July 2011 - Utah


July 2011 - Utah
Utah-Idaho District 2011-2012
District Edition | Issue 1
In this issue...
• ICON Experience
• Committee Results
• Secretary Says...
• Financial Report
• Save the Date
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Raichelle Aniceto's
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The Utah-Idaho District Board International Convention (ICON) participants from top to bottom, left to right.
Jesse Yarbrough, Megan Thompson, Lonny Vandenberg, Calvin Chhour, Andy Ding, Weiyi Le, Jessie Lam,
Raichelle Aniceto, Jessica Zhu, Rachel Ridge
two thousand
On June 29, 2011 UtahIdaho had the wonderful
opportunity to travel to
Phoenix, Arizona to attend
the International Convention
2011. The Udahoians had
much to do at ICON and
barely had a second to catch
their breath! If they weren't
attending workshops, participating in a charity walk or
sitting in at caucuses, you
could catch eatch Udahoian
conversing with other Key
Clubbers from other districts
and trading pins. Also on
behalf of Utah-Idaho District
Administrator Mike Sims,
Udaho was invited to dine
with the powerful Capital To represent Utah-Idaho even
more, Udaho's Immediate
Past International Trustee
At each session, a recognized Annie Lewandowski ran for
speaker or performer pres- International President! After
ented. For General Session, a long two day process of
Utah-Idaho had the oppo- caucusing, questioning and
rtunity to listen in to Keynote finally voting, Utah-Idaho's
Speaker Eric Saperston and very own Annie Lewandowski
his early travels. At the is now next year's Key Club
second Recognition Session, International President.
Raichelle Aniceto received
the distinguised lieutenant Overall, the Utah-Idaho Key
governor Robert F. Lucas Clubbers had the time of
award as well as our current their lives and are excited to
Lieutenant Governor Weiyi bring their inspiration,
Li, was one of 8 total experience and passion for
to Key Club back to their clubs
perform for the talent show. to kick off an exciting year of
Minutes are not just simple
bullet notes anymore, it's a
paragraph form. This is
important for LTGs to share
amongst their club secretaries
to ensure that they are taking
minutes the right way. If you
need any help don't hesitate
to contact me. Also all LTGs I
need your club contact
information soon! I realize it's
still July and school hasn't
started, but idealy we want
our District Directory out by
October 1. While on the
subject of directories, please
check the board directory to
ensure that I have all your
information correct. I know
there's still a few typos here
and there so please let me
know. Thanks for your
Chair - Kaylee Anderson
• Rachel Huynh
• Danielle Vondrak
• Brandon Zhou
Hey Udaho!
I hope the year has been
sailing smoothly for all of you.
Here I'd just like to give you
some of my personal requests
and suggestions throughout
the year and some secretary
announcements. If there's
anything you read in this
newsletter, it should be this
section. And so if you're
reading this section right now,
send me an email telling me a
random fact about yourself
and I will give everybody who
replies an incentive at the
Summer Board Meeting.
Besides that, the request I
have for all LTGs and
Executive Board is to please
read over my minutes!
Kiwanis Relations
Yours in the spirit of service,
The Executive Board conducted a Committee Decisions Meeting on July 5,
2011 to evaluate, review and
discuss submitted applications. The process was long
and hard beacuse of the
presence of many well
suited applicants. After discussing for nearly a total of
two hours, the final decisions were voted on and
decisions are listed below.
Because of the presence of
vacancies within committees, the Executive Board
adopted the proposal to
grant the newly appointed
committee chair the authority to appoint any general
member into committee
member in the occurrence
of a vacancy. For more
information please read the
Committee Decisions Meeting Minutes on the district
Major Emphasis/District Project
Chair - Julie Nguyen
• Athena Ho
• Abigial Mendenhall
• Jyoti Sharma
Chair - Jacquelyn Nguyen
• Dana Huynh
Save the
Kiwanis Breakfast
July 25
Summer Board
August 5-6
Fall Training Rally
October 15
As far as a financial report
goes, please remember to
bring all receipts concerning
expenses for Key Club that
Utah-Idaho District Administrator Mike Sims has approved to be reimbursed. Upon
giving the receipt to me, make
sure you make a copy of it so
you have one for yourself. I'm
reimbursements are going to
go since the funds Utah-Idaho
Key Club is dealing with is not
looking in our favor. However,
at our summer board meeting
we will have to sit out and plan
a budget for DCON and other
major events such as our FTR.
Hopefully our fundraiser
committee can help us out!