How To Tie A Tie - Half-Windsor Knot


How To Tie A Tie - Half-Windsor Knot
Jeff Parker - Project 5
How To Tie A Tie - Half-Windsor Knot
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Step 1: Wrap the
tie around your neck
and face a mirror.
Begin by having the
wide end of the tie on
the right and about
12-14” lower than the
narrower end.
Step 2: Cross the
wide end over the
narrow end.
Step 3: Wrap the
wide end back
underneath the narrow
Step 4: Bring the
wide end straight up,
and then pull down and
to the right through
the loop that has been
Step 5: Wrap the
wide end around the
Step 6: Bring the
wide up through the
loop again.
Step 7: Bring
the wide end down
through the knot in
the front.
Step 8: Tighten
the knot and
straighten it onto the
collar. At this point,
untie the knot and
repeat steps 1-7. After
repeating the steps,
have the instructor
inspect the knot for
Tying a Tie – Half-Windsor Knot
Teach those who have never tied a tie before how
to properly execute tying a half-Windsor knot.
General learning expectations
At the end, the user will be able to properly execute a half-Windsor knot
Rubric for Tying a tie – Half-Windsor knot
Materials, Job Aid, Design Document Feedback
For this set of instructions, the lesson will use the
cognitive learning theory. Students will acquire the
knowledge of the process as they make their way
through the steps to execute the task properly.
The instructor will then be able to guide students
by providing feedback to reinforce the students
learning. The students will be active in the learning process throughout the entire time of instruction.
Learning goals and objectives
At the end of this course students will be able to
Many people struggle with learning to tie a tie for
any number of reasons. This can cause frustration
and anger issues and lead to bad sartorial decisions.
The person that can benefit from this instruction is
one that has never been taught how to properly tie
a half-Windsor knot. They could need this skill for
a special occasion or for daily wear.
The purpose of this instruction is to teach people this new skill that will allow them to dress for
themselves and add an additional accessory to
their wardrobe. This will also help to greatly reduce the number of fathers, siblings, roommates,
etc. that are quickly tying ties for others before
In this instruction, users will follow directions
that use a combination of text, audio, and visual
Student has selected a tie
G.1. Tie a half-Windsor knot
Student has properly adjusted the tie
around neck to begin
O.1. Students will know how to properly
execute tying a half-Windsor knot
Student properly makes the moves to
complete the first loop
O.2. Students will be able to repeat the
steps for future use
Student properly wraps tie back
through the loop
Student properly brings tie down
through created knot
Student properly adjusts the knot to fit
the collar
Total Points
Completion outcomes
The main outcome of instruction is to be able to
properly tie a tie in a half-Windsor knot.
Technology required
Learners will need access to a computer or
mobile device to view the instruction set digitally.
Learners should also have access to speakers
on the device to listen to the audio if necessary.
Instruction should take between 10-15 minutes
for beginning users.
Were you able to properly the tie the tie into a
half-Windsor following instruction?
Were the directions helpful and easy to follow?
Were the text directions detailed enough?
Were the images in the directions clear enough to
understand what was required?
Was the audio easy to understand?
Are there any suggestions that could improve the