June - Mary Immaculate Catholic School


June - Mary Immaculate Catholic School
Mary Immaculate School Parents/Teachers Club Newsletter
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School Prep Day in
From the Principal
And we are done for the year. Another year of
learning, achievement, spirituality and fun has
come to an end. The students and teachers
have worked very hard and earned a break for
the summer.
May was wonderful with all of the events that
close the year starting with May Crowning and
ending with graduation and the last few days
of school. It is bittersweet, of course, as our
8th grader move on to high school and our
kindergarteners move up to first grade. But it’s
happy too, as they see the culmination of years
of hard work and reaching the goals they set
for themselves.
So we send them home with you to work hard
at being a child. Playing outside and in and
enjoying the freedom of summer. We will be
ready to go in the fall with new things to learn
and to enjoy another year growing together in
I trust you will all have a safe and wonderful
break. Spend lots of time together as a family.
I speak from experience as my oldest goes off
to college when I say that time flies and the
next thing you know the fun times with the little
ones are gone.
Have a safe and happy summer break!
June 2016
Share your LOVE of MIS...Sign-up
to be a Mentor Family to a New
MIS Family!
Starting kindergarten or coming to a new
school can be both exciting and overwhelming,
especially to children. Welcoming new families
to Mary Immaculate School is a priority to
us. To make the experience easier, we will
assign a Mentor Family for every NEW Family.
Sign-up NOW to be a Mentor Family at
myschoolanywhere.com under Mentor Family.
If you have questions or need more information,
please contact Susan Ratz-Thomas, Director of
Parent Engagement at [email protected]
org or 972-243-7105, ext. 154.
Volunteer Sign-up for 2016-17
The MIS Parents/Teachers Club encourages
you to contribute your time and effort to
continue the success of MIS activities and build
community spirit for the 2016-17 school year.
With the many volunteer opportunities listed,
there is something to fit everyone’s schedule.
Go to www.myschoolanywhere.com and
click on Signups to see our many volunteer
opportunities! If you have any questions,
please contact PTC Volunteer Coordinator
Angie Meenan at [email protected]
Grab a friend and sign up today!
God bless,
Matt Krause, Principal
Photo Finish..........7
1 — June 2016
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FOR 2015-16
President Elect: Kristin
Vice-Pres: Jennifer D.
Treasurer Elect: Adele
Secretary: Noemi Hyams
Community Enrichment
Co-Chair: Angela
Hospitality Co-Chair:
Robyn Schwitter
Spiritual Enrichment
Co-Chair: Nolia McGeeNorra
Volunteer Services CoChair: Amy Rodgers
President: Ania
Treasurer: April Breen
Community Enrichment
Chair: Kristi Montemayor
Hospitality Chair: Kristin
Lebon Volunteer Services
Chair: Angie Meenan
Spiritual Enrichment
Chair: Angelica Ortiz
Teacher Liaison: Sandra
Steven Bristow
Sean McIntyre
Craig Senick
Ana Schaller
Diane Kucera
Pamela Krakosky
Jennifer Calvin
Peter McMahon
Pat Gasper
2 — June 2016
From the PTC
As my family prepares for our 4th year at MIS of
school ending activities, I reflect on all I have gained
volunteering in my second consecutive year on
the PTC Board. I have gained an understanding of
how our school operates through my participation
in monthly MIS Advisory Council meetings and
appreciate all that Mr. Krause, Father Michael,
Father Zach, and the Advisory Board members have
done to lead with compassion and by example in
how they support our community. I have made
friends who have expanded my village of people
supporting and encouraging my children to do
their best.
As our children have learned so much over the
course of the year, I too have observed and
learned so much about our PTC community. It’s a
community where love for Christ and our children
is manifested in how our parents, teachers,
administration, staff, grandparents, friends, and
volunteers sacrifice time and money and contribute
talents to continually help make MIS a better place.
My heartfelt thanks to our outgoing PTC officers
many of whom have served in multiple roles on the
board over the course of many years.
Our Spiritual Enrichment Chair, Rita Ford, has taught
me humility through encouragement in participating
in the St. Therese study. She introduced new ways
for our children and us parents too in learning more
about Jesus and the Catholic faith while she also
worked at Mary Immaculate Church heading the
Family Life Ministry.
