The Raven - West Country Outreach School


The Raven - West Country Outreach School
The warm sun of September is behind us, and with it,
those first exciting days of welcoming new and returning students to WCOS.
We reflect on memories of the corn maze and Frontier Lodge, our first
Parent Council meeting (with some new executive members),
and an excellent learning opportunity for the staff, at the Outreach Educator’s
Conference. I am very excited about introducing our new Student
Leadership Team, who will be ambassadors for our school, through
their volunteerism, peer support, and attendance at school council
meetings. Be sure to read the Rimbey Review for the ‘teen perspective’
of one of these leaders. As our parent community, you will hear more
of the student voice and perspective through these youth, as they introduce
themselves in the upcoming newsletters. Truly, they represent ALL of
the amazing youth in our school.
Ms. A. Holliday
The Raven
Highlights From The Corn Maze
It was a sunny day, but the breeze was cool for the students and staff that
braved the corn maze, and had a fabulous time! Students were treated to
hot dogs, chips, pop, and water for lunch - thanks to Mrs. A. for buying the
groceries and Mr. Kemski for his outstanding BBQ skills!
October 2013
Upcoming Events:
Promoting & Encouraging a
Positive Journey in Education
October 11—P.D.Day
October 14—Thanksgiving Holiday
October 16—Deadline to order school clothing
October 15—Live Different Presentation
October 17—Des Crossley Demonstration Forest Field Trip
October 22—School Council Meeting @ 6:30pm
October 23 & 24—School Photos
October 25—P.D.Day
November 6—Parent/Teacher Interviews 4:00pm-8:00pm
November 7th—Parent/Student California Dreamin’ Meeting @ 5:00pm
November 19th— School Council Meeting @ 6:30pm
Box 375
Rimbey, Alberta, T0C 2J0
P: 403.843.4447
F: 403.785.0738
mailto:[email protected]
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The Raven
West Country Outreach School is sponsoring a presentation for all Wolf Creek Outreach Schools on October
15th at the Rimbey Community Centre.
The purpose of our Live Different Motivational Presentation is to engage students with the idea that their life has
value and that they can make a significant difference in the world. We accomplish this by using the power of
personal stories and by communicating in a real and vulnerable way in front of students.
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Our Knitwits fundraiser will be coming your way this month. We will be
running the program from October 15th to November 15th. Proceeds will
help us with our California Dreamin’ trip. Products make great Christmas
Gifts! We appreciate all of the ongoing support we receive.
The presentation theme for this year is "It Starts Here - Kindness Changes Everything." It is our goal to create a
shift in the culture of the school resulting in more students who are engaged, involved, and acting out a lifestyle
that cares for others.
W.C.OS. will provide lunch for students and staff of Lacombe and Ponoka Outreach Schools. Check out the
following link for more information on this event.
School Clothing
The Social Work/Family School Liaison Program offers support services, and acts as a resource to families and
individuals who may be experiencing difficulties at home or at school.
Margo Froehlick, RSW is our School Social Worker and is available to enhance the development of a student's
educational, social and emotional experiences. Margo provides assistance to students on an individual basis and
is a link to a variety of community agencies.
For more information, students or parents can contact Margo directly @ 403 783 5441
ex 4739 [email protected]
We will now be offering clothing for sale with our School Logo.
Full Zip Hoodie
Full Zip Hoodie (two tone) $40.00
Pullover Hoodie
Pullover Hoodie (two tone) $35.00
T-shirt (short-sleeve)
T-shirt (long sleeve)
Additional $3.00 for XXL and $5.00 for
XXXL sizes.
See Kim at the school office to place your order.
Order Deadline is October 16th.
School Fees can be paid on our website:
or at the school office.