MARtH 16


MARtH 16
VOL. 17
P.O. Box 1358
Gainesville, GA 30503
NO. 29
MARCH 5,1999
MARtH 16
&:ecial kudos go to J.B. Sharma,
who has been named the recipient of the
1999 Regents Teaching Excellence
A ward for faculty in Two-Y ear
Colleges. He will be recognized and
presented with an award of $5000 at an
awards ceremony this spring. This
program is highly competitive, and to
receive the award, a tremendous honor.
I know all of you will agree, this one is
Not only is it an
individual honor, but also, he brings
honor to Gainesville College.
In my role as a citizen of the county as
well as a member of the College
community, I encourage all of you who
are GainesvillelHall County residents to
vote yes in the Special Purpose Local
Option Sales Tax election on March 16.
This tax represents an extension of the
existing one-penny local sales tax on
items that we buy in Hall County. The
money is already earmarked for critical
infrastructure needs throughout our
community ---road improvements, sewer
and water system upgrades, fire
services, youth community centers and
park improvements. The College will
benefit especially from the added sewer
capacity in this area of the county
although it will benefit indirectly in
other ways as well.
The spring semester Faculty Meeting will
be held on Tuesday, March 9, at 3:30 p.m.
in CE 109/110.
We will be considering a number of
important items including new course
proposals. Syllabi and other relevant
III . . the
division/department offices.
review them before the meeting.
The American Association of Community
Colleges, in an effort to provide the most
economical and comprehensive benefits to
its members, is a participant ih the Trust
for Insuring Educators (TIE). TIE is
comprised of 57 educator groups who use
their combined buying power to offer
highly competitive insurance programs to
their members.
The latest program to be introduced is
automobile coverage through GEICO
Preferred, which can offer significant
savings to employees of AACC member
schools. GEICO could save you 15% or
more on your auto insurance. Auto
insurance can be a large portion of
everyone's budget, and these potential
Page 2
March 5, 1999
savings can amount to several hundred dollars per
yearJor many individuals.
There were 7 teams in the faculty/staff division and 10
teams in the student division.
F or more information, please stop by the Human
Resources office for a brochure.
Everybody involved in the Doug Black Intramural
Bowling Tournament please come to the presentation
of trophies and have pizza and coke on Thursday,
March 11 at 11 a.m. in Lanier ABC. (Start
recruiting for next year!)
Must be dependable,
Position: Custodian.
responsible person for vacuuming, sweeping,
scrubbing and waxing floors, emptying trash, dusting
and cleaning offices, classrooms, restrooms and
related responsibilities as required.
Applicants should complete a GC application form.
Review of applications will begin immediately and
continue until the position is filled.
Business Team - 2,634 miles
Math Team (1) - 2,227 miles
Math Team (2) - 2,041 miles
High Game
2 nd High Game
3rd High Game
Dennis Brown - 215
Kelies Hicks - 202
Buddy Waldrep - 201
High Series
2nd High Series
3rd High Series
Dennis Brown - 532
Kelies Hicks - 509
Carol Wallace - 500
Team Totals:
Judy Forbes
Jackie Mauldin
Jeff Turk
Dennis Brown
15t place - 1684
Thomas Burson
Brian Tarr
Eddie Morgan
Kelies Hicks
3rd place - 1496
Departmental Challenge is a very close race. The
mileage report to date is as follows:
Leora Myers
Martha Nesbitt
Jerry McGee
Carol Wallace
2 nd place - 1625
Thanks to Byron Drew's computer class project, his
students developed a web page for the Fitness Center.
Go to the GC Home page and click on "Fitness
The GC SPIRE Committee invites you to nominate
students for induction into the SPIRE Honor Society.
SPIRE is a national hongr society for non-traditional
students, providing an opportunity for adult students
(25 and older) to be recognized for their many unique
accomplishments including academic achievement
and campus or community involvement. Since
establishing our chapter of SPIRE in 1996, GC has
inducted 22 students.
Please think about the outstanding non-traditional
students you come into contact with and who you
consider deserving of this recognition. You may
submit their names by calling Mandy DeSaussure at
X3744 or by email to mdesauss.
Page 3
Gurr Book Signing
Tuesday, March 9, 1999
2:30 - 3:30 p.m.
CE/PA Center Atrium
Gainesville College Dean Emeritus
Steve Gurr will be signing his new
book, The Personal Equation: A
Biography of Steadman Vincent
Sanford. Sanford's namesake is Sanford
Stadium at the University of Georgia.
Chapter 11 Books will ,have the
hardback books available at the book
signing for $35.