While serving as Hospitality Chair, Susan RatzThomas wore multiple hats as Director of Parent
Engagement, Mentor Program Coordinator, and
4th Grade Co-Head Room Parent. I observed her
grow our community one relationship after one
relationship at a time and I’m awestruck by her
capacity to extend goodwill.
It’s been my pleasure to work with Dyan Dalton,
Community Enrichment Chair, who thoughtfully
planned and executed community events to help us
all have fun. She continually sought ways to make
improvements to a few traditional PTC activities.
As Treasurer, Christina Palacios-Martin was efficient
in processing reimbursement requests. Although
in 23 years at MIS she has served in numerous
capacities as room parent, Spiritual Enrichment,
Vice President, Treasurer and Treasurer-Elect, her
greatest accomplishment was bringing rosarymaking to the 2nd grade class with an 8th grader
back in 1995 when her oldest was in 2nd grade.
In 2009, she started the Rosary-making Guild for
school moms who made thousands of rosaries
since then.
Thanks to Amy Smart who used her technology
background to help support many of us on
the board as we became even more familiar
with MySchoolAnywhere online directory and
its capabilities for volunteer sign-ups, email
communications and donations. She taught me not
to take myself too seriously.
As Secretary, Vipul Patel was organized and also
wrote well wishes cards on behalf of the PTC.
A big Texas shout out to Angie Meenan who served
double time as Volunteer Services Chair and CoChair. She did so in a calm, cool, and collected
manner and also reinstated the Volunteer of the
Month awards recognition. Thankfully, she will
continue as Volunteer Services Chair.
Last but not least, thanks to all the Head, Co-Head,
room parents and volunteers who helped make
this year a success by your leadership, partnership,
communication, good deeds, kind words, uplifting
prayers, and so much more.
The PTC is in good hands thanks to our returning
and new incoming board members to lead us
next year. There is a varied representation of
all grades covered on the PTC. The PTC Board
received feedback from 70 plus respondents who
completed the most recent bi-ennial PTC survey. It
was encouraging to know many of you were very
satisfied with this year’s Heart of Gold Auction and
to read your ideas for improvements and events
for the new board to consider in future planning.
Although this is my last PTC article, this isn’t the last
you will be hearing from me. I have accepted the
role of Auction Chair for 2016-2017 school year. I
am excited to bring together this summer a group
of passionate and dedicated volunteers to join the
auction team and kick up our major fundraiser
another notch. Save the date for Saturday, April
1, 2017 for next year’s Heart of Gold Auction.
Expect the unexpected in a wicked good way. For
those families who have had an 8th grader and/or
their last child graduate from MIS, you are always
welcome to come home. We’ll leave a light on for
you and save you seats at our auction dinner tables.
In Christ’s service,
Maria Ilarina
PTC President 2015-2016
PTC Heart of Gold Auction Chair 2016-2017
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MIS 2016 Graduates Accept Over $21,000 in Scholarships!
60% of our 2016 graduates will be attending private schools for high school. Over $38,000
in high school scholarships were offered to our graduates, and the students below have
collectively accepted over $21,000 in scholarships to the high school of their choice. Go
Rachel Cook
Mary Immaculate Church
Alejandro Cepeda
Mary Immaculate Church
James Martin
Rebekah Leah Rivera
Foundation Spirit of Love
High School Scholarship*
Ainsley Koch
Ursuline Academy/MIS
Leadership Scholarship
Reagan Whisler
Sr. Kathleen Barnes, OSU
Mathematics Scholarship
Isabella Aguilar
Bishop Lynch Merit
Congratulations also to our top three students honored for highest academics:
These awards are given to
the students earning the first,
second and third highest
academic rankings in the
eighth grade.
