Toplite EOS


Toplite EOS
Toplite EOS
Technical Specifications
Spatial coverage
4-axis gimbals
Azimuth: 360° continuous or ±165°
Elevation: -85° to +35° or +85° to -35°
Slew rate
Up to 90°/sec
LOS acceleration
Up to 100°/sec2
LOS stabilization
Better (less) than 30 µrad on a maneuvering helicopter in flight
LOS angular report accuracy
0.7 mrad
Physical Dimensions
Turret size
Total system weight
(H x Dia.) 662 mm (594 mm from mounting surface) x 406 mm
59 kg
Day camera
Various day color cameras with different telescopes and continuous zoom
Laser range finder (LRF)
1.54 µm
Laser marker
NVG compatible
0.808 µm
Laser designator and range
finder (eye safe)
Toplite III - dual band SDRL 1.06/1.57 µm
Advanced auto-tracker
Multi-target tracker in Toplite III
Power consumption
Average 300 W (350 Wmax, 550 Wmax with SDRL), 28 VDC
Communication standards
Video standard
Single connector
1553 Mux-bus, RS 422, ethernet
128 pins
Toplite EOS
Electro-Optical Surveillance, Observation & Targeting System
Enhance your vision….improve your awareness
In Air
Radar, navigation systems (INS, GPS), FCS, digital moving maps, weapon
stations, C2 systems
Thermal Imager
Toplite II
Toplite III
3rd generation 3-5 µ FPA
320 x 240 pixels
640 x 480 pixels
FOV (all auto focus) NFOV
1.3° x 1.0°
4.6° x 3.5°
24° x 18°
1° x 0.77°
4.4° x 3.3°
24° x 18°
8-12 µ
2nd generation 240x2
Courtesy of Austal Ships
Interfaces to
At Sea
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On Land
The Toplite Family
Toplite for Airborne Applications
The highly stabilized Toplite uses
a wide array of sensors, including
laser designation, enabling
extensive airborne combat when
combined with precision weapon
The Toplite family of electro-optic
systems is an advanced multisensor, multi-purpose, highly
stabilized EO system for homeland
security and defense applications.
It is used as a surveillance,
reconnaissance and weapon
direction system.
Mature, proven and fielded, the
Toplite EOS, incorporates up to five
sensors for detection, identification
and targeting. The turret is a sealed
and single LRU which contains
the sensors, the electronic section
including the advanced tracker
and the stabilization sub-system.
The Toplite enables automatic or
manual scene monitoring and
investigation using its advanced
control unit.
The Toplite EOS is derived from the
Litening targeting and navigation
pod and therefore enjoys all the
latest developments made for the
world’s leading targeting system.
The Toplite EOS features an
extensive growth potential, which
will enable its utilization for many
years in the changing operational
environment. This growth potential
will be realized in advanced sensor
integration and unique image
enhancement techniques.
Search & Rescue (SAR)
operation capability
O-level maintenance-free
concept, high MTBF and overall
low life cycle cost
On the ground, the Toplite EOS is
used for reconnaissance missions
Cost-effective - Common
maintenance center for all
Toplites regardless of application
detection and super-resolution
(Improved digital zoom), as well
as digital image stabilization,
obstacle avoidance display,
turbulence compensation, singlecamera stereoscopic video display
and passive/active coordinate
Transport and utility aircraft
Extends Toplite EOS
performance beyond physical
Improves mission planning and
Toplite’s unique design, high
performance, advanced tracking
Typical Platforms
on manned and unmanned
vehicles, border protection,
strategic facility protection and
as a system for identification /
verification of potential targets or
Reconnaissance & surveillance
Toplite EOS is able to identify a
threat and then slave other systems
(C2, radar, EW, weapon stations)
to its location for appropriate
response. Toplite and the image
processing package provide
exceptional situational awareness
for operational forces.
Toplite for Maritime Applications
The Toplite EOS serves as a main
electro-optical observation,
surveillance and identification
system as well as an advanced
targeting system for small attack
boats through USVs and up to
aircraft carriers in navies and
maritime forces around the world.
Enables Situational Awareness
Surveillance and reconnaissance
Toplite for Ground Applications
Easily installed onto a variety of
Helicopters: SAR, attack, utility
When mounted on low-flying
Simple integration to other
combat systems
Dramatically improves decision
making and reaction time
Rafael is a world leader in the field
of image processing. Its extensive
image processing capabilities
provide added value to the Toplite
EOS system. They include: Real
Time (RT) live video mosaic,
RT panorama construction,
orientation within the panoramic
view, automatic moving-target
The system can be provided in a
stand alone mode or integrated
into the aircraft avionics. A moving
map and data-link are provided as
options for higher level of operation
and command and control.
The Toplite EOS is currently
operational in more than 20
countries in all branches of the
armed forces.
Toplite and Image Processing Capabilities
aircraft and combined with image
enhancement application, the
system increases crew safety due
to its unique obstacle avoidance
algorithms which are built into the
s/w package.
Typical Platforms
especially designed for the naval
environment and system robustness
provide excellent reliability,
exceptional MTBF and a
high performance EO system.
Combat vehicles
Air defense systems
Stationary posts
Typical Platforms
Small attack craft
Patrol boats
Naval/costal vessels of all kinds
Harbor and maritime police