ASLP News-2011-3 - Association of Special Libraries of the


ASLP News-2011-3 - Association of Special Libraries of the
ASLP Newsletter
ISSN 2094-8417
Issue 3, November 2011
The First National Congress of
Special Libraries of the Philippines
Inside this Issue . . .
Forum on Web Safety and Security .................... 5
Simpleng Buhay, Simpleng Kulay of FHL ........... 5
Cornell Digital Collections ................................... 5
Lib News ..............................................................6
Surigao: ASLP’s Next Stop .................................7
19th IT&CMA and 14th CTW Asia Pacific .......... 7
ASLP 2011 Members ........................................... 8
ASLP 2011 Executive Board ............................... 9
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For t he f irst t ime, t he A ssociation of Sp ecial L ibraries of t he
Philippines, Inc. organized the National Congress of Special Libraries
of the Philippines at H otel Supreme Convention Plaza, Baguio City
last October 19-21, 2011. The theme was Moving Forward: Managing
Libraries and Information Centers in a Fast Changing Environment.
Hon. Mauricio Domogan
T he f irst Nat ional C ongress of Sp ecial
Libraries of t he Philippines was the pr imary
gathering of special librarians and information
specialists across the country. It was conceived
to bring together knowledge workers settling
in the different types of industries and fields
such as medicine and al lied health, law and
litigation, bu siness, f inance and e conomics,
trade and commerce, education, training and
human resources, communications, and other
special f ields whe re libr ary and libr arians
The congress was participated not only by special librarians, but
also b y ac ademic, s chool and public libr arians. T here w ere 11
resource persons who gave their time and shared their expertise for
the t hree-day e vent. T he op ening c eremony w as gr aced b y Pr of.
Thelma Kim, Philippine Librarians Association, Inc. (PLAI) President
Cont. on page 2-4
who introduced the Mayor of Baguio, Hon. Mauricio Domogan. The Mayor stressed the special role of
librarians in spreading knowledge all throughout the nation.
We are also honored that Ms. Robin D. Diallo, Counselor for Public Affairs of
the U.S. Embasssy- Manila graced the event as our guest speaker. She definitely
energized the c ongress ar ea as she gr eatly expounded the r ole of libr arians in
today’s generation and referred to information professionals as “DJ’s of Knowledge.”
She even added a phrase from Pres. Obama when he delivered a speech addressed
to the librarians as “libraries represent more than a building that houses books
and data, the library has always been a window to a larger world - a place where
we’ve alw ays c ome t o dis cover big ide as and pr ofound c oncepts.” L astly, s he
imparted that “more than ever, libraries have a great role as channels to enhance
multi-cultural unde rstanding. B ut t he init ial e ffort is t o s ee whe re e merging
technology and right information meets, how issues can be addressed, what new
skills must be learned.”
Ms. Robin D. Diallo
As a me mber of t he or ganizing c ommittee, I am mor e r elaxed t o t alk ab out t he p articipants’
background but I am still making myself aware of the presentations being talked about by the invited
resource p ersons. Sinc e t his is t he f irst c ongress f or s pecial libr arians’, t hough A SLP s uccessfully
conducted seminars and workshops annually since 1954, it is still encapsulating that librarians coming
from the subject-specific / industry-specific sector arrived to the congress to interact with fellow special
librarians. T here w ere r epresentatives f rom t he le gislative b odies li ke t he S enate and H ouse of
Representatives, news organizations like the Manila Bulletin and ABS-CBN, the judiciary like the Supreme
Court, the administrative branch like the Presidential Management Staff, department agencies of the
government like t he D epartment of Agr iculture, D epartment of En vironment and Nat ural Resources
and Department of Foreign Affairs. Even the military has their representative through the LRC of PMA.
It is truly a convergence wherein highly specialized libraries consider attending this first congress which
includes sports facilities like the Manila Polo Club or the Philippine Columbian and a power sector like
the MERALCO Central Library.
Discussing about the presentations made, I shall imply all of them in detail according to how they
appeared during the congress:
UP School of Library and Information Studies @ 50: meeting the
challenges of the future by Prof. Johann Frederick A. Cabbab.
