The Swing Guard


The Swing Guard
The Swing Guard
Adjustment system
Assembly instructions
Size the ring to pass over
the customer’s knuckle.
Cut one groove on the
lower side of the shank.
Cut the groove in the 4:00
Solder to the shank.
(Can also be lasered)
Swing over to the other
side of the shank.
Crimp to create snap.
Adjust to customer’s
finger and crimp again.
Order #
SG15M 1.5–1.75mm x 16.5mm I.D.
SG25M 2.5–2.75mm x 16.5mm I.D.
SG30M 3.0–3.5mm x 16.5mm I.D.
Available in 14KW and 14KY
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