had 5 Sundays, 5 Mondays and 5 Tuesdays, all in one month. This only
happens once in 823 years and we’ll probably miss it next time!
This August also had another once in a lifetime experience - The Cathedral of the Collie. Hope you didn’t
miss it.
The day began with the ever popular Sunnybank Walking Tours. Terhune experts Judy Leathers/Donna
McCoy and Marilyn Horowitz/Kathy George teamed up to lead visitors around The Place while J’Aime
Crowley treated us to the sounds of Anice Terhune’s favorite songs accompanied by Susan Chandler on
With the tours complete, we gathered under the tent to marvel at the peace and tranquility of the
“cathedral” that is Sunnybank. Those magnificent larches stand like spires and the wind whistles through
them like a choir hymn. And what could have been more appropriate than to have Rev. Howard Ball begin
with a prayer to bless all those that travelled to Sunnybank and to watch over our weekend’s events.
Howard also shared his boyhood memories of Terhune and The Place.
Judy Leathers brought greetings from Claire Leishman who couldn’t be with us this year because she was
needed at home to care for her husband, John. It certainly wasn’t the same without her. Judy announced
the beauty of the Lily Pool has been restored thanks to the Terhune Sunnybank Memorial efforts and they
even added a bit of whimsy with a statue of Jack the Frog.
Barb Backer told us that she and her entire family came to Sunnybank often but especially at Thanksgiving.
Collie people have so much for which to be thankful.
Candy Wisnieski was responsible for this year’s theme when she described Sunnybank to collie newcomers.
She compared the soaring heights of the forest trees and the light sprinkling through as spiritual. Candy
emphasized the architectural similarities of Sunnybank with the book “Pillars of Europe” which described a
cathedral from nave to alter.
Kristina Marshall spoke of how so many pillars of the collie community were inspired by Albert Payson
Terhune’s books. Would you believe that the famous Silver Ho Parader’s call name was “Lad”? Yes, even
the great Steve Field was fascinated by the same stories we love and the dog heroes we adore. Terhune’s
influence spread to other great collie people such as Pat Starkweather, George Horn, Dorothy Long, Glen
Twiford, Janine Walker-Keith, and, frequent Gathering attendee, Debbie Holland, as well as collie fanciers
everywhere. In turn, these great breeders play a part in keeping the Sunnybank legends alive.
Kathy George, our theme designer of this year’s t-shirts, memo boards, programs and nametags, also took a
turn at the podium to reflect on the question of “Why do we keep coming back?” and the uniqueness of
Sunnybank to dog lovers.
Inspired by our theme, the Open Mike session brought heart-warming “confessions” shared by Gathering
regulars Diane Alagna, Johanna Lance, Mary Fenderson, Marilyn Horowitz and others.
Saturday afternoon offered a Micro Chip Clinic and an opportunity to obtain an AKC Canine Good Citizen
or a Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dog Certification by famed instructor and breeder of Silvercreek
Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, Joanne Silver. In addition, the Collie Club of Northern New Jersey hosted a Pet
First Aid course provided by the American Red Cross which was supported by a CHF Education Grant.
Throughout the weekend, CHF was also proudly represented by our Promotions Team, Pat Rosenbaum
and Brenda Walker. Auction Tables were manned by faithful Norman Markese and his assistants, Pati
Merrill, CCA Prez Bob Myers and devoted Gathering helper, Lynn Myers. Of course, CHF President,
Nancy McDonald was on hand to help out wherever needed. Nancy has never missed a Gathering yet!
Sunday morning brought a few tears and some serious raindrops to the bi-annual Collie Memorial. Sue
DeLorenzo organized everything and called the names of our fallen collie heroes as the bagpiper played and
the markers were placed on the hillside below Champion Rock.
With just a few breaks in the weather, the famous Virtues Match was held, hosted by collie expert, Royal
Rock’s Les Canavan. Profile, Skull, Muzzle, Expression, Outline, Front, Rear, Side Gait were explained and
judged by experts Val Geddes, Ingledene, (UK), Barb Linder, Donnybrook (PA) and Krista Hansen,
Camloch (NY). Our renowned local judges’ expertise was enhanced with the international flair.
Official Gathering photographer and special guest Judge Michael Rutkas officiated at the third annual
Gathering Juniors Match.
Patt Caldwell of Alaric (IL) and Jennifer Duhon Rutkas of Taliesen (IL) judged the entries in the much
acclaimed Lad of Sunnybank Memorial Match. Unfortunately the Cathedral of the Collie “baptism” late
that afternoon created a challenge for everyone but the puppies splashed on. Both judges good-naturedly
and undeterred by two inch puddles judged in their bare feet!
Watch for official results and photos of all the winners in the next Collie Expressions.
Blessings, confessions, spires, songs, inspiration and even a baptism completed the Cathedral of the Collie
weekend. It truly was a once in a lifetime experience.
August 20 & 21, 2011 – DON’T MISS IT NEXT TIME!
Gerrie Oliver
(aka The Madam)
Emergency Bloat Kit Available!
The Collie Health Foundation is proud to offer a "Bloat Kit" to help you protect your Collie from avoidable distress
while you make arrangements to get him profession help! Designed and outfitted by Veterinarian Dr. Cindi Bossart,
knowing how to use this kit while you wait for emergency help, can save the lives of your Collies!
$25 (includes S/H) - checks payable to CHF
All Profits from the sale of this kit go toward funding CHF projects to eliminate genetic defects in Collies!
Order From:
Brenda Walker
17027 Waterfall Rd.
Haymarket, VA 20169
703-754-2569/[email protected]
Bloat Kit Contents:
1. Foal tube
2. K-Y jelly
3. 4" Vet wrap
4. 14g x 1-1/2 needle
5. Simethicone Liquid (Gas-X)**
(**not included--please purchase at your local pharmacy)
Please Note: complete instructions are included, including photos
new member OR
renewal membership
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Sustaining Membership
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Getting to Know You
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Send your check (US funds only), payable to Collie Health Foundation or CHF to:
Nancy Van Note – CHF Membership
827 Bowman Road
Jackson, NJ 08527-3553
[email protected]
Contributions are tax deductible in accordance with IRS regulations.
Do your or your spouse work for a matching gift company? Some companies will match gifts of employees and/or
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