Isabella Aguilar
(Bishop Lynch):
MIS Outstanding
Achievement 2016-17
3 — June 2016
Rachel Cook
(Ursuline Academy)
MIS Academic
Excellence 2016-17
Mia Krusinski
(Ursuline Academy)
MIS Academic
Excellence 2016-17
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High School
Intents for
Class of 2016
29 Students (60%)
heading to private high
Bishop Lynch
Aguilar, Isabella
Marshall, Wes
Mock, Luke
Norman, Allegra
Creekview (Academy)
Webber, Holly
Daou, Anisa
Scotch, Abby (Law)
Velasquez, Matthew (Law)
Harmony School of Innovation
Cablas, Catherine
Joseph, Leah
Mathew, Lillie
Imagine International School
Garcia, Alex
20 Students (40%)
heading to public high
R. L. Turner (Academy)
Juarez, Chris (AMAT)
Garcia, Xavier (AMAT)
Vo, Sheila (Biomed)
Cortez, Frederick (Biomed)
Valdez, Andres (Biomed)
Durkee, Nathan (METSA)
Durkee, Katy (METSA)
Bowling, Bryan
Cepeda, Alejandro
Martin, James
Mix, Jacob
Ortiz-Segura, Mauricio
Rogers-Malone, Aidan
Skaggs, Luke
Bartholomew, Jacob
Dalton, Chris
Mason, Michael
Villalba, Adam
Pfaffenberger, Cole
The Highlands
Ramirez, J.R.
Nabonne, Chandler
Bookout, Hannah
Cook, Rachel
Hess, Abigail
Koch, Ainsley
Krusinski, Mia
Garcia, Zoe
Whisler, Reagan
John Paul II
Clark, Hayden
King, Olivia
Heath, Kelli
Pelton, Grayson
FinCannon, Jasmin
Newman Smith (Academy)
Hoang, Katelyn
McKemie, Kara
Smith, Victoria (IBA)
Undecided (RLT or North Hills)
Gonzalez, Victoria
MIS Memorial Awards
Each year, MIS honors the MIS students who have gone before us through awards to top students. This year, the following
awards were given to:
Rachel Cook &
Mia Krusinski
Erin Costello Award
The Erin Costello
Outstanding Student
Award is given in memory
of Erin, a young lady who
loved Mary Immaculate
School. She was an
excellent student who
worked hard, valued
her friendships, and
exhibited joyful school
spirit. Established in
1978, it is presented to
the eighth grade girl who
best exemplifies MIS in
academics, character, and
overall participation.
4 — June 2016
James Martin &
Aidan RogersMalone
Pat Brunner Award
The Pat Brunner
Outstanding Student
Award honors Patrick
Brunner’s strength of
character, school spirit,
and dedication to his
friends and to Mary
Immaculate School and
Parish. Since 1978, it
has been presented to
the eighth grade boy who
most exemplifies MIS in
academics, character, and
overall participation.
Alejandro Cepeda
Sara Murawski Spirit of
Community Award
The Sara Murawski Spirit
of Community Award was
established in 1997 to
honor Sara’s enthusiastic
participation in school
and community activities.
It is presented to the
eighth grade student who
best represents MIS as
an active participant in
the life of the school and
Michael Mason &
Kara McKemy
Kraig Frick
Perseverance Award
The Kraig Frick
Perseverance Award was
established in 1997 to
honor Kraig’s tenacity,
energy, and love of
life, despite his difficult
battle with cancer. It is
presented to the eighth
grade student who best
exemplifies Kraig’s
strength of character and
Xavier Garcia
Patricia Echeverri Spirit
Established in 1986,
the Patricia Echeverri
Spirit Award honors
Patti’s enthusiastic
zest for life, service
to others, and school
spirit. It is presented to
the MIS eighth grader
whose enthusiasm and
school spirit remain a
continuing inspiration to
classmates and the school
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The PTC Volunteer of the Month
is Tamara Coyle!
Tamara and Jim have two children here at
MIS, Philip who is in 6th grade and Caroline
who is in 3rd grade. Tamara is coordinating
Field Day again this year which is always a
lot of fun! She helped with the Auction, First
Communion, Book Fair and Bingo Fiesta. She
is also a head room parent for 3rd grade and
is on the Spiritual Enrichment Committee. She
is always ready to lend a helping hand with a
smile on her face! Show your appreciation and
MIS spirit to Tamara and congratulate her when
you see her at school! Thank you, Tamara for
your dedication to MIS!
Thank You for Teacher Appreciation Week!
Scouts Beautification Project
The teachers and staff of MIS send their thanks to everyone who helped
make this year’s Teacher Appreciation Week so special. You spoiled
them and they are so grateful! The flowers, fruit, school supplies, door
decorations, dinners out and thank you notes were such a treat and
so appreciated. The teachers and staff feel so blessed to have the
support of the wonderful students and parents of MIS and thank them
for their incredible support throughout the year.
