Android Spit - Spring 16


Android Spit - Spring 16
Spring 2016
Android Spit
Android Spit SHRINKRAP Litany in quadrophony 12: 16 : 15 (for Mark) “There is no hors-­‐texte.” (Derrida) who Heaven’s dew speck of glue nexus plexus embryonic aqueduct out of luck sonar radar polar quasar more ebola more granola roll over and over on / off your ass down the grass try and remember 11 September MIGHT makes RIGHT Jeezus H Christ don’t believe the Hype Aztec arche-­‐ types what ¥ chain store gearbox iron curtain trees of pearl barbarian world trackless wastes unfathomed oceans lesser notions Cygnus X-­‐1 fun in the sun speak for yourself tuna melt curious mellow yellow stabbed in the heart for a brand new start OK Android OBEY where swarmbot uzzi from Missouri living color cloak of darkness deep of matter pitter-­‐patter projective verse just got worse don’t work outta order cross the border outta bounds ’zounds Ezra Pounds hit the ground run for cover Mad Max of the Maya positive incapable when $ $$ $$$ make amends dew-­‐drop into piece of clay lotus blossom save the day write away coagulate caravan Mastaba Man blindfold scan 13 20 -­‐ 20 18 keep your teeth G R E E N in-­‐between tropes tripes see the dead be-­‐headed sights Myst-­‐er E from Mr. Lee thru D doo da-­‐da walla-­‐walla Big Bang Wiki-­‐Wiki World Bank in the B L A C K bent… pyramid’s …rent… point 1 per ¢ …LENT… surfing… …Easter Island… …with Osiris… …da Alien… …da man-­‐less… …Magick Man… all… …American… put the Panama plan k k k Olé Mohammed Ali-­‐baba take it away pray & spray be gay oé – oé one-­‐eyed say one-­‐eyed love dedicated to the mud on the clubb rubber soul in dub nyce on ice thwim or think twice throw of the dice Three Blind Mice the price is right ma you’re only rhyming whining and dining apocalyptic gyre helicopter wired wheels afire retired friar join the choir messianic panic from the stellar to the Attic in love and war forever more big or small hardcore you bore shut the font door the end of TIME or just tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow Fibonacci’s sorrow the horror the horror like f o l ds with-­‐in the cloak of darkness focus November fender bender mother-­‐ in-­‐law defender Ender drachma render pants on fire trip the wire in the middle of the night get up ignite watch the light don’t let……go dojo bo jo never know smack-­‐ after-­‐smack watch your back back in € € the hat see them just like that run-­‐run-­‐ so help run-­‐ you you run-­‐run GOD Everywoman’s the Peter Gunn DOG …brother… Lord of Awe …lover 4 father… by …son… 4 hole in one 3 whole 2 or l none temp-­‐o ’nuf said as better READ you reap in XO the head… it goes better play boom-­‐boom ! DEAD on then… the moon R E D : o ) $$ more signs Go… to… Bed of dream doom the $ dream weird sisters of loom the Wingèd L-­‐shaped Egg room Hieronimo’s row boat f a t canoe again Mu ? nothing beats Dogon a Eshu Coke® ash heap and mantra pizza eudaemonia down hocus-­‐ pocus behold! the Pearl become a speck of mire your family business attire $ ignore Yorick forfeit outta play end -­‐game over age today waste less space face the Orphic gaze w/ grace fluid logic in your pocket rock it unveiling Booz asleep Lavater’s conceit beggars retreat see you later pray tell IT to your phat Mac qua qua metaphoric love shack straight to the heart attack just like that ironic limit of the metonymic lyric fylfot’s will to Spirit nearly killed it Promised Land Oversoul putsch $$ duped in the loop-­‐d-­‐loop droop 2 scoops for the troops human boner the alligator high roller well escalator low baller at boogaloo outta Chichen Itza at the zoo town caller doo-­‐wa-­‐ditty claymation menthol like will do eidolon Walter Mitty hey! Iron Curtain back again the cat eons gone in New York jumped bedlam City over mausoleum off / on the moon in the corner diddle-­‐diddle Living of inter-­‐