Prof. Cabbab focused on the five things to look at today since UP SLIS
celebrated its 50th year. These are the: purpose, people, processes, product
and plac e. We may also c onsider budget and t he environment. By t hese
things, we mean that a library school should look at how people complement
each other by checking the competencies of the faculty which complements
the n umber o f s tudents en rolled a nd th e n umber o f s taff to h andle th e
students and guide t he faculty. Pr ocesses may be checked based on t he
thesis process, on ho w theses are being taken care of f rom the proposal
to t he appr oval. Pr oducts ar e t hose k nowledge a ssets pr oduced b y t he
school l ike thei r jou rnal pu blications a nd the sis output s. Pl ace is a lso
something t o c onsider like e stablishing of an ar chives lab oratory f or t he
archives and r ecords manage ment c lass whic h is de emed ne cessary f or
Prof. Johann Frederick A. Cabbab
this pur pose. L astly, t he pur pose is t o pr oduce
graduates who imbibe the honor and excellence of the
university combining intellectual freedom and intellectual honesty.
E-products, networking, and outreach: changing context of library services in
the digital age by Dir. Reysa C. Alenzuela.
In a nutshell, Dir. Alenzuela discussed e-products, networking, and the outreach
programs of the Thomas Jefferson Information Center, US Embassy Manila. The
use of social media is very much welcomed by TJIC because it breaks the barrier
of time and space. Their outreach programs are designed to extend library services
beyond their community, with this in mind, their community continuous to expand
Dir. Reysa C. Alenzuela
Issue 3 • November 2011 • 3
Rizal manuscripts: access vs. conservation by Dr. Ambeth Ocampo.
Dr. Ambeth Ocampo
Dr. O campo te lls a s tory of ho w he vic toriously s tudied t he r are
materials of Dr. Rizal in the walls of the National Library even if s ome
librarians r estrict h is ac cess to the v ault. He g ained the tr ust of the
people and he une arthed R izal manuscripts that were never exposed
after the death of the national hero. His works could tell how he loved
Dr. Rizal such that he needed to learn the life of Rizal. He retold the
story of Rizal to the Filipino people that’s why he championed in providing
access to these Rizaliana materials and likewise preserving Rizal’s works
by c oming-up wit h a new r elease of R izal’s b ooks t ranslated int o t he
language of our time.
Goethe Institut Philippinen @ 50 by Dir. Richard Kunzel.
Dir. K unzel nar rates t he s tory of J ohann W olfgang v on G oethe and his
contribution to the German and world literature. He also took the opportunity
to int roduce G oethe-Institut Philippine n (GIP). GI P pr omotes t he G erman
language as a foreign and second language and cultivates international cultural
cooperation like the TJIC.
Library collaboration, not a luxury, but a necessity by
Ms. Xin Li.
Ms. Xin Li
Dir. Richard Kunzel
Ms. L i int roduced C ornell Univ ersity a s one t he I vy
League s chools and among t he t op te n univ ersities lis ted in t he Ac ademic and
Research Libraries. Cornell University has more than 7 million collection and more
than 4 million users annually. The university wants to promote collaboration as a
strategy in creating corporate partnerships and global engagement with other
university lib raries. H er p resentation p rovided s amples of a ctual c ollaborations
within A merica and A sia. She f inally c oncluded t he pr esentation s aying t hat
collaboration cannot be done by one institution only, thus, the future of the libraries
is towards collaboration and cooperation.
Open access and academic research repository at the Institute of Developing
Economies (ARRIDE) by Ms. Yuko Sawada.
This presentation by Ms. Sawada concentrated on open access initiatives and
institutional repositories. She provided background information on the directory of
open access repositories. This was the result of a serials crisis thus, a development
in open access movement emerged. She reiterates that “librarians are well positioned
for a c rucial role in s upporting dissemination, ensuring access and mak ing use of
such new digital media.”
National Library of the Philippines (NLP): Library of the
nation and for the nation: challenges and prospects by Atty.
Antonio M. Santos.
Mr. Jilven Amar
Ms. Yuko Sawada
In behalf of Atty. Santos, Mr. Jilven Amar gave the presentation about the
National Library. The National Library of the Philippines (NLP) is a public library
serving the information needs of the Filipino people. NLP implements the legal
and cultural depository law. It is also the national center for numbering systems
(ISBN, ISSN and ISMN ). It ha s al so s pecial s ervices s uch a s libr ary f or t he
blind, Philippine e-Lib host, children’s reading hub and a house for government
Workshop with the Master: Designing & Redesigning your Libraries by Mr.
Ben-hur Villanueva
Mr. Ben-hur Villanueva
The participants welcomed Mr. Villanueva as he gave a workshop in
redesigning and promoting their libraries. It was hectic day for the participants
as they were all requested to make a p oster for their own libraries. Later on,
one p articipant f rom L aguna w as pr oclaimed t he winne r a s s he de signed a
beautiful and meaningful poster.