The girls from Scout Troop 3199 have spent
several days this month showing their love of
MIS through a cleanup of the Prayer Garden
near the cafeteria! They have weeded, cleaned
out the gardens, added fresh soil and mulch.
They also researched appropriate items to
plant, shopped for them, planted them, and
are making markers for the plants and flowers.
To finish off their beautification project, they
sanded the door and primed it to paint. The
troop, which consists of 11 eighth grade MIS
girls, has our deep appreciation for their efforts!
Special thanks go to:
• Heather McIntyre, Lisa Guerra, Silvia Hoffmann, Amy Smart &
Amy Woods who baked our teachers’ favorite muffins; and to Lori
Medina for the Starbucks coffee!
• Amy & David Rodgers for providing the cool popcorn machine and
all the popcorn supplies!
• Andy Goodner, Dawn Nguyen, Kim Garcia, Lisa Guerra, Maureen
Bergan & Sabine Dunn for providing our teachers’ favorite cookies!
And a BIG thank you to Liz & Raffy Talatala for the amazing prime
rib, pasta, red velvet cheesecake, drinks, and so much more! The
teachers loved all the food!
• Angie Meenan, Amy Smart, Adrian Bergkvist, Meredith Greenstreet,
Silvia Hoffmann, Dyan Dalton & Cindy Canas for the fresh fruit &
chocolate you all
provided for our
• Kristin Lebon and
her two boys for
helping distribute
all the teachers’
favorite SONIC
• Darrell & Kathy Cole & Angie Borino for assisting with the i Fratelli
pizza & salad lunch for all our teachers/staff; plus Angie Borino
again for all the Mary Kay swag bags for all our teachers/staff, as
well as the nice hand pampering!
5 — June 2016
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Events This
K of C Golf
Jun. 11
The Knights of Columbus
Council 5052 are hosting
a golf tournament at
Trails of Frisco Golf Club
on June 11 with a 7 am
check-in/Breakfast and
8 am Shotgun start.
Proceeds to benefit
Operation Finally Home
serving our US Military.
Click here for information
on how to join in on the
Spirit of Love Scholarship
Awards Dinner: Fri. Jun. 10
Join us for the 12th Annual Spirit of Love
Scholarship Award Dinner, in memory of MIS
alumni Rebekah Leah Rivera, on Friday, June
10 at 6 p.m. at the Wyndham Garden Dallas
North. We will celebrate MIS Spirit of Love
Scholarship winner 8th grader James Martin,
as well as Little Angel Scholarship winners:
5th Graders Victoria Peck, Brook Bergin and
Caroline Brand; 4th graders Sydney Thomas
and Laura Brandt. Alumni Hannah Salinas
‘12 and Catherine Beachner ‘12 will also
be honored with a college scholarships that
evening. Music and dancing will accompany
the Live Auction. More info: 972-480-5273 or
MIS Paint-a-thon and Cleanup Day: July 15-17
Help your school and parish this summer
as we paint the hallways, cafeteria
and classrooms, plus do minor repair
work and organize storage spots in the
cafeteria and parish hall. No experience
necessary...we are looking for help,
not perfection! We invite all parish and
school families plus friends of MIS to
help. It is possible for high school and
jr. high students to receive service
hours from this Paint-a-thon. Children
younger than high school must work
in conjunction with their parents. Click
here to sign up today!
Summer Skills Review Workbooks
Reinforcement Summer skills review workbooks for Math and Language Arts are designed to be used at
home, providing three pages of practice per week. Parents may order the workbooks directly
for the
from the company at the cost of $19 per book plus shipping. Parents who are ordering the
Summer Language Arts Review Workbooks should order the workbook of the grade level that
their child just completed (current MIS 4th graders should order the 4th grade workbook for
review.) Parents who are ordering the Math Review Workbook should order a level above the
level that their child has just completed (current MIS 4th graders should order the 5th grade
workbook for review.) If you have any further questions please contact your child’s teacher.
Order them for your child at www.summerskills.com.
6 — June 2016
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5th Grade
7 — June 2016
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May Crowning
8 — June 2016
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Band Concert
9 — June 2016
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Choir Concert
10 — June 2016
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11 — June 2016
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12 — June 2016
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