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Damuth Trane
Public Emergency Plan
June 2014
Public Emergency Plan
Damuth Trane is dedicated to providing you with updates on our Public Emergency
Plan. The plan represents an all-hazards approach that encompasses the multitude of
possible crises, such as natural disasters, that might face an organization. The plan
describes how Damuth Trane will respond to emergencies that would suddenly and
significantly affect our community.
Now is the Time
We encourage you to take time
to plan now for expected and
unexpected downtime. We can
help you develop a contingency
plan to identify potential HVAC
system and power failure
scenarios and develop solutions to
Priority 2
After official clearance from local minimize operation interruptions.
and state authorities, we will
After an Emergency
focus on assisting emergency
main office, 757-558-0200, is
“first response” units. The order of
the number to call to get
priority will be as follows:
information regarding Damuth
Trane's operational status. We
have made provisions to ensure
this number remains operational
care Facilities
even if power and telephone
2. Utility Providers (Dominion
service is lost to our office building.
Power, Water and Waste
The receiver of the call will provide
Management Facilities,
information needed to place a
service call or reach our parts
3. Telecommunication
4. Local Media Outlets
While we hope that we will not be
faced with the need to implement
Priority 3
these plans, it is necessary
to be
Service calls that address the
Visit our
Trane HVAC Parts & Supplies Ce
for your Emergency Supply Needs
For questions or concerns,
1. Damuth Trane clients
contact Vince Constande, Safety
under service
Director, 757-558-0391.
2. Service calls involving
“At Damuth Trane we
equipment start-ups,
have made safety our
panel replacements, and
first priority, and a public
emergency is no
general evaluation of
exception. We strive to
mechanical equipment.
provide our clients with
Priority 1
Our associates' well being. Each
Damuth Trane associate's first
responsibility is to maintain their
own safety - only then can they
help others.
Clint Damuth
President, Damuth Trane
the necessary response
plan so there will always
be someone to call for
help and support.”
Trane Rental Services
Damuth Trane recognizes the importance of being prepared in case of an emergency, and we
encourage our clients to do the same. We offer the following rental products and services which may
support your emergency preparations, as well as eliminate any downtime in your facility. If you would
like further information regarding the following products and services, please contact our office at
Product or Equipment
Portable Cooling Units /
Ancillary Products
Visit our Trane HVAC Parts & Supplies Centers for your
Emergency Supply Needs
High Performance Building for Life
No matter where your building is in its life cycle, Damuth Trane Building Services
professionals will help you optimize indoor air quality, manage energy, reduce risk,
and protect your investment. We make buildings work better.
Damuth Trane Commercial Services
1100 Cavalier Blvd
Chesapeake, VA 23323
TEL: 757-558-0200
FAX: 757-558-9715
Trane HVAC Parts and Supplies Centers
1104 Cavalier Blvd.
Chesapeake, VA 23323
Virginia Beach
230 Clearfield Ave.
Ste 126
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
Newport News
507 Muller Lane
Newport News, VA 23606

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