announcement 62. international Grotrian piano competition



announcement 62. international Grotrian piano competition
Creation and development of the
international GROTRIAN
Piano competition
Meanwhile, with more than 60 years of tradition, it is an
inseparable part of the musical life in Braunschweig. It is
about the international GROTRIAN Piano-competition
for children and adolescents which was launched in
1954 already. The aim of this competition was and is
to awaken joy in making music, to offer incentives and
finally to recognize outstanding talents and to promote
From the very beginning this competition was pathbreaking in its field, which is why in 1968 the experience
of the GROTRIAN competition was used to establish
the piano solo rating into the national contest „Jugend
Musiziert-Youth Plays Music“. Since that time, the cooperation between Regional Music Councils and piano
manufacturer GROTRIAN is strongly connected.
The next international GROTRIAN Piano -competition
for Children and Youth will be held in January 2017.
Many participants are expected from the USA, Asia,
Russia and the whole of Western Europe. They will measure themselves and use the competition as an additional
reputation within their pianistic vita. Winners get an
easier access to music colleges and even concert organizers know the skills of GROTRIAN piano competition
winners. The highlight of every competition weekend is
the final concert of the first prize winners in the big hall
of the State Theatre in Braunschweig.
Burkhard Stein
Liebhild Grotrian
The 62nd international GROTRIAN Piano competition
in 2017 will be held in cooperation with
the State Theatre Braunschweig and Brunswick Louis
Spohr Society.
The application documents and more information can
be found on our website:
In Honor of Clara Schumann
Selection of former first prize winners:
Andreas Bach, Markus Becker, Elisabeth Brauss,
Steffi Danschacher, Kivelli Dörken, Konstanze
Eickhorst, Bernd Goetzke, Julia Goldstein, Igor Levit,
Wolfgang Manz, Hans-Dieter Meyer-Moortgart,
Alice Sara Ott, Inge-Susann Römhild, Ilka Schibilak,
Ragna Schirmer, Lars Vogt, Hans-Christian Wille
Organized by
POB 5833
38049 Braunschweig / GERMANY
Tel.: 0531/210 10 0
Fax: 0531/210 10 40
[email protected]
From January 13th till 15th 2017
62nd International
Piano Competition 2017
in honor of Clara Schumann
Terms and Conditions
The participation is open to all children and young
people who are born on or after January 01, 1998 and
who are not in a professional musical training.
2. Program and audition time
Style periods are graded as follow:
Renaissance & early Barock ~ Music till app. 1650
Barock ~ Music till app. 1750
Early Classic & Classik ~ Music till app. 1820
Romantic & Impressionism* ~ Music till app. 1920
20th and 21st Century,
except Impressionism* ~ Music till app. 1910
1. Age groups
The scores are given in the following
different age levels:
Age group I
Participants up to 8 years, born in 2008 or later
Age group II
Participants from 9 till 10 years, born in 2006 or 2007
Age group III
Participants from 11 till 12 years, born in 2004 or 2005
Age group IV
Participants from 13 till 14 years, born in 2002 or 2003
Age group V
Participants from 15 till 16 years, born in 2000 or 2001
Age group VI
Participants from 17 till 18 years, born in 1998 or 1999
Date of the calculating of the age is the
1st of January 2017
*Under “Impressionism” we understand music of
Debussy and Ravel or stylistic approaching music.
There are only accepted applications for
Piano Solo playing:
In the age group I and II
at least two original works (single movements accepted)
from two different periods (A&B) at a playing
time 6-10 minutes.
In the age groups III and IV
at least two original works (single movements accepted)
from two different periods (A&B) at a
playing time 10-15 minutes.
In the age groups V and VI
at least three original works (single movements
accepted) one from group B, two others from group A,
but from different periods, at a playing
time of 15 - 20 minutes.
Regarding Age Levels III to VI
One of the compositions has to be a polyphonic piece.
Participants have to play as well fast as slow pieces. It is
recommended to play pieces which are in accordance
with the technical and musical ability, the age and
mental apprehension of the participants. The global
musical and instrumental performance will be valued.
The Jury will be using the 25 points rating system.
3. Schedule
Registration for the competition
The application must be sent in by November 15, 2016
at the latest. The order of the arrival determines the
participation. The date of the postmark or the
receipt server is applicable.
The competition will take place from 13th to 15th January
2017 at the facilities of GROTRIAN, POB 58 33, 38049
Braunschweig. After registration a exact invitation with a
detailed time schedule will be sent from mid-December
2016. The competition is open to the public.
The final concert will take place after the competition on
Sunday, January 15th, 2017 at 18:00 h at the big hall of the
State Theatre of Braunschweig.
4. Awards and records
Each participant of the GROTRIAN competition will
receive a certificate. First, second and third prizes will be
awarded. For outstanding performance the Karl-Heinz
Kämmerling prize and the Anne-Marie Wille prize as
well as other special prizes will be awarded. Moreover the
Brunswick Louis Spohr Society will award special prizes.
The first prize winner will take part in the final concert on
January 15th at 18:00.
5. Jury
The jury shall be composed of at least three members.
The judges‘ decision is final, no legal recourse.
For the jury have made ​​available:
Prof. Bernd Goetzke as Chairman
Darleen Bakke
Ilka Schibilak
Ulrich Kallmeyer
Johanna Motter
Burkhard Stein