Gerasenes - Harvest Church


Gerasenes - Harvest Church
Harvest Church Vern Streeter October 31 & November 1, 2015 Gerasenes Luke 8:26-­‐39 (Matt. 8; Mark 5) BIG IDEA: Jesus loved the Gerasenes by freeing a man from his demons and empowering him to spread the Word to his hometown. I.
Power Encounter a. Demonic Damage (26-­‐29) b. Out Numbered (30-­‐31) c. Hog Wild (32-­‐33) II.
Reaction a) Fear (34-­‐37) b) Fame (38-­‐39) When Jesus says no to your prayer, it’s because He’s got a better idea. – Luke 8:38-­‐39
For Next Week Read… Matthew 15:21-­‐28