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the PDF - Maxim Crane Works
The X Factor: Maxim’s 31000
A Call to Sea
Mercedes Benz Stadium
Norwegian Cruise Lines
Start Your Engines
Maxim’s Inside Scoop
Indianapolis 500
Heavy Haul and Rigging Week
Vol. 1 2016
Panda Stonewall Power Project
The Panda Stonewall Power Project is a clean,
natural gas-fueled 778 megawatt combinedcycle generating station that is planned to take
thirty months to construct. The project is taking place four miles south of Leesburg, VA and
occupying 101 acres of land. Once built, the
plant is expected to supply the power needs
of up to 778,000 homes and to significantly
contribute to the area’s economy. Panda Power
Funds’ partners in the Stonewall project include: Bechtel Development, a subsidiary of the
Bechtel Corporation, and the project’s original
developer, Green Energy Partners/Stonewall. It
is anticipated that the project will be substantially completed by the year 2017.
Stonewall Power Plant Facility Highlights
The Stonewall Generating Station is located in
an industrial zone near Leesburg, VA. It is expected to use treated wastewater for cooling
purposes, and to not return wastewater to a
treatment facility; preventing the discharge
of harmful nutrients into the Potomac River
and Chesapeake Bay watershed. It will not use
potable water for cooling purposes, therefore,
conserving Virginia’s natural supply of drinking
water. It is predicted the station will generate
an estimated $20 million per year in direct
and indirect spending, increase the tax base,
and provide considerable annual revenue
to the Town of Leesburg for the purchase of
wastewater. Utilizing the most advanced emissions-control technology, makes it one of the
cleanest natural gas-fueled power plants in the
United States.
Maxim has14 Units on site;
Unit #
Link-Belt RTC8090 II
Manitowoc 999 S3
Link-Belt LS-248H5
Grove RT765E
Link-Belt 218HSL
Manitowoc 18000 W/Luffer CC
Manitowoc 999 S3
Grove RT765E-2
Grove RT765E
Galion 150F
Grove YB5515 Carry Deck CD
Manitowoc 999 S3
Manitowoc 999
Grove RT650E
Northeast Spotlight
275 ton Crane moving Patterson Drilling’s Rig in WV. The load on the hook was the catwalk, which weighs
approximately 75,000 lbs and feeds the drill pipe to the rig from the ground.
A Manitowoc 2250 in demolition of Penn Towers in
University City, Philadelphia, PA, making way for the
new 21 story Penn First Hospital.
Unit # 2904, a Grove GMK5240 works on the installation
of isolated phase bus and bus steel bridge at Hudson
Generating Station, Jersey City, NJ.
Vol. 1 2016
Two Grove 90 ton rough terrain cranes lift a
60,000 lb gas buster at an energy transfer location
in Pennsylvania.
Maxim’s superstar services were needed when
hauling the Manitowoc 31000 to Georgia for
the currently underway Mercedes Benz Stadium project. “With Maxim Crane Works’ coast-tocoast footprint, it is only natural for the largest
crane company in the nation to have one of the
largest cranes in the country,” said Southeast
Regional President Alan Ashlock. “Its Variable
Position Counterweight system and trunnion-mounted crawlers required no ground
preparation, causing it to outshine other cranes
for the job and work within an area that no
other crane could compete,” he continued.“
The Maxim team looks forward to the project’s
continued success.
The X Factor: Maxim’s 31000 & Mercedes Benz Stadium
(Left and Above) Maxim’s Manitowoc 31,000, lifting
capacity 2,535 tons. There are only two of these cranes
in the world.
Maxim Crane was honored with the Sub Contractor
of the Month on the project in March of 2015, a
special honor for a crane company to receive.
