rhino report - Ramsey Middle School


rhino report - Ramsey Middle School
November 20th, 2015
Ramsey Middle School Minneapolis, MN
Volume 1 No. 3
School Dance! Investigative Report: 2048 BY: Marley Hinschberger Today is the School Dance, Ramsey Rhinos! Student Council has put a lot of effort into planning and setting up the dance. First off, if you don’t know. the theme is a masquerade ball. The day of the dance is also Blast From the Past for Spirit Week. This dance, (like most) is after school. From 3:45-­‐5:45. Remember that if you leave the dance, you will not be let back in. The dance will have snacks. There is also a $2 suggested entrance “fee” and this money will go to help funding Student Council or to charities. We will spent a whole 50 minutes (8th hour) to set this up. We will be there till 6:30 cleaning up after the dance. There was also a 30 minute debate on which theme we wanted to do. So please, when you see a Student Council member, thank them. And try not to make a huge mess at the dance. BY: Frances P-­‐G and Solveig J. There have been some issues with people playing assorted games, namely 2048 games. Kids get in trouble, but they don't always get their iPad taken away, allowing them to continue playing games. Games commonly played are: 2048 Cupcakes, 2048 Star Wars, 2048 Super Heels, Hopscotch, and ST Math. If you look around your classroom, there will most likely be someone playing a game whether your teacher notices or not. It's important to remember the iPads are for educational purposes only! Note that anybody with an iPad, signed a contract saying that they would only use it for educational purposes, and cupcakes generally are not educational. Chasing Lovely BY: Chloe Lewandowski First you may ask, “who or what is Chasing Lovely?” They are a sister band who write original songs and do home show. Their names are Chloe Turner (20), and Taylor Turner (22). The lovely girls came to our musical theatre classes last Friday. They gave a three song performance and a Q and A. The first song they played was Kiss Me. This song about how you want someone to kiss, and you get so close, but the other slips away right before, as it states in the song. The second song is one Taylor wrote about “getting out and living your dreams and not just dreaming about them.” The third and final song was about relationships today and how people say they are dating each other, but there is nothing to the relationship. I]It’s just hi and awkwardly standing next to each other. When they performed, in my opinion, the energy in the room was great! They were amazing live and now that I have heard them live and pre recorded, live is way better. Silent Day BY: Madison Curtis Today, November 20th, is Silent Day. We are silent for those who don’t have a voice to speak up. Not everyone can speak up and share their opinion to make a difference. We encourage each person to be silent during their elective periods, but if you think you can be silent all day, then do that. Please tell your friends to participate. I hope you all will join me in being silent today! Interview With Mrs. Jacques BY: Marley Hinschberger I interviewed the Global Studies Teacher Mrs. her questions that will be helpful Jacques. I asked throughout the year. Don’t worry, Ms. Miller's students. You will be doing the same things we are! Q: What are we doing in this unit? A: We are learning about the indigenous group of the Kayapo and will be preparing for the Philosophical Chairs debate. Q: Will there be a class documentary? A: No Q: Will we zoom in on a country like we did with North America? A: Not really. Later in the unit you will with a group. Q: What other tests will we have in this unit other than the country quiz? A: We will be having a benchmark quiz which will be you and a group of people (not your table group) will make a roleplay on a country about their economic stance. Q: What will be our next units? A: Next we will be doing Africa south of the Sahara, then Africa north of the Sahara and [the] Middle East and Asia, then Europe. Then our floating unit is the United Nations unit which is when students do a project about any part of the world they want. More information will be stated in class. Q: Will we take a country quiz which every part of the world we learned about? A: Yes. Q: Will we do a class zoom in with the rest of our units? A: Yes. Q: Are all our units 6-­‐8 weeks? A: Yes. Q: What's your favorite unit? A: The United Nations unit because it's a great chance for students to show their thinking. Editorial: How Music Can Help Teens BY: Ellis Durand Music is amazing -­‐ no doubt about it. But did you know [that] in a survey, 70% of people feel emotionally better after singing, and you don’t even have to be that good. Or plan the song out. Just freestyle it. Or, if you’re going