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The Science of Cooking - Emporia State University
The Science of Cooking
By Joanne Britton Clymer
LIBR 220 – Sci/Tech Resources
This pathfinder was created for a class
assignment at San Jose State University
 I hope you find the resources listed
within useful to your search!
Statement of Scope
The popularity of food and cooking for
novices and professionals alike provided the
motivation for this guide. By nature, chemical
reactions occur every time heat is applied to
an ingredient. This pathfinder is designed for
individuals wishing to increase their general
knowledge of the science of cooking.
Beginning cooks and more adventurous
culinarians (also known as professional
chefs) will find useful information here.
To gather these resources, I used a variety
of websites such as to discover
book titles, and Santa Clara University
Library’s online catalog and electronic
databases. I also used Google to locate
multimedia resources. Further research
revealed that New York Public Library has an
extensive collection of materials devoted to
the field of food and cookery.
This pathfinder's resources are
organized by type and include
Reference Resources, Books,
Databases & Indexes, Journals,
Websites, Organizations, Multimedia,
and Other Useful Information.
Selected Resources
F., & McGee, H. (2010). Modern gastronomy a
to z, a scientific and gastronomic lexicon. Boca Raton,
FL: CRC Press.
P. (2001). The science of cooking. New York,
NY: Springer Verlag.
S. Q. (2011). Culinary reactions, the everyday
chemistry of cooking. Chicago Review Press.
D., Schloss, A., & Handel, A. P. (2008). The
science of good food, the ultimate reference on how
cooking works. Toronto, Ontario: Robert Rose Inc
Selected Resources
The Accidental Scientist: Science of Cooking
America’s Test Kitchen
Kitchen Chemistry
Holt, T., & Norton, J. (2007). The science of
yummy. Popular Science, 271(5), 46-52.
How Stuff Works (molecular
The science of food is completely
different from food science. The
difference is that the science of food
looks at the changes to food items
when heat is applied.
 Food science deals more with the
cultivation and processing of food
The End
Best wishes for a happy holiday

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