Supreme Court Library services: balancing the needs of the Philippine
Judiciary in a fast changing environment by Ms. Milagros S. Ong.
Ms. O ng gave an o verview of t he ac tivities, s ervices and c ollection of t he
Supreme C ourt L ibrary. T he b est ac hievement of SC L ibrary is t he Supr eme
Court E-L ibrary whic h digit izes al l p ertinent la w inf ormation of t he Philippine
Knowledge for Development Center: changing the way we do library and
knowledge service by Mr. Vincent M. Abrigo.
Ms. Milagros S. Ong
KDCs or Knowledge for Development Centers support the World Banks access to information and
open date initiative. They provide resources for people with disabilities and like the TJIC, they collaborate
with different institutions in the country to share information as diverse as possible.
Bridging access to global health research by Ms. Alma Mila D. Prosperoso.
Ms. Alma Mila Prosperoso
Ms. Prosperoso introduced the World Health Organization to the participants.
The gist of her presentation revolves with the Western Pacific Region Index Medicus
(WPRIM). WPRIM’s goal is to to create an online index of medical and health journals
published in Me mber St ates of t he WH O Western Pac ific R egion, whic h c an b e
accessed on the Internet thus, ensuring global accessibility of medical and health
research done in t he R egion. She al so int roduced t he Philippine A ssociation of
Medical J ournal E ditors (PAMJE). T he mis sion of P AMJE is t o c ontribute t o t he
improvement of he alth in t he Philippines and t he Asia Pacific Region by ensuring
the qualit y and dis semination of he alth-related information published in me dical
journals, utilized for the purposes of better decision-making and effective delivery
of health services.
This three-day event gave me another best experience which is strenuous yet fulfilling because I
have contributed again to my association, the ASLP.
The association is greatly indebted to the following exhibitors:
Claretian Communications Foundation, Inc.
Globe Publication Pvt Ltd.
Universal Magazine Exchange Corp.
Special thanks to:
National Book Development Board
Mayor’s Office - Baguio City
Baguio Cultural Dance Group
To do wnload the pr esentation of the
speakers, visit our web site at http://aslpwiki.
We hope to see you on our next congress!
Issue 3 • November 2011 • 5
Forum on Web Safety and Security
As part of t he ac tivities of t he 32nd Manila I nternational B ook Fair (MIBF), the A ssociation of Sp ecial
Libraries of the Philippines, Inc. (ASLP) presented a “Forum on Web Safety and Security” last September
15, 2011 at the SMX Convention Center seminar rooms 2 and 3. The forum was conducted by Mr. Severo
“Sonnie” Santos, the Director of Web Safety Philippines. According to his consulting site, “Sonnie is one of
the early but few adopters of social web. When blogging is still unknown, he started writing and sharing HR
matters on 2005.”
The forum which ran for about 2 hours has attracted more than 107 participants. All ears captured the
speaker’s celebrity status as he was often seen in various local public affairs television shows talking about
web safety and security. He received the “Best Blog on Advocacy” award by the Philippine Blog Awards on
2010. For more information about Mr. Santos, you can visit:
This forum was sponsored by C&E Publishing, Inc.
Simpleng Buhay,
Simpleng Kulay of FHL
November 4 at the Filipinas
Heritage Library and can be
viewed up to November 22,
2011. This exhibit is in line
with the 15th a nniversary
of t he F ilipinas H eritage
Librar y an d t he 2 0th
anniversar y of A ng
Ilustrador ng Kabataan.
Libros Festival:
Cornell Digital Collections
Cornell University has now its own digital collections
in their library, this is the Cornell Digital Collections
which is the registry of their digital collections.
They ha ve t he c ollections s uch a s: A ndrew D.
White Architectural Photographs Collection;;
Beyond the Taj: Architectural Traditions and Landscape
Experience in South Asia; Billie Jean Isbell Andean
Collection: Images from the Andes; Bolivian Digital
Pamphlets Collection; Claire Holt Collection: Slides of
Indonesian Ar t, Ar chitecture, a nd C ulture; Co re
Historical Literature of Agriculture; Cornell Daily Sun;
Cornell East Asia Series; and more.