through a really tough time in your life, listening to music will help you. Well, as long as you get the right type of music. But you will. There is so much music out in the world, whatever you’re feeling, there will literally be 30 or more songs that match your mood. And music can trigger your adrenalin if you’re really into it, and that can keep you going, I know it gives me some energy on my bike ride to school and back. And I haven’t even got to the best part of music. You could be a millionaire if people love your music. You could start with a humble YouTube channel, but end up performing for the Oscars or the Super Bowl. But of course, that’s only if you’ve got real talent. Maybe you have that talent. Why You Shouldn’t Put Leaves in the Gutters BY: Solveig J. When you are raking and bagging your leaves take care not to put any extra leaves in the gutters. Why? Because when you put leaves in the gutters they can get into the water supply. Then this can lead to the leaves decomposing and adding too much nitrogen to the city water. Also rotting leaves can deprive fish of oxygen because when they decompose. This takes oxygen directly out of the water, and by adding extra nitrogen and it can cause certain plants to grow that suck up oxygen as well, such as algae and certain weeds. And it costs the city a good deal of money to clean it out. After all, it is much cheaper to sweep the leaves then to filter them out at the sewer plant. So basically, it all comes down to: don’t let your leaves get into the gutters because if they do get in the sewers and decompose, then it will hurt the fish and cost us all more taxes! Dum Dum Mystery Flavor Revealed BY: Solveig J., Alice D., and Frances P-­‐G Have you ever wondered what flavor your Mystery Flavor Dum Dum actually is? Well it turns out that the Dum Dum factories actually don’t stop their machines when they are going to switch flavors… they just dump the next flavor in and let it keep mass producing. Those are the Mystery flavors. Because it is much cheaper to not stop the machines, we get Dum Dum Mystery flavors which are a mix between two flavors. Mystery flavors are also made of any extra mix at the end of the day, and are also test flavors. So next time you're eating a Mystery Flavor sucker, remember it could be a sour apple-­‐root beer Dum Dum. + = Editorial: I Am A Feminist Because BY: Marley Hinschberger I am a feminist because I shouldn't be silenced. I am a feminist because of unfair gender norms. I am a feminist because three hundred sixty two million girls shouldn't be out of school. I am a feminist because “boys will be boys” is not a good excuse. I am a feminist because of unfair dress codes. I am a feminist because I believe in equality. I am a feminist but I am not a man-­‐hater. I am a feminist because maybe I don't want to be “lady like.” I am a feminist because you shouldn't stereotype anyone. I am a feminist because “no” means “no.” I am a feminist because what's wrong with being confident? I am a feminist because maybe I want to wear makeup. I am a feminist because I don't want to judged for who I am. I am a feminist because it's been over a year since #bringbackourgirls started. I am a feminist because I want to be, and you should, too. Extinction BY: Will Musser The list of animals gone extinct is well over the millions. Many of them where hunted to extinction, or their habitat was destroyed by humans. The list of animals driven to extinction by humans goes on and on and on; passenger pigeon (Ectopistes migratorius), the dodo bird (Raphus cucullatus), Mauritius blue pigeon (Alectroenas nitidissima), and the western black rhinoceros, hunted to extinction. The last one died in 2011. When I was little, I had an animal encyclopedia that had the black rhino in it. Now the new version doesn’t have it. The black rhino is gone but its cells live on. Above is a dodo bird, It was hunted to extinction by humans in the 1600s. Humans wiped them out before we had cameras. All we have are a few illustrations. No stuffed models, just drawings. Animals that have gone extinct due to human activities. (Source: IUCNRedList.org) Scan the code above to tell us your thoughts. Aliens BY: GG Are they real? We don’t know. Not yet at least. I mean, our planet, being the only one with life on it in the whole universe? The Universe is a pretty big place. In the Milky Way alone, there are 200 billion stars. 