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Cancer Survivors Pathfinder - Christiana Care Health System
Junior Board Cancer Resource Library
a guide to finding library materials
Cancer Survivors
Here are a few titles on this topic you will find in the Junior Board Cancer Resource
100 Questions & Answers about Life after Cancer: a sruvivor’s guide QZ 201 T648o
After Breast Cancer: a common sense guide to life after treatment WP 870 S361a
After Breast Cancer: answers to questions you’re afraid to ask
WP 870 M468a
After Cancer: a guide to our new life
QZ 201 H2956a
Can Survive: reclaiming your life after cancer
QZ 201 N465c
Cancer Survivor’s Almanac: charting your journey
QZ 201 C215478
Cancer Survivor’s Nutrition & Health Guide
QZ 201 S756c
Childhood Cancer Survivors
QZ 275 K26c
Eating Well, Staying Well: during and after cancer
TX 715 E116
Happiness in a Storm
WT 500 H295h
Hope lives! : the after breast cancer treatment survival handbook WP 870 P8479h
It’s not about the Bike
WJ 858 A783i
Live Strong: inspirational stories from cancer survivors
QZ 201 L784
Living Beyond Breast Cancer: a survivor’s guide for when
treatment ends and the rest of your life begins
WP 870 W4312L
Living with Life-Threatening Illness
WT 500 D65
New Cancer Survivors: living with grace, fighting with spirit
QZ 201 S7f57n
Picking Up the Pieces: moving forward after surviving cancer
QZ 201 M191p
Reclaiming Our Lives after breast & gynecological cancer
WP 145 F181r
Road Back to Health: coping with the emotional aspects of cancer WM 172 F518r
Spinning Straw into Gold: your emotional recovery from breast
WP 870 K23s
Surviving After Cancer: living the new normal
QZ 201 K191s
Surviving Cancer Emotionally: learning how to heal
WM 172 G756s
Surviving Cancer
WF 658 L665s
We Are Not Alone: learning to live with chronic illness
WT 500 P692w
You Are Not Your Illness
WM 75 T673y
Cancer as a Turning Point: from surviving to thriving
Faithe, Hope and Healing
Affirmations for Living beyond Cancer
QZ 201 C2155
QZ 201 S571f
WM 75 A2578
In our library, all periodicals are located on the slanted display shelves. They are arranged in
alphabetical order.
American Cancer Society’s Cancer Survivors Network
A part of American Cancer Society, the Cancer Survivors Network provides a way to find and communicate with others who share your interests and experiences, view CSN members' personal web
pages to find others like yourself, email other CSN members, post to the discussion boards, and have
private chats Free monthly e-newsletter. Requires registration.
Live Strong
ive Strong is a program of the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF), created to educate cancer survivors, their friends and family, and health care professionals about topics of survivorship.
National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship
The oldest survivor-led advocacy organization working exclusively on behalf of people with all types
of cancer and their families, advocates for quality cancer care for all Americans.
Cancer Support Community - Delaware
The mission of The Cancer Support Community is to help people with cancer and their loved ones enhance health and well being by providing a professional program of support, education and hope,
completely free of charge.
You may also wish to consult our pathfinders on Hope, Guided Imagery, Journaling,Meditation, Mindfulness, Nutrition, and Spirituality.
Junior Board Cancer Resource Library
Updated 12/29/11

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