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Golden Regatta Club Newsletter
Golden Regatta Club
May 2016
Golden Regatta Club
First National Bank
“Big Trip”!
P.O. Box 138
Camdenton, MO 65020
Judy Pitts – Young
Golden Regatta Director
573-346-3311 x163
[email protected]
Aubree Knutson
Marketing Director
573-346-3311 x/129
[email protected]
Message from the Director:
Wow the time is passing quickly and I know the Alaska trip is coming soon (August 9-22)
and I have talked with some of you that are going and are getting very excited, however
space is now limited so please call me if you want to go to Alaska. I will be meeting with
you at the bank before we go. (to be announced). I have some great day trips also and
please let me know soon if you want to reserve your spot. I am looking forward to our
travels and adventures together.
Judy Pitts-Young
ALL TRIPS/EVENTS will require full payment at the time of reservation and will be refundable up to 30
days prior. Some events and trips may have special deposit arrangements and may not require full
payment at the time of reservation; those special arrangements will be outlined in the trip description.
25th Annual Golden Regatta Golf Tournament –
June 8, 2016.
8:00am Tee off at the Oaks Golf Course, Tan-Tar-a. Cost is $40
per person includes golfing, continental breakfast, lunch and
prizes. Call Judy to reserve your tee times.
(Daytrip) Jefferson City Missouri State Penitentiary Tour
Wednesday, June 22nd
“More Talking, Less Walking” 2-hour Prison tour. Missour i State
Penitentiary 1836-2004 Prison Tour. The group would enter the upper yard through
the front entrance. The steel gate will clank behind the group just like they were
inmates entering the prison. The group will tour the upper yard, then take a seat in the
oldest housing unit from 1868. They will hear history and interesting stories of the
inmates, tour the underground dungeon cells (optional of course), tour the cells and
then drive around the block to the lower yard at the back of the property to tour the gas
chamber and hear more history. Cost is $70 per person and includes:
Prison Tour, Transportation, Lunch and Ice Cream at Central Diary.
Alaska August 9th– 22nd, 2016
This is our “Big Trip” of the year and you will not want to miss this one! There
are so many exciting details on this trip I just couldn’t include it all in this email. Stop in or call
for a copy of the full agenda. Space is very limited on this trip so don’t delay in reserving your
(Daytrip) Ft. Leonard Wood - Wednesday, September 7th
We will have a welcome reception at the Visitor Center before going on the base. As
soon as we get on base a guide will board the bus; (most of the time it is a drill sergeant
or a higher rank) ensuring an informative, knowledgeable tour. The Mahaffey Museum
Complex will be a part of the tour offering 3 fabulous museums and an outdoor WWII
walking tour area on nice paved paths. The Cost is $60 per person which includes:
museum tours, transportation and lunch on base.
Additional Trips/Events listed below, details to come later - Save The Date!
(Daytrip) Hermann, MO - Wednesday, October 5th
AARP Safe Driving Course - Thursday, November 17th 9:30am – 3:00pm
Golden Regatta Annual Holiday Luncheon - Wednesday, December 7th
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website name to make sure you are on the site you intended to visit and look
for the https at the beginning of the web address. Https is a protocol for
secure communication over a computer network which is widely used on the
internet. These are just a few tips to help safeguard you from being swindled.
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