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For Immediate Release
Contemporary Art Photography Specialist LUMAS Debuts Pop-Up Gallery in
Meatpacking District
Opens September 9, 2015 with Interactive Artist Happening by Joe McDermott
875 Washington Street, New York City
LUMAS, Flagship Gallery in Berlin
Joe McDermott, The Secret
New York, NY – (August, 17, 2015) – LUMAS, the Berlin-based contemporary photography portfolio
founded to offer affordable, museum-quality art to a wider audience will open a pop-up gallery in New York
City on September 9, 2015. The new temporary space, located at 875 Washington Street, will feature
works from over 200 renowned artists around the world in editions of 75 to 150.
SoHo has been home to LUMAS New York since 2006. This fall it will expand to the Meatpacking District to
showcase a large selection of its portfolio in a unique setting, where original art can easily be discovered,
experienced and acquired by collectors of all levels and ages.
“We are thrilled to expand our New York presence to the Meatpacking District this September," says Mark
Alexander Ullrich, Founder of LUMAS. “Visitors to the LUMAS pop-up gallery will have their choice from
over 300 affordably priced artist editions starting from just $100, making the works accessible on nearly any
Elements of LUMAS’ new interior design concept, The Collector’s Home, will be incorporated into the popup space, giving visitors the feeling of being in an art collector’s home. This concept, used by LUMAS in its
SoHo location and other galleries worldwide, helps to provide a clear understanding of how particular
photography may look in their own homes.
Since 2004, LUMAS has been making contemporary photography available to a broader audience of art
enthusiasts and young collectors – both online and in over 40 galleries around the world in cities including
Berlin, London, Paris, Vienna, Zurich, Moscow, Dubai and Vancouver. More than 1,800 works by 200
established artists and emerging newcomers deliver a comprehensive look into the contemporary art and
design scenes. The works are available as hand-signed originals in limited editions, usually of 75-150.
Established and emerging artists available in the LUMAS portfolio include Berenice Abbott, David Armstrong
Erwin Blumenfeld, Michel Comte, Andreas Feininger, Werner Herzog, Horst P. Horst, Alex Maclean, Edward
Steichen, and Bert Stern.
About the Artist
Joe McDermott follows in the footsteps of the comic artists of the 1950s and 1960s. Grand, emotional
gestures are McDermott’s style. The illustrator recreates aspects of interpersonal relationships through
exaggerated drawings with course, comic-like dot shading. “The Secret” pays homage to pop-art icon Roy
Liechtenstein that captivates with its graphic clarity. Between the woman’s pleading, yearning look and the
man’s inscrutable facial expression, it seems this couple is keeping the secret to themselves. It is only
through the images of Joe McDermott, inspired by comics and the Pop Art genre, that these otherwise
hidden emotions find their true expression.
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LUMAS has created a new space for art, which offers young collectors and all art-lovers a diverse selection
of works by over 200 established artists and emerging talents. With more than 40 galleries across the world
in Berlin, London, Paris, Vancouver, Vienna and Zurich more than 1,800 works are available as original
photographs in editions of 75 to 150. Signed by the artist, these editions enable LUMAS to offer art at
affordable prices, starting from just $100. LUMAS makes museum-quality art photography affordable for
everyone. For more information, please visit:
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