WDW 201606 am Lois Green Media Exploration


WDW 201606 am Lois Green Media Exploration
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Lois Green
Media Exploration
Thursdays: June 2, 9, 16, 23 9am – 12pm
$90 for members and non-members ($60 registration, $30 materials fee)
Please pay at the club to register
No experience necessary, all skill levels welcome.
Water-based media: acrylic and watercolour.
Contemporary approaches to acrylic and watercolour.
Class Description:
About the Artist:
Explore alternate approaches to art-making by using and experimenting
with different surfaces and media.
Green was born in Toronto Ontario and graduated from the Ontario College
of Art and Design in 1983 and worked as a studio and commercial artist in
Canada and the UK. While in England she pursued drawing studies at St.
Martins College of Art and Design. Green returned to Canada in 1987 and
continued to work in fields related to commercial art. In 2004 she
transitioned to a fine art practice and began publically exhibiting her work in
2006. In 2010 she traveled Rome and Florence for an extended residency,
studying Renaissance Art History, History of Design and drawing and
painting studio.
“My art practice is firmly rooted in life studio. I seek sublime art making
experiences that oblige me to occupy the present moment. Artistic concerns
as well as my regard for the model and self thus become acutely intensified.
The resulting form embodies the translation of these concerns as well as
traces of immediacy and experience of the drawing process.”
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Materials List
Participants should bring:
Paint / art media: •
Support & substrates: •
Supplies: •
Reference Materials:
Paint and media will be provided, be prepared to use them in
unorthodox ways
Substrates will be provided, we will work on tables
Paper towel, rags. Appropriate dress for an active art workshop.
We will work in non-subjective, intuitive and abstract ways
A fun attitude and open mind.
Instructor’s supplies:
Student Materials Fee:
Materials Provided: •
$ 30
Watercolour and acrylic paint and media, a variety of paint substrates
including terra skin, rag paper, Masonite and canvas.
Workshop outline
Week 1
Acrylic media
Experience a variety of acrylic media including scrafitto paste, texture mediums and liquid
media toward creating a catalogue of approaches that could be integrated into your art
making practice.
Each week we will work to create “skins” toward using them in a final composition
Week 2
Brave new world of pigments and tools
Work with the new synthetic palette of acrylic colours in combination with acrylic paint
markers on a variety of substrates to experience contemporary materials applied in
traditional and contemporary manners.
As well as creating skins, this week we will create images that will be photographed toward
creating photo transfer subjects.
Week 3
Watercolour explorations
Employ a variety of resists and surface interventions and watercolour medium toward using
this traditional media in contemporary and unorthodox ways. We will try a number of
approaches and materials on smaller compositions and then apply this to a large 22” x 30”
sheet of watercolour paper.
Week 4
Skins and transfers
Using the photocopy images and skins created during the preceding weeks we will create a
composition on Masonite that could also contain materials used in the preceding weeks.
We will also experience photo transfer onto a variety of substrates.
Samples of Lois’ work: