Vessel Gallery
‘Celebration at The Dorchester’
SBID International Design Awards 2014
Midas Jar by James Lethbridge
Vessel Gallery is based in Notting Hill, London and was founded in
1999 to represent British and international, emerging and established,
contemporary glass artists.
All pieces have been carefully edited to show an unparalleled selection
of contemporary design and craft. In addition to our represented and
permanent artists and brands is ‘Vessel Editions’, exclusive editions of
decorative artworks and lighting solutions for collectors, architects and
interior designers created in collaboration with studio glass artists, mostly
handcrafted in the UK.
Vessel also consults for interior and corporate projects, providing the
opportunity to have a truly bespoke service with unique works created
in dialogue with the client. The gallery is a valuable resource for artists,
museums and collectors. Numerous artworks have entered prestigious
public collections as a direct result of the Gallery’s exhibitions and
advocacy. For further information, availability and prices please contact:
Vessel Gallery
114 Kensington Park Road
W11 2PW
T: +44 (0)207 727 8001
E: [email protected]
Mariniere Vase by Heather Gillespie
Cristalline by Hanne Enemark
Purple Eye by George Papadopoulos
Wave Sculpture by Graham Muir
Soft Pots by Stewart Hearn
Birds by Bruce Marks
Maelstrom by Cathryn Shilling
Amber Cut Planet by Lena Bergstrom
Spirit Fruit Jeremy by Maxwell Wintrebert
Warp and Fade by Liam Reeves
Sway by Studio Strange
Madras XV by Ann Wahlstrom
Quand la Reine Part by Lise Gonthier
Vetro Mosaico Series by Scott Benefield
Orchid Mirror by Laura Hart
OverNight Collection by Odd Matter
Morning Glory by Amanda Brisbane
Amber Stitches by Baldwin and Guggisberg
Ducks by Christopher Ramsey
Ikkuna by Vidar Koksvik
Ogiva by Carlo Moretti
Candy Parrot by Ludvig Lofgren
Uovo Termit by Rony Plesl
Emotion Chakra by Katy Holford
Beacon I by Amanda J Simmons
The Encounter by Kelly Allsopp
Pin Bowl by Tavs Jorgensen
Cameo Dorchester Collection by Sarah Wiberley
India Stacking by Vessel Pia Wustenberg
Tall Flowers Group by Vivienne Foley
Panicum by Enemark & Thompson
Bloom Bowl by Wayne Charmer
System of DNA Markers Thermodynamic Hot by Louis Thompson

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