January 2013 - Northeast Georgia History Center


January 2013 - Northeast Georgia History Center
January 2013 Edition
What is new in 2013?
The beginning of the New Year ushers in a
few changes at the History Center. This month
we elect and install the Board of Directors at the
Annual Membership Meeting, and while many
board members continue their service, there are
several new faces joining the board.
A new exhibit is opening in the Rotating
Gallery and a new exhibit will soon be on display
in the Rotunda.
Each month, the Forum and Family Day
cover new themes.
Make it a point to visit the History Center
often during 2013 in order to keep up with our
new activities.
Please make plans to attend
the Annual Membership Meeting and
Wine and Cheese Reception
on Thursday, January 17,
5:30—7:00 p.m. RSVP by January 12
And the nominees are…
A key part of the business meeting on January 17 is the election of the Board of
Directors for 2013. The nominating committee of the Board of Directors presents the following
slate of officers and directors to serve in the year ahead.
President: Jeff Pierce
Vice president: Cathy Herdener
President-elect: Jeff Whalen
Treasurer: Dick Childers
Secretary: Cleda Locey
Class of 2013: Pat Burd, Cathy Herdener, Phil Hudgins, Carolyn Jacobs, Ric Kabat, Cleda
Locey, Connie Propes, Jim Southerland (B), Ken Wallace, and Jeff Whalen
Class of 2014: Kathy Amos, Anne Chenault, Dick Childers, Julia Clay (B), Jack Frost, Beth
Grimes, Steve Gurr, Jullie King, Tom LeFevre, Helen Martin, Matt Thomas (B), and Fleming
Class of 2015: LaMerle Loveland, John Tefft, Pat Guthrie, Tami Lee (B), Leo Llonch, Carolyn
Mahar, Gnimbin Ouattara (B), Jeff Pierce, Doris Sosebee, and Andy Tymchuk
(B) denotes Brenau University representatives.
Members, we want you to take part in the process of confirming the slate of officers and
directors for 2013. Following the business meeting, members may enjoy a wine and cheese
reception that is more than wine and cheese. All members and are urged to attend!
JANUARY 2013 Calendar of Events
History Center
10 a.m.
the History
10 a.m. – GOP
8 9:30 a.m.
Exec. Comm.
7 p.m. Forum
Don’t forget
to RSVP for
the Annual
1—4 p.m.
5:30-7 p.m.
Meeting and
8 a.m.-5 p.m.
NGHS Rental
Forum: Tuesday, January 8, 7 p.m.
Gainesville is known far and wide as the “Poultry
Capital of the World.” So, what is a more natural topic for a
Forum than poultry? And, who better to present that program
than native son Dr. Greg Mathis? Greg grew up in Gainesville
and is the son of Frances Mathis and the late James Mathis.
Dr. Greg Mathis
Following high school, Greg enrolled in North Georgia College
and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree. He worked for the Department of
Agriculture for a time, and then enrolled at UGA, where he earned both Master’s and Ph.D.
degrees in poultry science. After earning his Ph.D., he founded Southern Poultry Research, Inc.,
a private contract poultry research company. Southern Poultry Research, Inc. has now been in
business over 25 years serving the pharmaceutical and poultry industries. When he is not
working on poultry vaccines, Greg enjoys serving as an international judge for retriever dog
For the January 8 Forum, Greg’s topic is The History of the Georgia Poultry Industry.
Family Day: Sunday, January 13, 1 to 4 p.m.
The Appalachian Heritage of Northeast Georgia is the theme of the first Family Day of 2013.
Visitors will have the opportunities to participate in hands-on Appalachian crafts and observe
artisans practicing their skills. Visitors will be instructed in the art of rug-braiding on a smaller
scale, make a whiz-doodle, and create apple art. There will be ongoing demonstrations—
spinning by Beth Woodward, candle-dipping by Susan Shockley, and others. A special onetime program on Cabin Building begins at 2 p.m. Joseph “Doc” Johnson will demonstrate use
of historic tools as he describes and demonstrates steps of building a cabin. “Doc” also will
show the important roles mules played in building in Appalachia, The Cabin Building program
is subject to change in the event of inclement weather. The mule program will go on as
Admission is free, courtesy of North Georgia Eye Clinic and Laser Center.