Centering Florida’s Commercial Boom
As the commercial infrastructure market continues to grow, Maxim Crane Works is on the
forefront deploying 41 tower cranes across
South Florida. Maxim Crane is on mixed-use
development projects including Park Grove,
Paraiso Bay, the SLS Lux Hotel and Residences, and recently finishing Brickell City Centre,
which included eleven tower cranes centered
within three city blocks. Maxim coordinated
with project engineers to develop complex,
engineered solutions, and provided all of the
operators for the multiple shift project.
Maxim is providing crane and heavy haul support for the renovation of Sun Life Stadium,
home of NFL’s Miami Dolphins. Maxim Crane
has nine crawler cranes including: four
Manitowoc 18000s with maxer and one new
Manitowoc MLC650 working on the project.
Maxim was instrumental in designing a comprehensive plan to coordinate the heavy haul
logistics and multi-crane package. The team
provided a 21 line Goldhofer set up and several hundred specialty stools to help with the
fabrication, stabilization and transport of every
roof component, as well as the scoreboard from
the lay down yard to the heavy lift cranes on
site. Frank Bardonaro, President of Sales stated,
“Our heavy haul division enables the recently
expanded Maxim team to provide a true onestop shop for our customers throughout the
nation.” Maxim Crane plans to further expand
their heavy haul fleet to provide more turnkey projects nationwide, Bardonaro explained.
Maxim Crane is optimistic about the future
of commercial construction in Florida. Alan
(Above) Utilizing the Dual Lane 21 line Goldhofer to
move 540,000 pound scoreboard at Sunlife Stadium
in Miami FL.
Ashlock, President of the Southeast region,
says “The growth in South Florida has been
outstanding and I am excited for what the future holds and how Maxim Crane Works can
continue to support this increased development across the state.”
Florida Transformer Heavy Haul & Lift
Maxim Crane Works embarked on a job to load,
transport, and set a 360,000 pound transformer in central Florida. The transformer was
located in a power plant, and needed to be
moved 50 miles away to a substation. Firstly,
the transformer was loaded onto to a TrailKing
perimeter beam, dual lane transport. Moreover, the Maxim team used it’s 700 ton gantry
system, designed and built by J&R Engineering
with header beams fifty feet tall and 150 ton
power links, for loading the transformer. Two
legs of the gantry system were set up on one
end of the transformer, and the other set were
about 45 feet away in the other direction. This
was to accommodate the large TrailKing trailer
during the loading process of the transformer.
As seen in the picture, the gantry system lifted the transformer and set it onto the TrailKing
trailer to be hauled to the substation lay-down
yard. The 700 ton gantries were set up again
to transverse the transformer onto a Goldhofer
trailer. The Goldhofer trailer was used to move
within the substation, because of the compactness of the surrounding area. Once the
transformer was near the final set pads, J&R
Engineering’s 500 ton gantry system was used
to unload the transformer and set it onto the
foundation pad.
Vol. 1 2016
Central Region’s Safety Culture Philosophy
Over the years, Maxim Crane established a
distinguishing safety culture as opposed to
a safety program. Maxim Crane’s success derives from the embodiment of a culture that
entails decisive decision making while on job
sites. Therefore, it is Maxim Crane’s highest
priority to ensure the safety of our workers on
a regular basis.
mance. Safety is personal and must be administered on a personal level. The employees
in the field must realize that making the
choice to work safely is an obligation to their
families. They have responsibilities to their
families, co-workers, and to the company to
exercise their authority to stop any unsafe act
or situation. It is the expectation of Maxim
Crane Works for every employee to go home
safe at the end of every shift. Randy Johnston,
President of Maxim’s Central Region, stated
that “99.99% is not good enough with the association of personal safety. Perfection is the
only thing that is acceptable, and I will not accept anything less.”
Maxim Crane Safety has identified 5 contributing factors that in any combination of up to
all five, play a part in all incidents, including:
Rushing, Complacency, Fatigue, Frustration,
and Poor Communication. These are human
behaviors that can be eliminated with the
proper planning. The 2016 Central Region
Safety motto is “Plan While You Can,” because
every job begins with devising a plan. If each
person plans their work accordingly, we
can eliminate the five contributing factors
that play a major part in causing incidents.
