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EOS supports management
and monitoring oriented businesses
Case study
European leader of industrial
and commercial vehicle rental with
some 53,000 vehicles and a
turnover of 800 millions euros.
The above all a services group with the largest network in Europe. For more
than 60 years the company has been a dedicated strategic partner that
satisfies its customers’ short, medium and long-term management and use of
transport and distribution vehicles.
FRAIKIN selected EOS for z/OS to answer its electronic report
distribution needs. Today the central departments and the regional units
of the FRAIKIN Group make daily use of EOS services. EOS is now a
fully integrated part of the company’s IT infrastructure and its
deployment will continue in order to support internal management and
monitoring activities at the FRAIKIN Group.
The challenge
Functionality meeting business needs
FRAIKIN was looking for a flexible and robust solution for optimising the distribution of electronic reports with the initial
objective of providing better quality internal services. The solution would have to handle not only a large volume of
reports, but also their distribution to the different departments at the head office and to the regional units and local
agencies. EOS (Enterprise Output System) not only satisfied these basic requirements, it also offered the appropriate level
of functionality that satisfied the production constraints and the need for the project to evolve:
• fully automated production
• administrative requirements reduced to a minimum
• ability to provide distribution that respected the organisation of the company
• capable of sending reports in a format that suits the end user’s needs
• consultation via Internet Explorer
• indexation (Table of contents) and extended search functions included in the Thin Client interface
• replacement of microfiche archiving method
“The possibilities for automating processes in EOS allowed us to make savings whilst improving
the quality of services, so we only spend a half day a month on EOS administration.”
- Olivier Le Roi, Head of production, FRAIKIN
The scope
Automating availability of electronic reports
The project for supplying electronic reports in line format or PDF was launched in 2002. The goal was to find a solution
that would eliminate the monthly manual distribution of around 10,000 reports between the central departments,
regional units and agencies.
Around 800 users receive their statements through the EOS Thin Client interface. These users are mainly the financial
management department (central and local), the equipment department and the insurance departments (claim
management), as well as IT production which receives the daily reports it requires.
The breakdown is based on dynamic segmentation using information available in the technical lines of the reports. The
EOS Thin Client was seamlessly implemented in the FRAIKIN environment.
The solution
EOS: a keystone to support businesses
The central, regional and local departments of FRAIKIN need EOS mainly to work with the reports produced by the
different applications. Due to their immediate availability and the fine detail of the filtering rules, each user receives only
the information required: operating accounts, customer invoices, lists of claims and orders (equipment) at agency level,
consolidated or specific statements at regional or central company level.
The information produced is also delivered in a format that suits its usage and business purpose. EOS has now become an
essential element for an efficient process of management and control operations. The financial departments use mainly
the export function to exploit directly the content of the reports in a spreadsheet application.
“Not only is the information immediately available, but since we have had the EOS Thin Client,
we process twice the volume of information.”
- Pierre Vivarez
IT Production
for z/OS
Job log Reports
VTAM access
EOS Thin Client access
for Thin client
EOS Thin Client access
Windows Tomcat
Regional units
Central Depts
Local agencies
Citrix workstations
EOS Thin client access
Citrix workstations
The results
EOS added value
The production department particularly appreciates the automation options and the very low administration needs of
EOS. Users were immediately attracted to the user-friendly interface that integrates naturally into their workspace, and by
the functionality provided (search, export, etc.).
Today the FRAIKIN Group confirms that the introduction of EOS has generated major savings (paper,
printer maintenance, sending costs, etc.) in the order of several hundred thousand euros a year. | [email protected]
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