monkey Color subjectivity in the middle mesh not what lost …omens it seems the keys lemmas… only to …patterns ice cream the kingdom goddam you in the …mess… scream palace Queen’s pawn we all of wisdom game cream weaver of escape to of thrones Tatouine freedom game of chess on …dum… beam the lee beam D you know what dum-­‐dum down you mean …Dis the plexus one Is… abyss for the team …Da piss… in the steam D r u m… past ta’wil silver the caravan keep it real serenade from no big deal in Dys brush the days through between of the aqueduct meals Solomon arcade feel the steel Baal’s have it made like stones daughters in from Baal’s multi -­‐ verse soup Dow Jones Vico Albion’s after-­‐glow classified info New World zeitgeist 20 15 ghost-­‐ in-­‐the-­‐ machine double-­‐
entendre on and on graviton gluon hard-­‐on moron beat the odds i-­‐pad i-­‐pod shoot your wad mod squad traffick w/ spirits schizoid nit-­‐wit(s) lover of stone low moan thanks for the loan Choronzon the shade tickling spiders laughing lions insider liars wax-­‐museum luna-­‐park fakes double take Minotaur steak belly ache a sling ding-­‐a-­‐ling poetry ’sting literature’s lord of the far-­‐ flung thing telephone rings recognition’s blister on a Field of Blades not getting laid save the date don’t be late great place to masturbate Ocean of Asphalt nailed to the waves purple haze 50 ways to love your Other brother Mein Struggle double trouble inside sons go home passed thru long time the fire no see live-­‐wire Lu-­‐ does gal-­‐ your sense zag-­‐ not gizzi warn you not what when your you’re words thought are wild? to be to conquer Poët divide Mo'Dee take eyes (five) of 5 flesh’s the triumph invisibility of hierophant the wicked insanity lives fast me & dies me hypostasized me polis oh say is can you flee cries A how and why B the matrix C of X Y Z fake it as Ishtar naked a wife more has a cow beautiful a love song than gold will in fusion travel pure delusion Babel stoned more toil lover double mother-­‐ trouble fucker inside $$ the bubble bread of presence war elephants the bubble common $$ $ sense don’t Ga holds be -­‐tum its tongue humble -­‐dug’s like grumble drunk again a drug gusts of anger fiery among thugs golden wine scaled mean a stitch & not watt in time found it seems 3 point 5 wanting Diotima’s pillars blood-­‐stained dream of flags Allah wisdom waving karim the glory fraying any wound of God but is to keep a wound things hidden in the glory the heart! of you hear that kings a lot is start in the midden to fart with Wisconsin crunched-­‐up malt reptiles Golgotha beasts of salt burden double vermin -­‐edged black coral tongues red jasper of Master Blaster Ecstasy garden oui oui of delights merci Main Man sweetness Friday to night your lips blood… -­‐ blip -­‐ moon BE dark… HERE wood sun NOW stone you ? messenger iron having fun of bronze yet no clay but… news IF… silver monster the right one gold from don’t break the get you the sea the left one mold indigo field stuns dulcimer s
nowy (big guns) triangle cheeks Big Fun zither clouds w/ pipe of hair Elmer Fudd horn sand a
blution on the Nile Old World final final walk man alone solution a mile Gorgias under like a child Ishâk your tunic aetherized Gog garden fresh in the zone of Eden skins w/ a bone sylvan for w/ a plastic meaning new wines saxophone California cleansing Aereas dreaming rites Antiochus waves mosquito Onésimus on the river bites Matthias of Saturday rendez-­‐vous darkness Night with Rāmā and light dead or vamos source of life alive a la playa earn service rat pack your divine scions stripes melting ice bedizened get it right hindsight Klingons my easy wipe neo-­‐cons my uptight automatons my outta sight hegemons you die when the night drums …what have…
mood is dol-­‐drums one by one introjected Pa exquisite corpse behind closed doors galore Warlord of nevermore when who only you what to do mo’ blues for Hugh more highs to un-­‐do what’s true in the hood misunderstood drop your racket white rabbit shrink wrap it tell it to the hand your wish ain’t my command grand finale what a drag on the hashtag new tango in Paris rhymes w/ Atlantis where what Tumult of Wheels casino strip tease ring your bells of peace venereal disease mad as hell hard sell O! well karmic wheel let’s make a deal with sex appeal hey diddle diddle cat-­‐and-­‐ the-­‐fiddle cow jumped over the moon too right you……done roller-­‐ to your coaster divine child ride this time to i theEnd i i ofNight ! who what when where week-­‐end don’t stare bend be there with Shaun or and Shem be square forget Midnight them Rambler again ? to the wanna bitter end… cracker