Maxim Crane is diligent with developing a
prominent safety culture that set expectation
from our employees to stop unsafe situations.
With proper job planning, in conjunction with
a rigorous maintenance program that is followed, exceptional safety performance is what
we gain.
In the Central Region, Maxim Crane conveyed
the underlinings of the safety program, and
followed up with our employees to assure
their understanding of the responsibility
they obtain to prevent any unsafe situations
without any negative fallout. This idealistic
theory is backed by management at the highest level, and has led to stellar safety perfor-
Call to Sea: Norwegian
Cruise Lines
Maxim Crane was recently involved in providing crane assistance at the Bayport Cruise Terminal in Pasadena, TX. Norwegian Cruise Line
is planning to add scrubbers to the exhaust
system to make the ship, Norwegian Jade,
more eco-friendly. Maxim’s job involved setting stainless piping and steel structure, and
the removal of the old exhaust system. Over
the course of three months, we’ve visited the
dock ten times to continue working on the
project. With a minimal time frame between
docking and leaving, we would complete between 30-50 lifts while passengers would enter/exit the ship. Despite the ship’s schedule,
we are moving at a substantial speed that will
meet the project’s standards.
“Maxim Crane was instrumental in the fulfillment of Norwegian Cruise Line’s tight Logistic
requirements, providing support to the Exhaust
Gas Scrubbers project – Phase 1 consisting of
loading five new scrubber towers, each composed of 6 pieces, and removal of existing engines’ silencers. We are grateful of the cooperation we had from Maxim Crane.
Many thanks, 4
Giovanni Canu,
VP Technical Operations,
Norwegian Cruise Line“
Maxim Sponsors “Lift & Move USA”
The Central Division of Maxim Crane Works
sponsored a lunch for the “Lift & Move USA”
event in Chicago of last year. Students of local
high schools, community and technical colleges were sent to a local crane company to
learn about crane operations, rigging, transportation and mechanical aspects of the crane
industry. This event was created by Specialized
Carriers & Rigging Association (SC&RA) in
partnership with National Commission for the
Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) and
KHL Group (publishers of American Cranes &
Transport magazine) to solve the skills gap
within the crane, rigging and specialized
transportation industry.
All local crane companies were asked to sponsor different portions of the program. Maxim
Vol. 1 2016
Crane Works was presented the chance of cultivating the future workforce. We had operators,
riggers and mechanics on site to discuss any
questions with the 600
students who participated. The students were
allowed to climb into
the cabs of the equipment and watch others
demonstrate crane and
rigging operations. We
received good responses
from the students, and
expect to have some
candidates seeking employment return after
Off to the Races for the Indy 500
stallation of the car inside was completed by
employees of Indy Car and Dallara Racing. In
addition to our involvement, we are currently
working on the renovations of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (pictured right), utilizing
our New Link-Belt TCC 1400 Tele Crawler, LinkBelt RT80150, Link-Belt RT 80100, and Grove
GMK6250L. We are working with contractors
Hunt Construction, Renascent, Inc., Harmon
Steel and Millennium Steel in completing the
speedway on time for the 2016 Indy 500.
Midwest at a Glance
Maxim Crane Works is actively involved in preparing for the 100th anniversary of the Indianapolis 500. On February 19th, we were hired
by The Indy Car Experience to place the Indy
Car inside of the Indiana State House for an official media day celebration. Though there are
many local car manufacturers, it was said to be
the first time a car was placed in the house for
the ceremony. Maxim Crane’s Operators, Justin
Cochran and Scott Evans, used a Link-Belt HTC
8675 to complete the job. The rigging and in-
A New Family Member: Manitowoc MLC650
Maxim Cranes’ Manitowoc VPC family of cranes (MLC650 and MLC300)
change the game. The Variable Position Counterweight system minimizes the crane’s footprint for tight spaces and eliminates additional
ground preparation before lifts.
