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Unity Christian School
The Voice
2010-2011 Theme:
“Climbing the Ladder
of Faith”
2 Peter 1:5-8
Spring 2011
On Saturday, April 9, over 40 people in matching purple shirts gathered at Northfield Square Mall for the annual Walk-a-thon for Unity.
Over $1800 was raised as friends and families walked 4 miles.
Thanks to Woody’s Lawn, 4D Farms, County Line Growers,
VanDrunen Landscape, R & D Dandurand Farms, Momence Funeral
Chapel, and Mr.& Mrs. V. who graciously sponsored the Walk & allowed all of the money collected by students to go directly toward
benefiting the school.
Humpty Dumpty would have been proud of Mr. V’s science class! Designing parachutes using a
plastic bag, Styrofoam cup, 4 toothpicks, 2 rubber bands and cotton balls, each team of 2 succeeded in protecting their egg when dropped from the roof of
school-be assured, all safety procedures were carefully followed!
Luke Egeler, Renee Witvoet &
Jared Disselkoen were the 1st3rd place winners of this year’s
Spelling Bee. Congratulations!
Science projects completed by the 4th-8th graders were very well
done and covered a variety of topics including; testing the length of
time for differing brands of ice cream to melt, the effect of magnets on
plant growth, the best percentage of popped corn in differing brands,
the ph level of popular drinks, the strength of varied grocery bags and
the time it takes for various brands of cheese to mold. Three judges
the students
and rated
the projects.
The boards
were displayed during Christian Ed
Week and
for Grandparents’
Overheard during 4th-5th Spelling:
“Abbey, will you please use the
word descent in a sentence?”
Abbey: “Can you descent
that candle, it really stinks!”
Fun at the
Island Park
Bowling in St. Anne was a fun addition to the
Winter PE schedule this March!
The Jr. High students once again began their class trip volunteering at the Center of Hope food pantry in Kankakee. After lunch, it was on to
Saugatuck for a dune buggy ride and then to Hudsonville for dinner and fishing at Mr. V’s parents’ house. Everyone caught at least 1 fish, some
big and others not! The next day was spent at the VanAndel Museum and Fredrik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids, MI.
Congratulations to Luke who graduated on May 27 after
attending PreK-8th grade at Unity. His speech included
memories from his years including naptime in PreK (not
a pleasant memory), fish & hermit crabs in Mrs. Bruck’s
class, lots of homework from Mr. V, & Class Trips in Jr.
High. He thanked all of his teachers for preparing him
for High School at Illinois Lutheran in Crete & his parents for all of their help during these years. He finished
by stating “The reason I chose the class verse PhillipiSpecial speakers at Graduation included
ans 4:13, I can do all things through Him who gives me
Luke’s Pastor Brent Evans who reminded
strength, is because I feel that it
Luke to “Trust in the Lord with all your heartProverbs 3:5is a very good thing to know in
6 & his
school and in my life. If I have a big
Luke M. Egeler
test or someone makes fun of me or
there is something difficult in my life,
Smits who
I know that I can persevere because God is there to help me. It
told Luke that
can also help me to remember God will give me the power to do
“You aren’t
his will and to be content in every situation.” In conclusion, during
there yet!”
Mr. V and
my time at Unity, I’ve learned all the fundamentals such as readMatt Egeler
ing, writing and speaking but those aren’t the things that are really
also particiLuke’s first day of
the most important. The big thing is my Christian education. That
pated in the
Preschool at Unity, knowledge is what is going to help me the most in my life. It has
August 2001
taught me that even when it seems that I can’t do something that
The Egeler Family
is difficult or the burden is too much, God is there for me and always will be.
Unity Christian School
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