New Exhibit Opening in the Rotating Gallery!
In his Requiem for a Nun, the great Southern writer, William Faulkner, intoned, “The
past is never dead. It's not even past.” If I might be so bold as to add to his words, the past is
not even past... it is just the continuing story of Us. In this case, "Us" is the collective group of
souls known more readily as Northeast Georgians. And as such, we share a rich history that
possesses more nooks, crannies and inlets than the shores of Lake Lanier. The hidden, historic
treasures we find just below the surface of everyday life can often intertwine to create a story
that will astound and amaze. So is the case with the newest exhibit at the Northeast Georgia
History Center at Brenau University.
Opening January 18th, the hidden story brought to light is that of the nine U.S
Presidents who have, at some point in their lives, taken time to visit, and in one case, live in,
Hall County. Even with a long and noteworthy political history, Hall County is not exactly on
the beaten path of national politics. So what could almost one quarter of those men elected to
the nation's highest office possibly see in 429 square miles of red clay soil at the foot of the
Beginning in the spring of 1819, less than a year after the county's founding, some found
refuge here, whether for only one night or several months. Others found us on the way to
somewhere else, probably more important to them and their careers. One came, very
purposely, to help us through the aftermath of a terrible tragedy, the 1936 Tornado, and again
to dedicate the promise of a newly rebuilt city. Another chose us as a place to plead for equality
and fairness. Whatever the reason, their presence and time among us made us a better and
stronger people.
Come and join the Northeast Georgia History Center in the coming months as we
present "Amongst the People - The Chief Executive Visits Northeast Georgia".
Jeff Pierce
New Under-the-Dome Exhibit: The Civil Air Patrol
The Civil Air Patrol began in World War II as the civilian auxiliary to the Army Air
Forces, flying coastal watch and anti-submarine patrols throughout the entire war. Since then,
it has served in a variety of capacities, including emergency transport and search-and-rescue. It
also provides a cadet program so that aviation-minded youth can gain education and
experience that often lead to enlistment in the armed services or pilot licenses.
This exhibit will examine the opportunities provided to Northeast Georgia youth
and the history of regional Civil Air Patrol units. Curated and prepared by Paul Guertner,
public relations officer for Gainesville's 160th Composite Squadron, this exhibit will feature a
unique model of a CAP aircraft. The exhibit will be on display from February 1 to April 27, so
please be sure to come by and see this tribute to those who patrol our
Volunteer Spotlight: Rita and Alvin Clifton
Some marriages, it seems, are just meant to be.
That certainly was the case more than 50 years ago when Rita
Ash went home with her roommate from Georgia Southern University
Rita and Alvin Clifton
and was fixed up with a blind date, a fellow named Alvin Clifton from Millen, Ga.
He was introduced to her as “Bud,” and after four years of dating and nearly 47 years of
marriage, he’s still Bud to Rita Ash Clifton.
“I guess it was meant to be,” Rita said.
The Cliftons’ volunteering at the History Center also was meant to be. If you ask Rita
about her favorite activity at the Center, she will say, “I just enjoy the place, period. There’s
always something going on. I guess if I had to pick a favorite, it would be Family Day. I like the
way parents come in and interact with their children. … We see some of the same parents every
Rita also works on the reception desk and represents the History Center at various
activities in the region. That means helping out on Heritage Day in Banks County, at the
Georgia Mountains Center, and other places. Both of the Cliftons help decorate the Center for
Christmas, and lend a hand wherever they’re needed.
Alvin, or Bud, also helps with Family Day, along with veterans activities. A veteran of
the Vietnam War — he served 21 years in the Signal Corps of the U.S. Army — he talks to
students about his experiences in the service.
“Being in the Signal Corps,” he said, “I don’t have too many war stories, but I have other
stories to tell.” A lot of students don’t realize it takes support, such as communications, in
fighting a war, he said.
Alvin sometimes sets up a display, and “the kids are amazed at his pictures of the
satellites and the barracks they lived in” while in Vietnam, Rita said.
When fighting was fierce in Iraq, Rita worked with children in writing and sending
“letters from home,” along with goodie bags, to U.S. troops serving in that country. Some
children would draw pictures to send. One little boy, she remembers, drew a stick figure and
wrote at the bottom “Me hiding.”