(Above) In downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, Maxim Crane is in partnership with
TWC Concrete Services and Al Neyer, a design build contractor to build a
17-story apartment tower in conjunction with a 6-story parking garage with a
new Terex CTT332 flat top tower crane.
Getting Ready for Summer Fun
at Cedar Point
Maxim’s Grove GMK6450 and Grove GMK5210 work on the 100,000 lb column to top
out the new coaster Valraven. Maxim has done all the parks ride work for the last three
years, working with Adena and Cedar Fair has been very rewarding.
One of our new Manitowoc MLC 650 Crawlers working for KBR at Ghent, KY
power plant .
Vol. 1 2016
West Region’s Program is a Top Priority
Maxim’s Manitowoc 999 crawler in demolition of a
hydrogen processing unit that was in close proximity
of multiple live units at Phillips 66 in Rodeo, CA.
Maxim Crane Works is the epitome of a crane
rental company leading the industry in workplace safety. In the last few years, our current
safety program has evolved into one of Maxim
Crane’s biggest successes. Before the introduction of Occupation Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), workplace safety wasn’t a top
priority. At the time, the objective in the construction industry was completing the project ahead of schedule while meeting budget.
However, throughout Maxim’s progression as a
company, we learned numerous safety aspects
that are prominent factors towards the security
of our employees.
Diligence and passion are the main ingredients to leading an efficient safety program. Its
effectiveness is a contributor to our success,
and essential towards the protection of our
employees. Our informative sessions include
both safety and site specific training. Though,
the most important lesson of training is not
learned in a classroom, but through experience
on job sites. Each employee is expected to familiarize and uphold to the safety standards
emplaced by employers of Maxim. It is our obligation to convey the severity of safety issues
to avoid careless mentalities and incidents.
Furthermore, this reinforces our employees of
their security and our appreciation for their
hard work.
As leaders in the construction industry, it is important to pioneer an appreciative attitude as
a safety professional. Moreover, engaging and
forming relationships with employees. While
doing a safety audit on site, take the initiative
to learn about your employees. Displaying
appreciation creates a personal bond, which
will motivate employees to perform their best.
Performance derives from motivation, and our
objective at Maxim is to motivate our employees to improve overall company performance.
Maxim Crane Works a leader in the construction industry with an efficient safety program.
Our success is a result of our active efforts in
building a program that ensures the security of
our employees. Learning to become passionate about safety by providing the necessary
training, and engaging with your employees
on job sites are the key factors in leading a
safety program. At Maxim Crane, our overall
objective is to make safety our top priority.
(Above) Railroad expansion project in Riverside,
California utilizing the Liebherr LTM 1220-5.2 for
Oldcastle Precast.
(Above) First stage erection of the Quarry Creek bridge
expansion in Carlesbad, California utilizing the
Liebherr LTM 1400-7.1 for Oldcastle Precast.
(Above) Rigging and Supervision crew for the Erection
(Above) Valero Refinery located in Northern California day of the newly acquired and first Wolffkran 700B
utilizing the Liebherr LTM 1200/1 with the Maxim Crane Luffing tower crane in the United States at 181 Fremont
Works specially designed counter-balance beam.
project in San Francisco, CA for Level 10 Construction.
Vol. 1 2016
(Above) Maxim Crane is recognized at the 2016 SCCA
awards dinner for having zero injuries in 2015.
Vice President Charlie Giovanni, Ops Manager Dennis
Collins and Salesman Jonathan Costa.
Heavy Haul and Rigging Week Workshops
locations, and educate the team about Maxim’s newest services. “This will enhance our
value to all of our loyal clients who may need
these services coupled with our extensive
crane services up to 2535 tons capacity,” stated Ashlock. The two ventured to
the Midwest the next day to further the
learning experience, and finished up in
the Northeast on the 17th.