15% of these 200 billion have planets. There are about 30 billion planets. That’s a lot. And the odds of us being the only planet that has life is pretty unlikely, in my opinion. There has been a lot of frozen water found on other planets. There could have been life! What do you think? What about the government? What are they hiding? You know that so called “missile” a little while ago? Was that really a missile, or a UFO? We may never know. Think About This How do you feel about same sex marriage? Would you still want to be my friend if I told you my mom was gay? Alternative Music News THE NOT SO OFFICIAL RAMSEY MAD LIBS #3 BY: Tsuko Johnson BY: Solveig J, Frances P-­‐G, and Alice D -­‐ Josh Farro, ex-­‐member of Paramore, 1.Number has created a new band with a new 2. verb ending in ing album coming out [soon]. 3. adjective -­‐ AS IT IS has a new music video for 4. noun SPEAK SOFT 5. verb -­‐BAND MEMBER OF THE WEEK 6. noun BRENDON URIE 7. adjective Age: 28 8. noun Birthday: April 12,1987 9. noun Band: PANIC! At the Disco 10. adjective Height: 5’9’’ 11. noun Spouse: Sarah 12. adjective Orzechowski From: Summerlin, Nevada 13. noun 14.noun 15. number (_____ years later from the last issue.) Herald was___________ a party he could not wait till everyone arrived! (he gets really ________ when it’s his birthday). Finally! Herald saw the first________ walking up the sidewalk. He _______ to the _______ to let the guest in. But it was not one of his guests, it was a very ________ _______. Herald being was a very excitable rhino. He was, was very disappointed to find out it was only the neighborhood ______. Apparently, one of his friends had invited all the neighborhood ________s, Herald saw a whole line of _______s was walking up to his house, there were ______ of them! (one for each year of his life) To be continued… We would love to hear how your Mab Lib turned out! Please send us your results at [email protected] Ramsey Pride Mint Bars BY: Solveig J., Frances P-­‐G., and Alice D. What to do: Ingredients: Base: preheat the oven to 350 Fahrenheit. Grease a 9-­‐inch square pan. Line Base: with parchment paper or aluminum foil, leaving a 2-­‐inch overhang on two 1/3 cup of all-­‐purpose (plain) flour sides. ½ teaspoon baking powder ¼ cup(30g) unsweetened cocoa powder Mix the flour, baking powder and cocoa into a bowl. Melt the chocolate and butter in a double boiler over barely simmering 3 ½ ounces(100g) dark chocolate, water. Let it cool to room temp. copped Beat the eggs and sugar in a bowl with an electric mixer on m edium-­‐high 1/4 cup (60g) salted butter speed until pale and thickened. Fold the chocolate mixture into the egg 2 large eggs mixture. Fold in the flour mixture. Pour into the prepared pan. Bake for 15-­‐20 3/4 cup (150g) sugar minutes, until the top is just set. Let cool completely in the pan on a wire Filling: rack. 8 ounces (250g) white chocolate, Filling: Put the white chocolate in a heatproof bowl. Heat the cream until just chopped simmering, then pour over the white chocolate. Leave for a m inute then 1/2 cup (120ml) double (heavy) cream gently stir until the chocolate is melted and smooth. Stir in the peppermint 1 teaspoons peppermint extract and enough food coloring to make a blue color. Chill until thickened about 25 (essence) minutes. Spread over the brownie. Then chill for an hour. 2 drops blue food coloring. Frosting: Melt the dark chocolate, syrup, and butter in a double boiler over Frosting. barely simmering water. Let cool a little, then spread over the filling. Chill for 5 ounces (150g) dark chocolate an hour. Lift the cake carefully onto a board using the overhanging paper or 1 tablespoon light corn (golden) syrup foil. Cut into bars and serve. 1/4 cup(60g) salted butter Top Ten Saddest Book Endings Random Quotes to Make Your Day Better Compiled By: Tsuko Johnson “Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.” -­‐Elbert Hubbard “Do whatever you need to do to be happy” -­‐Dan Howell “You are all beautiful, and no one should tell you otherwise.” -­‐Troye Sivan “As selfish as it might sound, you have to be happy before you can make other people happy.” -­‐Connor Franta “I’M NOT LAZY I’M JUST ON SAVING ENERGY MODE.” -­‐Unknown So many books, so little time.” -­‐Frank Zappa “Beyonce has 24 hours in her day, too.” -­‐Taylor Turner “POSiTIVE MINDS POSiTIVE VIBES POSITIVE LIFE” -­‐Unknown “Either you can run the day, or the day runs you.” -­‐John Rohn Timmy: A Comic by Ellis Durand BY: Marley Hinschberger #10 If I Stay-­‐ G ayle Forman #9 The One-­‐ K iera Cass #8 Allegiant-­‐ V
eronica Roth #7 The Heir-­‐ K iera Cass #6 Blood Of O lympus-­‐ Rick Riordan #5 The Last O lympian-­‐ Rick Riordan #4 Looking For Alaska-­‐ John Green #3 All The Bright Places-­‐ Jennifer Niven #2 Backlash-­‐ S arah D. Littman #1 The Fault I n Our Stars-­‐ John Green What’s For Lunch? Contributors Madison Curtis GG D. Alice Duncan Ellis Durand Jackson Grant Marley Hinschberger Tsuko Johnson Solveig Juntunen Chloe Lewandowski Will Musser Frances Pappajohn-­‐Goldade Mr. K. And the Rhino Report regrets that we must say goodbye to contributors Eli Carr and Alex Kurtyka. We wish them both the very best! 

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