After being discharged from the Army, Alvin joined MCI in Atlanta, where he worked
for 18 years. Rita, in the meantime, worked as medical librarian at the VA Hospital and then,
after retiring, worked part-time as reference librarian at the Clarkston campus of Georgia
Perimeter College.
The Cliftons owned a place in Hall County for many years and moved here from Atlanta
in 2010, the same year they joined the History Center. Rita grew up in Gainesville and
graduated from Gainesville High School.
When they’re not volunteering, you might find them pursuing their hobbies:
woodworking for Alvin and quilting for Rita. They’re active in the American Legion, the
Vietnam Veterans of America and New Holland Baptist Church. Alvin also works with the
Gideons, a Christian group that recently passed out more than 1,000 Bibles at the Salvation
Army in Gainesville.
But when someone from the History Center calls with a need, the Cliftons are there to
help, if they can.
It’s important, Rita said, to “keep the young people abreast of our heritage. And
Americanism is important. My husband’s brothers and my father are part of the Freedom
Garden. We just feel that’s important to give back for future generations so they’ll know where
they came from.”
Amen, Rita and Alvin. And thanks all that you do for the History Center.
Delights from the Gift Shop
New to the Gift Shop’s inventory are a variety of pottery pieces by local artist Steve
Turpin. Pieces include pie plates and colanders, roosters and owls, and others.
The long-awaited release of John D. Anthony, Jr.’s second edition of the sold-out
Waterfalls of Northeast Georgia is about to happen. The second edition is titled Mountains and
Waterfalls of Northeast Georgia, and it continues the quality of the first book. A sample copy is in
the Gift Shop for shoppers to browse. The book is available in hardcover only. If you are
interested in purchasing a copy of Mountains and Waterfalls of Northeast Georgia, please contact
the Gift Shop, so that we order a sufficient quantity. The book is priced at $39.25.
The Gift Shop extends a “thank you” to members and visitors who shopped during the
Christmas Season. Currently, all merchandise except books and consignment items is
discounted .
December Family Day was a Busy Event!
Picture 60 elementary school students singing Christmas
music in the Rotunda and Founders’ Hall, Santa Claus visiting
with children and taking photos in Chief White Path’s Cabin, and
volunteers helping children create five different Christmas crafts
in the Education Center. Then you have some idea how busy the
afternoon was for the 350 visitors and 22 volunteers! Thank you’s
are extended to Enota Show Choir; Santa; volunteer photographer
Fleming Weaver; Family Day visitors; and volunteers Yosahandy
Bautista, Katie Brewer, Pat Burd, Elaine and Dick Childers, Rita
and Alvin Clifton, Beth Feizet, Hope Griffin, Kimberly Hulsey,
Volunteer Hope Griffin
helps a student with her
wreath of leaves while
volunteer Susan Shockley
(middle) looks on
LaMerle Loveland, Carolyn Mahar, Amalie Miller, Janie Owen,
Gayla and Jeff Pierce, Connie Propes, Susan Shockley, Heidi
Vandiver, Sally Veatch, and Evelyn Williams. Additional thank
you’s to the many desk and gift shop volunteers who trimmed
and wrapped boxes; members who donated boxes, ribbon,
wrapping paper, pine cones, sweet gum balls; Clint Daniel, who demonstrated wood-turning
and donated the snowman ornaments; Pat Major, who cut out 100 each of paper circles and
wreaths; and the volunteers who helped set up tables and chairs.
Most of the Santa photos were picked up, but several remain. Visitors, please pick up
your photos if you haven’t done so.
Volunteer Dick Childers assists
students with okra ornaments.
Volunteer Fleming Weaver photographs volunteers Janie
Owen and Carolyn Mahar with Santa
Honoring and Remembering
In Honor of
Carolyn and N.A. Jacobs
Mr. and Mrs. R.D. Wilson
Mrs. Frank Green (Willie Mae) and
Nancy and Leonard Parks
In Memory of Mrs. Dean Puckett
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Parks
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Parks
Welcome New Members
Mr. Chester Bowen
Mr. James Easterday
322 Academy Street, NE
Gainesville, GA 30501

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