A new year calls for company resolutions for
Maxim Crane Works. Last year, our diligent efforts were recognized for total company performance, and this year we are setting higher
expectations in safety performance, growth,
and productivity. It began with a commitment
to pioneer a positive safety culture, and expect
each employee to contribute. We received several different awards across all facets of our
day to day business, crane operations, safety
to rigging, and signal person safety to driving
performance to management of our environmental programs nationwide. These awards
exemplify the individual commitment from
each employee of the Maxim team. With 2,000
employees working 4 million labor hours and
driving over 12 million miles in one year, this
is quite an accomplishment. Thank you to you
and your families for your commitment to the
safest crane company in the industry.
Specialized Carrier & Rigging Association Awards
• 2015 Safety Improvement Award
• 2015 Overall Safety Award
• 2015 Fleet Safety Award
• 2015 Environmental Award
NCCCO Committed to Crane Safety Excellence Awards
• 2015 NCCCO Committed to Crane Safety Excellence Award for Certified Crane Operators
• 2015 NCCCO Committed to Crane Safety Excellence Award for Certified Signal Persons
• 2015 NCCCO Committed to Crane Safety Excellence Award for Certified Riggers
Maxim’s service department is working diligently to keep our equipment repaired and
maintained. As pictured right, Maxim Atlanta
repair and rebuild facility is tearing down and
repairing a Grove RT875E rough terrain crane
that came in from a long-term rental. The crane
will be serviced, given a multi-point inspection by our expert repair technicians, repaired
to meet manufacture specifications, painted
and then decaled. The service department’s
commitment to repairing and refurbishing
our cranes allows Maxim to provide customers
cranes that are reliable and perform on the job.
Optimal uptime is the expectation for Maxim’s
cranes, and our service department employs
technicians that receive repair and diagnostic
training direct from the manufacturers.
Maxim Crane adopted a “5 core value” program
in the service department that we use as a
guide for daily work scope. For example, right
is the lattice boom being prepped and painted
in our Atlanta paint facility. We regularly run
the lattice boom and tower sections through
Maxim Crane’s Service Department’s
Commitment to Excellence
our painting process to keep the components
free of rust. In addition, an HTC8660 Truck Crane
went through the painting and refurbishment
program at our Pompano Beach Florida location. Our 5 core values of service gives Maxim Crane the ability to deliver reliable, quality
equipment to our customers.
The five core values are:
nContinued painting of our equipment and
components to prevent structural deterioration
and provide clean and presentable machines
nRepairing leaks to keep our equipment free
from hydraulic and engine oil fluids
nMaintaining, repairing, and testing the safety systems on all cranes to ensure all safety
systems are in working order
nMaintaining, repairing, and testing the heating
and cooling systems on the cranes to ensure
proper operation
nKeeping the cabs of the cranes clean, free of
debris, and ensuring all safety and operational
decals are present
Maxim Crane Receives Multiple Safety Awards for 2015
On May 3rd, President of Southeast Alan Ashlock and Gulf Coast Manager John Boone made
their way to the Atlanta branch to host a Maxim’s Heavy Hauling and Rigging division introduction. Nine employees, including crane specialists and branch managers, in the southeast
region attended the training, and reported
that the session was an overall great learning
experience. The informative session included:
our Manitowoc 31000, Hydraulic Platform trailers (Goldhofer), 500 ton and 700 ton gantries,
jack and slide systems , and Trail King Dual Lane
200 ton trailer for the OTR loads. Their goal is to
gradually move across the nation to all Maxim
Our continuing commitment to world class
service starts with the basics of keeping our
equipment clean and in safe working order.
Vol. 1 2016
Maxim Crane’s Anniversaries
Legal Name
Garza, David
Perkins, Preston N.
Smith, Charles D.
Achord III, Richard P.
Conaway, Erica L.
Harmon, Rodney C.
Bradley, Russell G.
Johnston, Steven G.