.' ".t
March 5, 1999
The Cross-Cultural Connections Club events are open
to all faculty, staff, and students. This semester several
of our international students will be doing presentations .
on their native countries. Please contact Chaudron Gille
or Belinda Sauret for more information
Korean Presentation
by: Lee
Thursday, March 11
Acad III, Room 181
GCWO Spring Meeting
Sponsored by the Human Relations Council of Hall
County and St. Gabriel's Episcopal Church.
Installation of Officers
March 17, 3 p.m.
Faculty/Staff Dining Room
Special Program: Music Boxes
with Marsha Hopkins
Please bring your favorite music box
JOB FAIR, March 10,9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m., Student
Transferring Workshop, March 11, 11 a.m. and
5: 15 p.m. in the PACE Center.
The Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring
a video conference in conjunction with the General
Assembly. The conference is from 8 - 9 a.m., March 12
in the Continuing Education Building. This is your
opportunity to let your legislators know what is on your
mind and to learn what is on theirs.
Government - 3rd in the Series
Tuesday, March 9, 7-8 p.m.
St. Gabriel's Episcopal Church
Student Center, 11 a.m. - 12 noon. Come by and enjoy
a free lunch - brought to you by the Entertainment
Committee, SGA.
Those who received door prizes at the last
meeting, please bring a door prize to this
. . . 1.
The BIG BAND SHOW: "And All That Jazz"
March 18-20, 8 p.m.
Performing Arts Theatre
The GC Jazz Band, Combo and Chorale create an
evening of jazz from Broadway, the movies and
television. Music and images highlight jazz's influence
in all of our most popular entertainments presented in a
setting that recaptures the ambience ofthe jazz clubs of
yesteryear. GC faculty, staff and their immediate
Page 4
families and GC students with ID are admitted free of
charge. Reservations are recommended. X3624.
The League for Innovations 15th Annual Conference
on Information Technology is to be held in Chicago,
Illinois on October 20-23, 1999. Submission deadline
for proposals/presentations is March 19. For further
information, contact Kandis Steele.
Anyone interested in playing volleyball
~ Friday evening, March 19 to help GC
students raise money for summer mission
trips to places like Mexico, Alaska,
Texas, etc., please email Michelle S.
Brown (msbrown). Each player (at least
6 are needed) pays $1 for each hour of play against the
BSU for the hours of 8-9 p.m. and 9-10 p.m. (BSU
will be playing all night until 8 a.m. Saturday
Prizes will be awarded to the team who scores the
most points vs. BSU. Play or help donate to the
March 5, 1999
What is interactive theatre and is it as scary as it
sounds? Find out from Jeff Wirth, guest improv artist
and author of The Antics of Romantics, Gainesville
Theatre Alliance's final show of the current season
(April 13-25). Starting at 6 p.m., March 30, at
Gainesville College Performing Arts Theatre, the
Stage Tour is free and open to the public.
The public is also invited to attend that evening' s
rehearsal which will run from approx. 7-10 p.m.
Light refreshments will be served by Theatre Wings
members, Gainesville Theatre Alliance's volunteer
group, who will hold a brief meeting following the
Stage Tour.
The number to call for further
information about Stage Tours is 770-718-3624.
Congratulations to Gloria Brown who is the proud
new grandmother of three boys born to daughter,
Kristin and Javier Javier Pujals. The triplets arrived
at 10:45 EST February 26 and each weighed in at
about 4 lbs. They were fully formed and did not need
to be placed in an incubator. All are doing well.
March 23, .2-3 p.m.
Student Center
The GCWO hosted Annual Tea is open to everyone
on campus. This year the tea will be in conjunction
with Women's History Month and the Art Exhibition
of artist Barbara Bowen Moore who will speak about
her artwork and her experience as a breast cancer
(Ladies, please contact Sarah Booker X3892 to let her
know if you will be donating home-baked goodies.)
Diane Carpenter. Bob Croft. Kim Griffin. Danny Lau.
David Johnston. and Major Nelson attended the 18th
Annual First-year Experience Conference in
Columbia, South Carolina from February 19-23. This
national conference is presented annually by the
University of South Carolina's University 101
National Resource Center for The First-Year
Experience and Students in Transition.
Kandis Steele presented a paper entitled, "The New
Technology in the Old Political Science Classroom"
at the Georgia Political Science Conference,
Page 5
February 19-20 in Savannah. She was also elected to
serve a one-year term on the Executive Council for
the Georgia Political Science Association.
Lisa Watson participated in an aerobics workshop at
Georgia Tech on February 27.
Dana Nichols attended the Georgia State University's
ESOL Communication Seminar March 3-4.
