The Indian subcontinent is separated from the rest of Asia by the



The Indian subcontinent is separated from the rest of Asia by the
The Indian
subcontinent is
separated from the
rest of Asia by the
What are the major
rivers in South Asia?
Acid rain, smog,
water pollution, and
industrial wastes are
examples of
The capital of Japan
and the largest urban
area in the world
Center of culture and
trade this city is
China’s capital and
second largest city
Capital of
India and India’s
second largest urban
This eastern terminus
of the Silk road, this
city is one of the
oldest cities in China
Sometimes called the
Holy City of India,
Hindu’s believe this
city is a holy one.
The city is along the
Ganges River.
A developed island
city-state in South
East Asia this country
is one the richest
economies in the
This one time British
Crown Colony now is
a part of China. It is
one of the leading
financial centers in
the world
New Delhi
Hong Kong
The name debate that
focuses on the island
off China’s coast that
is one of the strongest
economies in the
Built in
remembrances of an
Muslim emperor’s
wife. This is
considered one of the
finest examples of
Muslim Architecture
in the world.
This Khmer temple
complex in Cambodia
first was Hindu holy
site, then Vishnu, then
a Buddhist temple.
Because the Western
Ghats block the
monsoons winds, the
interior of the
subcontinent has a
climate that is
Formosa vs. Taiwan
vs. Republic of China
Taj Mahal
Angkor Wat
hot and dry
This ancient
manmade barrier in
China sought to keep
out Northern Invaders
Most people in Asia
live near water.
These markets on
water are where
traders conduct their
This name dispute is
over two bodies of
water between Japan
and China.
This is the place of
worship for Islam.
Islam is a growing
religion in Asia. The
world’s largest
Muslim country is in
Asia, Indonesia
Great Wall of China
Floating Market
Sea of Japan vs.
East Sea
Most of the people in
Asia make their living
from A primary
economic activity
These rivers all being
in the higher
elevations of the
Plateau of Tibet
This aspect of Muslim
of Architecture
features a long
slender tower or spire
on the boundaries or
walls of a mosque.
These sometimes can
be used to call
Muslims to prayer.
This name debate
features the island
that is off the coast of
China that is one of
the world's strongest
economies is still
considered a part of
China by the Chinese
government is
Yellow River, Yangtze
River, and the Mekong
Taiwan or Formosa
Most commonly these
are the holy sites or
house of worship for
Buddhism. Another
name for temple or
Holy places for
religions in the world.
In Asia Buddhism and
Hinduism has these
places for holy sites
Shrine or temple
The farming method
used in Asia for
clearing rainforest by
cutting the trees and
burning them. The
ashes are used to
fertilize the soil.
The method used on
steep hillsides and
mountains for
growing rice which
creates more land area
slash and burn
agricultural terracing
This area in Asia is
part of an area that is
most likely to
experience an
earthquake tsunami,
or volcano eruption.
This is called the
The winds that bring
summer moisture to
South Asia are the
This Chinese dam
hydroelectric power
and controls flooding
and is the largest dam
in the world
Ring of Fire
Three Gorges Dam

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