To le arn m ore an d s ee t he dif ferent digit al
collections of C ornel Univ ersity, vi sit t he C ornell
University L ibrary at
Lib News
International Open Access Week National Reading Month and
Nationwide Araw ng Pagbasa
On O ctober 25, 2011, t he
Depar tment o f Ed uc ation
(DepEd) r eleased t he D epEd
Memorandum No. 244, s. 2011
that de clares the mon th of
November as the “National
Reading Month” and November
25, 2011 a s t he “Nat ionwide
Araw ng Pagbasa.”
Last O ctober 24-31, t he 5th International O pen
Access Week was celebrated. It is a global event that
promotes Open Access as a new norm in scholarship
and research.
To learn more about the Open Access Week, visit
PLAI National Congress 2011 in
The P hilippine L ibrarians
Association, Inc. (PLAI) will be
having it s Nationa l C ongress
with a theme “ National
Conference on L ibraries for
Progress” it will b e he ld o n
November 16-18, 2011 in Hotel
Elizabeth, Baguio City.
DepEd e ncourages t he s chools an d le arning
centers to join the activities, such as:
a. Read-A-Thon
b. Drop Everything and Read
c. Big Brother/ Big Sister/ Kaklase Ko, Sagot Ko/
Shared Reading
d. Pull-Out Remedial Class/ Reading Assistance
Program/ Remediation Classes/ Intensified Remedial
e. F ive Words A W eek (FWAW)/ A Par agraph A
Day (APAD)/ Library Hour A Week
f. Reading Camp
To learn more about the activities that the DepEd
offers, r ead t he t he D epEd M emo at http://www.
77th National Book Week
According to PLAI, the objectives of the congress
1. To impress among librarians the importance of
their r ole in t he pr omotion of r eading, e ducation,
research, lifelong learning as well as dissemination
of information;
2. To revitalize the libraries and librarians’ role in
the creation and promotion of a post-literate society;
3. To pr ovide up dates on t he issues c oncerning
libraries, information centers and librarians.
To know the details of the congress, please visit
On November 24-30 the 77th National Book Week
with a theme “ Aklatan Tungo sa Kaunlaran: Libraries
for Progress” will be celebrated. The sponsors of this
event are: Philippine Librarians Association, Inc., the
National Library of t he Philippines, and the NCCA –
National C ommittee on L ibraries a nd I nformation
Issue 3 • November 2011 • 7
Surigao: ASLP’s Next Stop
Ready, set, go! ASLP brings you to the country’s surfing capital, Siargao.
“Dubbed as the country’s surfing capital and one of the best game fishing
areas in this side of the Pacific, Surigao del Norte hosts the Annual International
Surfing Cup and Annual International Game Fishing Tournament, both in Siargao
Their t ourist s pots ar e t he f ollowing: Suh oton c ave, L umondo w aterfalls,
Cuyapnit cave, Magpupungko Rock Formation, Lake Mainit, and Guyam, Daku
& Naked Islets.
We welcome all me mbers of A SLP, all libr arians, an d inf ormation s pecialists t o at tend our up coming
seminar in Surigao.
19th IT&CMA and 14th CTW Asia Pacific
The World’s Only Doublebill Event, the Incentive Travel & C onventions, Meetings Asia (IT&CMA) is the
premier int ernational MICE (Meetings, Incentives, C onventions an d E xhibitions) s how in t he A sia-Pacific
region. While CTW (Corporate Travel World) is a conference and exhibition on Travel & Entertainment (T&E)
management for the Asia Pacific region.
This event was participated by the President of ASLP, Ms. Shirley Cruz last October 4-6, 2011 at Bangkok
Convention Center, Thailand. Prior to this event, Ms. Cruz also participated in the Philippine Meetings, Incentive
Travel, Conventions, and Exhibitions and Events Conference or M.I.C.E.Con2011 at the Province of Cebu on
10-13 August 2011 representing the ASLP.
ASLP 2011 Members
Abrigo, Vincent M.
The W orld B ank in t he P hilippines
Dominado, Liezl M.
Far Eastern University
Lopez, Wilhelmina D.
Dublin, Darlene R.
Marlow Navigation Training Center, Inc.
Mabalot, Adalia L.
Duran, Maria Flordeliz U.
Carmelite Sisters of Our Lady
Madlangbayan, Ma. Luisa R.
Supreme Court of the Philippines
Enem, Nolie G.
LRC - Philippine Military Academy
Mallo, Geraldine G.
Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation
Estrada, Rosalie B
Mines and Geosciences Bureau - DENR
Manalo, Leona Rica
Fermanejo, Maria Merconi E.
Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo Memorial Hospital
Manhit, Jesusa C.
Office of the Press Secretary (Ret.)
Balidoy, Rosemarie D.
Legislative L ibrary S ervice - H ouse o f
Flojo, Fidel Ian
Maninang, Leilani
EFLC - Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
Buenaventura, Gracia E.
Maria Montessori Foundation
Funclara, Rosally D.
Presidential Management Staff
Manocsoc, Editha G.
Eastern Visayas Regional Medical Center
Caluang, Surfina M.
Universidad de Zamboanga
Gallo, Edeliza C.
Mariano, Norberto III
Canaway, Elsa C.
Trinity University of Asia
Galora, Huwaran Mapalarin-Sinag C.
C&E Publishing, Inc.
Monteclaro, Mildred L.
Casio, Teresita R.
National Statistics Office
Garcia, Corazon G.
Nipes, Lourdelene Q.
Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino
Ciubal, Annabel S.
Far Eastern University JD Law Library
Garing, Natalia L.
Lipa City College
Ocampo, Karen F.
Meralco Central Library
Cruz, Shirley I.
Commission on Appointment
Garsuta, Editha B.
St. Joseph College Sindangan, ZN
Ong, Milagros S.
Supreme Court of the Philippine
Cuenca, Josephine M.
Galas National High School, Dipolog
Gayman, Aileen R.
Laguna State Polytechnic University
Orca, Imelda L.
Angelicum College
Dacillo, Marjorie C.
Gayman, Hoseal B.
Laguna State Polytechnic University
Pacheco, Rey E.
Manila Bulletin
Dalina, Daisy S.
Fortun Narvasa Salazar Law Office
Gorospe, Maria Judith Faye T.
C&E Publishing, Inc.
Paraiso, Alicia S.
Goethe-Institut Philippinen
David, Lourdes T.
Rizal Library, Ateneo de Manila University
Gravador, Carmencita C.
Peñaflor, Janice DC
dela Cruz, Estrellita G.
Colegio de Dagupan
Hamid, Rufaida A.
Universidad de Zamboanga
Ponce, Vinamar A.
St. Bridget School
del Mundo, Rafael Joseph C.
Manila Observatory
Julian, Rosalie O.
Manila Polo Club, Inc.
Prosperoso, Alma Mila D.
World Health Organization (WPRO)
de los Reyes, Louise Ian T.
Lim, Rothman T.
Rafael, Janette M.
Tomas del Rosario College, Butuan
Alba, Christopher A.
Binan City Library
Alenzuela, Reysa C.
Thomas J efferson In formation C enter,
US Embassy, Manila
Altoveros, Abigail E.
Bureau of Agricultural Statistic
Arevalo, Delia J.
Dr. Emilio B. Espinosa, Sr. Memorial State
College of Agriculture and Technology
Occupational Safety and Health Center-DOLE
Southville International School and College
Caraga State University - Cabadbaran Campus
American Studies Resource Center, DLSU
Issue 3 • November 2011 • 9
ASLP 2011 Executive Board
Cont. of ASLP 2011 Members
TEL. NO. (632) 523-0068
Rebadulla, Elma C.
Philippine Columbian Association
Sayson, Avelina T.
Servida, Mercedita B.
Lopez Museum and Library
Sumaway, Zenaida C.
Tomas del Rosario College, Butuan
Tablizo, Melba
National Library of the Philippines
Commission on Appointments
Tel. (632) 834-2709
Email: [email protected]
Goethe-Institut Philippinen
Tel. (632) 840-5723
Email: [email protected]
Supreme Court of the Philippines
Lopez Museum & Library
Philippine Columbian Association
Tabayoyong, Valentina T.
Philippine In stitute f or D evelopment
Villarin, Portia S.
Saint Estanislao Kostka College
Yap, Joseph M.
De La Salle University
Yap, Julita A
International Labour OrganizationManila
Ydayan, Alicia B.
St. Vincent’s College, Dipolog City
C & E Publishing, Inc.
Tel. (632) 929-5088 loc. 188
Email: [email protected]
National Statistics Office
Tel. (632) 713-7090
Email: [email protected]
Occupational Safety & Health Center
Tel. (632) 924-2413
Email: [email protected]
Bureau of Export Trade Promotion
Dept. of Trade and Industry
Office of the Press Secretary (Ret.)
Supreme Court of the Philippines
Philippine Institute for Dev’t Studies
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