Joy Evans attended the Georgia College Counselors
Association (GCCA) conference where she was
reelected as the regional representative to GCCA. Joy
also attended the USG Counseling Center Director's
Committee annual conference where she was elected
Lewis Rogers spoke to students at West Hall Middle
School about fossils, taking several different fossils
for the students to examine.
lB. Sharma has been accepted into the Project
Kaleidoscope Faculty for the 2pt Century (PKAL
F21). J.B. joins 930 other PKAL F21 colelagues
across the nation who have demonstrated
extraordinary expertise and experience in sharing their
passion for doing science with students, through the
use of new technologies and pedagogies. One of the
goals of PKAL F21 is to foster greater public
awareness of the achievements of educational leaders
in undergraduate Science, Math, Engineering &
The Chamber of Commerce's Environmental
Management Committee, chaired by Linda Brown,
held a reception/meeting for representatives of a
South African recycling company on February 26.
Kathy Fuller welcomed the group on behalf of the
College. This company was so impressed with
Enviroshare web-site developed by the College that
they wanted to come see first-hand how solid waste is
being managed in Hall County.
Julia Cromartie attended PREP on February 10 and
also attended the Exploratorium Symposium 1
University System of Georgia Teaching and Learning
Conference in Atlanta on January 24-26.
March 5, 1999
Bea Chapman. Margaret McGlaun. John Hamilton.
Alex Lowery and Caywood Chapman attended the
20 th Anniversary Meeting of SO TAB (State of Art in
Biology) at UGA on January 29-30. Seminar topics
ranged from extraterrestrial life forms to invasive
species, i.e. fire ants.
The Ninth District Science Fair was held on campus
Saturday, February 27. One hundred sixty-three
projects were entered. GC faculty volunteering to
serve as judges were Bea Chapman. Caywood
Chapman. Ron Clay. Lee Clendenning. Susan Doyle.
Diane Cook. Beata Hebda. Piotr Hebda. Jim
Konzelman. Alex Lowrey. Mary Mayhew. Garry
McGlaun. Lewis Rogers. J.B. Sharma. Doug Smith.
and Rachelle Wadsworth. Julia Cromartie and Mary
McDade provided support and clerical services.
Wally Beck provided help with computer setup. GC
Foundation provided a continental breakfast for the
The Regional Science Olympiad was hoste~ by
Gainesville College on February 13. Over 70 faculty,
staff, students and community volunteers participated
to make the event a success. Twenty-four middle
schools primarily from our service area participated in
24 different academic events. Over 500 students,
parents and coaches were on the GC campus for the
A thanks to all the volunteers that
helped facilitate the smooth running of the Science
Olympiad. Events such as this help catalyze science
literacy at the grassroots and projects GC as a center
for science.
The gifted 5th graders from Sardis, White Sulphur,
Lula and Oakwood Elementary were in the Physics
lab on January 25 and February 22 for activities in
physical science.
Linda Brown and Sheryl Williams conducted Star
Viewing events on February 21 and 22.
Sheryl Williams conducted a hands-on Celestial
Sphere astronomy presentation for the 5th grade class
of Harmony Elementary on March 2.
National Nutrition
he benefits of healthy eating are endless. You
feel better about yourself, more gets accomplished, there's less stress. But now a study shows
that just by changing your diet you can help your
spouse loc,;se weight too.
Spouse cooperation can be
difficult to get. They may be skeptical your diet will last and want to let
you try it out first. They may not see
their own need to diet.
The good news is that when
you eat right, your spouse will most likely start to
In a recent study sponsored by the National
Cancer Institute, when wives consumed less fat, so
did the majority of their husbands-most cut their
fat intake by as much as 10%.
However if the wife fixed a separate meal for
the husband, one different from the low-cal one for
herself, husbands actually ended up eating 10%
more fat.
How Inuch do
you know... ?
1. The left ventricle:
A. Pumps blood to all parts of the body
B. Contains oxygenated blood
C. Has thicker walls than the atria
D. All of the above
2. Maximum oxygen uptake:
A. Varies from one person to the next
B. Depends on your level of fitness
C. Is in part genetically determined
D. All of the above
3. Cardiovascular exercise will:
A. Decrease stress response
B. Increase stroke volume
C. Decrease resting heart rate
D. All of the above
4. In a highly conditioned individual,
the maximum volume of blood propelled out by the heart per minute
may reach:
A. 30 liters
B. 10 liters
C. 50 liters
D. 5 liters
5. The average resting heart rate for
a young adult is approximately:
A. 100 beats per minute
B. 34 beats per minute
C. 75 beats per minute
D. 90 beats per minute
Answers: lD, 2D, 3D, 4A, 5C
How lDentaIly fit are you?
Four or more (right): Health guru, you are in
excellent mental health.
Two or more (right): Okay, but you need some
mental toning.
One (right): Ouch, couch potato, there's a row to hoe.
.. .,t.,

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