Johnston, Christopher R.
Perez, Gary A.
Wieder, Nicole M.
Goff, Jenifer L.
Oberst, David C.
Schiller, Joshua
Driskill, Jerry T.
Camp, John M.
Length of Service
20 years
20 years
15 years
5 years
5 years
5 years
5 years
5 years
5 years
20 years
15 years
10 years
10 years
5 years
15 years
5 years
Legal Name
Lopez, Miguel A.
Wiseman, Orville L.
Heikkila, John C.
Fleckenstein, Robert J.
Regan, Edward J.
Rossi, Bethany L.
Creese, Jacob M.
Cox, Gregory A.
Gilman, Tracie R.
Zola, Robert E.
Gary A. Perez
Paul M Mastarone
CENTRAL (cont)
Baltimore, MD
Toll-Free: 800-533-8279
Indianapolis, IN
Toll-Free: 800-666-4465
Houston (Jacinto), TX
Toll-Free: 888-744-4764
Philadelphia, PA
Toll-Free: 800-458-8272
Louisville, KY
Toll-Free: 800-999-3588
LaPorte, TX
Toll-Free: 866-471-1766
Pittsburgh, PA
Toll-Free: 800-222-5438
Wilder, KY
Toll-Free: 800-766-9764
Port Lavaca, TX
Toll-Free: 800-538-3866
Williamsport, PA
Toll-Free: 877-629-5438
Dayton, OH
Toll-Free: 800-933-3439
Texas City, TX
Phone: 409-945-3471
Charleston (Nitro), WV
Toll-Free: 800-854-5438
Augusta, GA
Toll-Free: 800-722-9521
Lake Charles, LA
Toll-Free: 800-433-7898
Savannah, GA
Toll-Free: 800-967-4224
Austin, TX
Toll-Free: 800-626-1107
Charlotte, NC
Toll-Free: 888-848-5438
Beaumont, TX
Toll-Free: 800-234-1628
Columbia, SC
Toll-Free: 800-881-2106
Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
Toll-Free: 800-626-1107
Freeport, TX
Phone: 979-233-6361
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Toll-Free: 877-262-8271
Davenport, FL
Toll-Free: 800-368-8956
Miami, FL
Toll-Free: 877-262-8271
Orlando, FL
Toll-Free: 800-678-1369
5 years
5 years
25 years
20 years
20 years
15 years
5 years
10 years
5 years
5 years
Atlanta, GA
Toll-Free: 800-847-0064
Length Of Service
Phoenix, AZ
4545 West Van Buren
Phoenix, AZ 85043
Toll-Free: 800-969-4681
Long Beach, CA
1101 E. Spring St.
Long Beach, CA 90806
Toll-Free: 888-272-6374
Vice President IT
Corporate Controller
Come Visit Us at
September 26 - 29, 2016
Houston, TX
Booth #425
Breakbulk Americas is the largest exhibition
of its kind in the Americas, bringing top-tier
shippers together with breakbulk
and project cargo service providers.
Sacramento, CA
7512 Pacific Avenue
Pleasant Grove, CA 95668
Toll-Free: 888-880-0470
Stockton, CA
2373 Mariposa Road
Stockton, CA 95205
Toll-Free: 800-692-3715
September 21 - 23, 2016
National Harbor, MD
Gaylord National Harbor
Booth #36
Crane & Rigging Workshop
Orlando, FL
Toll-Free: 800-368-8956 Tampa, FL
Toll-Free: 800-368-8956
December 13 - 15, 2016
Orlando, FL
Orange County Convention Center
Booth #1235
The World’s Largest Power Generation Event
Maximum Uptime and Ultimate Risk Management
Maxim Crane Works,L.P. • 1225 Washington Pike
Bridgeville, PA 15017 • 412-504-0200 • Fax: 412-504-0126 1-877-MAX-L I F T 1-877-629-5438
Vol. 1 2016

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