4 Basler Plug-n-Play Relay add Arc Flash Detection Innovative NCT


4 Basler Plug-n-Play Relay add Arc Flash Detection Innovative NCT
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industry news
Traveling Wave fault
REASON International is introducing
its line for Traveling Wave-based
fault location in the North American
market. Wave detection error due to
misinterpretation of the fault is a major
kind of error in many types of traveling
wave-based equipment on the market.
REASON has developed a very reliable
method in order to record the correct
traveling wave. The approach is to
acquire the traveling wave data by
using a very high-speed data acquisition
module triggered
by user-set
thresholds over
computed and
values coming
from signals in
the fundamental
frequency of the
electric system.
Innovative NCT
Network Computing Terminal
The Toshiba
Network Computing
Terminal is a device
for monitoring
electric power
systems. Utilizing an
embedded real-time
OS and Java Virtual
Machine together
with web-server
and mobile agent
technologies, the
NCT provides
functionality and
measurands. Setting
and maintenance
is achieved using a
common browser.
Many application are
in practical use; Wide
area measurement,
Fault locating for
transmission lines,
Wide area disturbance
recording, CB
and transformer
monitoring and
diagnosis, Power
quality monitoring,
Micro-grid monitoring,
Customer equipment
monitoring etc.
Basler Plug-n-Play Relay add Arc
Flash Detection
Basler Electric, the Retrofit Relay Experts have supplied several
utilities and industrials users BE1-50/51B-Plug-n-Play Single-Phase
Overcurrent relays over the years. The relays are direct replacements for
electromechanical CO or IAC relays. They fit into existing cases, require no
panel modifications or re-wiring. Panels can literally be upgraded in hours
vs. days or weeks.
Basler has expanded the line of Plug-n-Play Relays with two New Models;
BE1-50/51B 235 (CO) and 237 (IAC) with Arc-flash Detection Capability.
They incorporate a second low-set instantaneous with an independent
contact that can be connected in a “maintenance” mode and meet NESC
Arc Flash requirements.
BE1-50/51B 237
BE1-50/51B 235
For more information visit the company's web site.
Advanced Transformer Protection and Control
AREVA Substation Automation Solutions
introduces the MiCOM P64X which preserves
service life, and offers fast protection for
transformer faults. Hosted on an advanced IED
platform, the P64X incorporates differential,
REF, thermal and overfluxing protection,
plus backup protection for uncleared
external faults. Model variants cover two
& three winding transformers (including
autotransformers), with up to 5 sets of threephase CT inputs. Large CT counts are common
in ring bus/mesh corner applications, where
the P64X summates currents to create each
total winding current, easing application of
backup protection. Backup overcurrent can
be directionalized, where the user includes
the optional 3-phase VT input in their chosen
Recloser & Sectionalizer
Test Cable Solutions
OMICRON electronics has
developed test cables to simplify
testing of distribution reclosers
and sectionalizers, including their
controllers and switches, for use
with the CMC 356/256 test sets.
Each OMICRON test cable is
designed with all components
necessary to make an end-to-end
direct connection between the
test device and the CMC to allow
testing of all functionality that the
manufacturer provided in their
control cable.
Test Cables for devices from
Cooper, G&W, SEL and S&C are
available along with sample test
plan(s) and instructions.
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industry news
Arc-Flash Detection
New Relay from SEL
The SEL-751A Feeder
Protection Relay from
Schweitzer Engineering
Laboratories is now
available with arc-flash
detection (AFD)
capability, providing
automatic protection
against dangerous
arc-flash events in
metal-clad switchgear.
AFD interrupts power
to the arc flash before
it can cause significant
damage or personal
injury. Fiber-optic
light sensors in the
SEL-751A detect the
light produced by an
arc flash. To prevent
350 Feeder
Protection System
Intuitive & Intelligent Feeder Protection
System with Advanced Communications and
The Multilin 350 protection relay provides
the utility power distribution industry
with a technologically advanced, easy
to use, and intuitive overcurrent (50/51)
protection relay. The Multilin 350 performs
primary circuit protection of medium
voltage distribution feeders. The robust
Multilin 350 streamlines user workflow
processes and simplifies engineering tasks
such as configuration, wiring, testing,
commissioning, and maintenance via
advanced communications and enhanced
diagnostics. Mechanically designed for
effortless draw out, to eliminate re-wiring,
the 350 enables fast installation, simplified
retrofit and reduced lifecycle cost.
TM 1703 Distributed I/O Module of the
TG5700 RTU
Siemens Energy is announcing the
introduction of the TM 1703 Distributed I/O
Module to our TG5700 RTU product line. The
TM 1703 improves the distributed capabilities
of the TG5700 RTU by adding local IED
ports, local PLC programmability and new
electrical interfaces, like direct Pt-100 Ohm
temperature probe inputs. Applications for
the TG5700 RTU with TM 1703 I/O extend
to Condition Based Monitoring, Transformer
Monitoring and local Bay Controller Unit. With
its advanced security features complying with
NERC CIP guidelines, extensive intelligent
electronic device (IED) integration capabilities
and best-in-class configuration and diagnostic
tools, the TG5700 becomes the premier Smart
RTU and IED integration platform.
false tripping, the
SEL-751A looks for
an overcurrent that
coincides with the
light flash and sends
a trip signal to the
circuit breaker in as
fast as 2 ms.
More information at
SEL's web site.