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Craig Alan
1. “Carpe Diem”
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Serigraphs on paper.
This California native worked as a street
portrait artist in New Orleans as a teen,
improving his skills and earning money
for school and art supplies. His formal art
training began at the University of Mobile,
Alabama. With a minor in theater, he
studied techniques in makeup and set
design which fostered his interest in
exploring mixed media constructions.
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3. “Antibes Remembered”
30 x 40
Limited-edition giclee on canvas.
Image is of the French Rivieria
town of Antibes. A true American
impressionist, Behrens has
revolutionized the use of the
palette knife to define light, color,
line and texture. He was an
official artist for the 2002 Winter
Olympics in Salt Lake City.
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Simon Bull
4. “The Gift You Give”
15 x 15
Limited-edition giclee
on archival board.
Bull was named an official artist
of the 2002 Winter Olympics.
Due in part to his own encounter
with cancer in 2005, he uses his
artwork to support various causes
such as the American Cancer
Society and the Ronald
McDonald House Charities.
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James Coleman
5. “Soft Glow”
18 x 24
Limited-edition lithograph on paper.
Coleman was formerly an artist
for Disney Studios who specialized
in background scenes for tropical
and wooded settings in such films as
Winnie the Pooh, The Little
Mermaid, Beauty & the Beast
among many others.
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6. “Winter at the Met”
20 x 16
Depicts the Metropolitan Opera House
in New York City’s Lincoln Center.
This piece is made of multi-layered
3-D serigraphs that are hand-cut, glued,
glittered and assembled.
It is a signed & numbered limited-edition.
It appears as “3-D pop art”.
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7. “Repose”
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Limited edition giclee on
canvas that evokes the classical
imagery of a Raphael or Titian
of the Italian 15th century.
There are a number of classical
symbols such as Greek columns
and ancient Egyptian palmetto
leaf designs. This piece of art
will stand the test of time.
The artist was born in Cognac,
France, in 1968, and was
influenced by his father who
was a portrait photographer.
8. “Beauty on the
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Limited edition giclee
on canvas by the Russian
husband & wife team of
Michael & Inessa Garmash.
Friends of The Art Shop have
been fortunate to meet this
dynamic and talented couple
since they have traveled to our
gallery for two artist shows.
10. “Contemplation”
31 x 26
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Serigraph on paper by Russian artist,
Oleg. “I show in my paintings what
people cannot see in real life. I show
individuality, the intelligence, dreams
and emotions, that every human being
is different and because of that, they
are beautiful.” Oleg has been to The
Art Shop for a one-man show.
Sam Park
11. “Okracoke”
30 x 40
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This is an original oil painting by
South Korean-born artist, Sam
Park, of a beautiful North Carolina
coastal scene. Park is internationally
known for his scenic landscapes.
He currently lives in California.
This piece is framed with a handcarved finished corner frame.
Fabian Perez
12. “Tango II”
20 x 27
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Passion and romance are evident in this
limited-edition giclee on canvas by this
world-renowned Argentinean-born artist.
13. “Almost Ready”
44 x 36
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Limited-edition giclees
on canvas.
Italian-born Pino is an
renowned artist whose
work is sought after
by collectors
all over the world.
14. “Early Morning”
32x 26
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Born in Iran, Sabzi paints beautiful and graceful women. “My artistic inspiration, the very basis of form
and color for my work, comes from my childhood memories of Persian rugs designed and weaved by
my mother. As I watched her for hours creating gorgeous patterns, hues and textures, her fingers
dancing across the loom, the designs and shapes of my current work took form.”
15. “Another Night”
16. “Face of My Love”
Giclee on Paper
30 x 24
22 x 18
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Vidan was born in the picturesque city of Perugia, which is nestled between the elegant cities of
Rome and Florence. In his youth, Vidan realized immediately his passion for the arts. His vocation
was established instantly and pursued with zeal thus attending some of the finest art schools in Italy.
Since moving to the U.S in 1988, Vidan was grown and is recognized today as a strong force in
the very competitive world of romance artists. Vidan is the nephew of Pino.
17. “ A Natural Sensation”
Giclee on Paper
21.5 x 14
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18. “Passionate Imagery”
Giclee on Paper
17 x 15.5
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19. “Serene Beauty”
Giclee on Paper
21 x 14
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20. “Sheer Beauty”
Giclee on Paper
20 x 15
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Leonard Wren refers to himself as an “American Impressionist.” He considers the
style’s accessibility and popularity a plus. “Impressionism is like the blues,”
Wren says. “It’s so basic that it touches you profoundly.”
“If you want the truth, you have to go straight to the outdoors.”
Wren is originally from Oklahoma.
21. “Maison de Marie”
Giclee on Canvas
36 x 46
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