Dum Dums® Lollipop Flowers


Dum Dums® Lollipop Flowers
 Dum Dums® Lollipop Flowers
You will need:
Dum Dums
Colored streamers
Watering can or container
Decorative shredded paper
With a few pieces of tape handy, cut a piece of streamer around one foot long
and begin folding the streamer over in half inch increments.
Every few inches, put a piece of tape on the bottom of the streamer to secure the
Leave some tape off the edge so that it will stick to the Dum Dum later.
Begin wrapping the folded streamer around the Dum Dum, allowing a bit of tape
stick to it.
Once the sucker is wrapped, put your finger between the paper to fluff the
Fill the watering can with shredded paper and Styrofoam, then insert the Dum
Dums flowers and enjoy!