men, poly-­‐ we / we mommy the people have who aren’t you heard in Heaven Rambo 24 Rambo 7 follow long story the herd no glory mockin’ bird sorry burgers Y for relax nerds your mind Tao world Einstein at last funny was Valentine the Word in crime purple you palace darling emerald haze Clementine all in happy wife your = brain lit rag in the bag don’t brag lament con -­‐tent-­‐ed with con -­‐tent in con -­‐tent-­‐ment’s bent vent internet web test infinite jet set truly you jest the West is the best give it a rest film fest! aristocrat $ road block antenna body guard electric eye voice inside open wide park and ride run and hide suicide in search of soon tighten the screws behead the messenger of bad news save us Jews the emperor of whipped cream voluptuous sherbert pay dirt Red Alert squirt punch-­‐in life-­‐ jacket fur sunburn look back don’t squirm € young sperm discus thrower abort, again, sport burn in turn to learn fuel pump safety belt window like the rain in Spain legerdemain lanolin and inlaid wood operator filter outer kilter brainless target practice no malice no chalice making “nothing” happen rappin’ to yourself alone on the phone to the Twilight Zone good luck $ go to bed wish you were BLESSED fiberglass harmonica infra-­‐red detergent mason instead mess with happy life Mac the Knife the place so nice they named it twice so— whistle while you work jerk— don’t write berserk dream of wires rinse-­‐and -­‐repeat melting ice no dice lifemanship survives high five aim high € finish last nice guy nice try active force– flow Joe Blow your square has no angle your horn far side lost time out of joint point counter-­‐point write on! ding-­‐dong hell’s bells ends well… NOT into the hot spot anointed with ointment for disappointment psy-­‐chedelic psy-­‐chotropic rope-­‐ a-­‐dope IT Holofernes Mama Cass Smirnoff at noon peaked too soon from the iota lagoon display your cannot fade away head be heard here woodshed your today mega content …on hot stuff has no form no… more than the beat tomorrow enough is people is enuf gone in sorrow gone propeller gone batteries Genuine Tong thorns fire balls fly swatter to for the the Fort Square Great forlorn original Fire Wall error-­‐torn wrapper torchbearer’s in the blow jam fall archaeo-­‐ funk summer morn Acid ‘74 Benjamin’s Writer storm slammed and sunk whacked in your face old-­‐fashioned ways quicksand embrace tar pits suspended the cashier’s animation new age souvenirs salt sea w/ your dashboard of sign smashed perdition language parasol for Love license plate labyrinth sweet name in need as honey insane ferry show me the lion’s mane boat $ £ € ¥ rhymes w/ indeed (money) bane the you big baboon in the cavernous room vegetation’s many moons elemental overripe fruit of the loom gag you with a spoon boom boom greet your doom bullet in the head jump out of bed Trump Le Pen The fly is no longer on the bread ; it’s on your pubes puking (…living… being… …loving… …longing ) Appalling Mornings £ early warning Mercy! Mercy! Mercy! three quality cheers oh dear inner ear inner bombardier forceps… girth un-­‐wanted at birth the readiness is all spring & fall i-­‐Phone 4 shut the front door i-­‐Phone 6 your pic of the Styx e y e of PARIS in the Matrix season of the S/witch stitch-­‐ by -­‐ stitch now you pitch ¥ in the ditch not to mention inane inane inane too rich too thin cock’s skin tambourine dioscuric twins in the machine velvet -­‐shovel thrones in the sea let be be the Sailing Prince of bubbles in cheese if you please sneeze it’s a breeze one-­‐way street scene human seed water’s daughter the rainbows in Her eyes all need re-­‐ fueling— £ who ? you dead bees’ knees dryads in need hug the trees on the way to Cythera island of loves past the gates of the sun B u l k i n g t o n ! Tweet-­‐le Dum Tweet-­‐le Dee 20,000 leagues of streaming pee Do you believe? high heels rain dance cash taxi ¥ nothing fancy sudden death cobwebs dog sled roller skates fireworks insurance perks sidewalk scaffolds attack dogs baffled when of Glitch don’t worry be rich don’t bitch make a wish gibberish feel the hate more luxury real estate where Foolin’ love comes in spurts Ernie ♥ Burt what M-­‐base grace in haste music waste jihad verse in your face who