March 2012 - Elk Meadows Assisted Living



March 2012 - Elk Meadows Assisted Living
Elk Meadows
Summit County’s Premier Assisted Living Facility
4200 North 400 West P.O. Box 280
Oakley, Utah 84055
March 2012
News from the Meadows
“The ides of March are come.”
William Shakespeare
A Visit from George & Abe
President George Washington & Abe Lincoln
On Presidents Day the residents of Elk
Meadows were honored to be visited by none
other than some famous presidents, George
Washington and Abraham Lincoln. This was a
very special day for us and one we will remember
for a long time!
February Highlights
Groundhog Day, Chocolate Lover’s Day,
Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, Fairy Tale Day,
Snack Food Day, & Leap Year Day were all
special days that were celebrated during the
month of February.
Valentine Decorations for our building
were made and hung such as Valentine banners,
window decorations, & door decorations. We also
made hair bows, shabby book stacks, tied a quilt,
mended clothes and bibs, baked cookies, made
flour stress balls, & designed color chip artwork.
Monday is Senior Citizens, Tuesday
Porter the Therapy Dog visits in the morning and
then in the afternoon Jennie Phillips entertains us
with her beautiful singing and guitar, Wednesday
is out to Lunch Bunch, Friday is Bingo which is
called by Ed Sorenson and then Charlie
entertains us on the Piano. We have a lot of
opportunities to go out and a lot of fun things
happening in our building. Thanks to everyone
who makes this happen!
Heart door hangers
March Birthdays
Stacy Mellen- 2nd
Ruth Tuttle- 5th
Danny Thomas- 10th
Monkey Eubanks- 13th
April Schroeder- 22nd
DeAnne Crowe- 22nd
Allison Thompson- 24th
Krystal Nielsen- 29th
Colleen Sargent-29th
Elk Meadow’s
News from the Meadows
March 2012
New Employees
Elk Meadow’s would like to introduce
you to several new employees:
Heidi Rees, Kelli Peterson, Kendell
Wilde, Brittany Preator, & JaNae
Montgomery are new CNA’s.
Brandon Griffis & Sue Trivett are
new to our Dietary Department.
We would like to welcome them as
members of our staff, and are excited to
have them join our team!
Employee of the Month
April Schroeder
The residents listening to Tuesday music
April is one of Elk Meadow’s CNA’s.
She does an exceptional job, cares about
the residents, and the residents love her
dearly. April devotes her entire time to the
residents and makes sure everyone is taken
care of and happy.
April is also a great team member
and co-worker. She is always willing to
lend a helping hand or pick up an extra
shift when needed.
Elk Meadows is very lucky to have
April as part of our team and would like
to thank her for all of her hard work and
April Schroeder with Grandpa Lynn
great attitude!
For those of you, who receive this via snail mail, if
you would prefer to receive via e-mail like 80% of
our resident’s families do, please drop an
e-mail to Verlene at [email protected] informing her
of your e-mail address and any other family
member’s e-mail address that may want to receive
our monthly newsletter! Thanks
The only way to keep your health is to
eat what you don't want, drink what you
don't like, and do what you'd rather not.
-Mark Twain-
Fun Photos
Solveig tying a flannel blanket
Kimi enjoying her birthday
Bingo an all-time favorite
Alice enjoying a warm homemade cookie
Johnnie with his famous smile on!
Elk Meadow’s
News from the Meadows
March 2012
"St. Patrick's Day is here, you see.
We'll pick some shamrocks, one, two, three.
We'll count the leaves and look them over,
And maybe find a four-leafed clover.
I'll sew green buttons on my vest,
Green for St. Patrick is the best.
I'll wear a green hat, very high,
And dance a jig--at least I'll try!"
- Author Unknown
Elk Meadows Assisted Living
Summit County’s Premier Assisted Living Facility
P.O. Box 280
4200 North 400 West
Oakley, Utah 84055

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