Dash led conversion P1 This is a continuation of a


Dash led conversion P1 This is a continuation of a
Dash led conversion P1
This is a continuation of a more detailed ³how to´ I will upload soon
I started by taking out all the dials to give me a blank canvas to work with. Makes
it possible to get into the nooks and crannies to get the reflective tape in, even
though the inside of the dash binnacle is white, it helps a little more to reflect the
light and bounce it around to achieve a more even coverage.
Place the reflective tape to all the sides as well.
I placed to 3 led strips, the type you get for door handle illumination and placed
both near the top lip of the bottom of the dash to light the odometer
I wired them to one of the bulb holders, but they can be wired to the 2 metal
brackets in the pic, Looking at the pic, the ground is on the left and positive to the
I used to have indiglow dials and whilst i liked the illuminated effect, i preferred
having black dials as they matched the rest of my gauges.
So i thought i would have a play with a few leds in certain places to break up the
I used some 5mm red acrylic and cut a small piece to fit behind the fuel E and
empty line, i used a 5mm flat top red led and hot glued onto the acrylic, making
sure of the correct position, by shining a torch through the dial looking behind it to
mark. Also did the same to the temp gauge
Also i painted the back of the acrylic and the led with black paint to stop any bleed
of the red into the rest of the dial