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Company profile 20160615_ENG-web
Consulenza Aziendale Informatica
System Integration,
ICT services and solutions
Outsourcing, cloud,
business development
gruppo SCAI
A network of companies,
the value of the whole
Network Value 3
Our Strenghts 4
Corporate Culture 5
System integration, ICT solutions and services, outsourcing, cloud,
assistance and training to be able to respond to changes
Digital Innovation 6
Towards the new digital era 8
In constant growth, among the first Italian capital in the IT sector, Gruppo SCAI is a network of companies in terms of management, production
and research. A network of knowledge and skills to create value.
Competences 9
ICT Solutions 10
ICT Services 12
System Integration 12
Outsourcing & Cloud 14
Consulting & Projects 16
R&D & Partnership 18
solutions and
ICT services
A complete range of competences, solutions and ICT services
We offer technological expertise and process solutions, together with services
to increase efficiency and effectively interact with customers, suppliers, partners,
according to collaborative logics in the management of the entire value chain.
to the needs,
rapid adjustments
to changes
Digital innovation for a rapid increase of efficiency
We offer solutions to integrate with existing systems where kernel technology
are used in applications with low organizational impact. The value is expressed
in cost reduction, efficiency, and performance measurement.
Training & Support 20
Other Services 20
References 22
Sectors 23
and integration
to manage
the complexity
Helping companies to integrate processes and systems
We bring value and tangible benefits by improving performance and the ability
to manage complexity with new architectures, systems and structures using
web communication, social collaboration and mobility safely.
Technological, functional and organizational skills for ICT innovation.
gruppo SCAI
Our Strenghts:
employees, revenue, locations
Il Network
Corp orate Culture
1400 employees
69 ml euro
2 015
Gruppo SCAI was founded in 1973 in Turin and it is one of the leading ICT Italian companies
900 employees
43 ml euro
Competencies and
Best Practices
to transform ideas
into solutions
400 employees
20 ml euro
19 9 0
300 employees
15 ml euro
19 8 0
Mission and goals
Helping businesses to solve their challenges by reducing costs,
increasing profits and achieving maximum efficiency. Respond with
ethics and professionalism to the expectations of digitization and ICT
innovation of companies.
100 employees
5 ml euro
197 3
Solutions, services,
for the digital
Supporting companies in the process of digitization, process redesign
and innovation:
Big Data, mobile, cloud, the Internet of Things.
Helping customers to develop their business, meeting the challenges of
the market, to offer new services and enabling technologies.
Using expertise, experience and technologies to create innovative
solutions, built with corporate values..
think different,
improve, go beyond
2014, other data:
Consolidated Result before taxes: 2,3 mil euro
EBITDA: 5,2 mil euro
gruppo SCAI
The Network
Digital innovation,
business transformation
A complete offering: expertise, solutions and ICT services
The skills acquired in forty years of activity make Gruppo SCAI a reliable system
integrator and a precious partner for banks and insurance companies, Public
A global
network of
To meet the needs of customers we have expanded our operating range
to transform us, by consulting firm, in a global network of competences,
knowledge, experience, solutions, along with the ability to combine them
in the best way, by developing synergies and integration capabilities.
Administration and industrial or service companies .
We support
companies to give
concrete answers
to changes
and to win the
of the market
and expertise
to turn
into realities with
ICT innovation
Global network of competences
Investing in ICT to meet the challenges of the market
The investment in infrastructure and ICT applications allows companies to
achieve important successes reaching rapidly ambitious business goals..
Strengths of the Network
Integration, synergies of value
and business
A network of companies, characterized by the skills of various market
sectors, the technological specialization or business and presence in the
territory, that believe in sharing knowledge to build a wealth of shared
and structured experiences.
Structure | Presence | History | Experience | Flexibility | Rapidity | Reliability |
Knowledge | R&D | Methodology | Technology | Security
Alongside integration and ICT innovation
We respond to the expectations of the companies offering a full range of
technology and application consulting, outsourcing, services and innovative
solutions: the technology becomes an enabler and an engine for development
gruppo SCAI
The Network
Consulenza Aziendale Informatica
Towards the new digital era
Dynamism and rapid adaptation capabilities according to new
market needs to implement major projects and develop business
We help companies looking for technological innovation to acquire useful elements for improvement and optimization of business processes Connect
We support companies of all sectors
offering technological and process competences
for digital innovation and business transformation,
by redesigning processes,
with new tools and technologies
in order to offer innovative services.
Objectives and
Enabling Technologies
Reaching objectives with enabling technologies
Thanks to the expertise of our specialists, we support companies during their
growth by integrating processes and enabling technologies in order to provide
Torino | Milano | Brescia | Padova | Genova | Bologna | Roma | Napoli | Cosenza | Warszawa
access to new opportunities, ideas and solutions.
value creation,
business development,
new services and solutions
Turning business
models expanding
perspectives, skills and
analysis resources
Innovation approach and business processes
Attention to objectives, approaches and technologies that facilitate the business,
connections, mobility, services and information. The ICT as a strategic lever to
increase productivity, process innovation, enhancing resources and expertise.
Transforming business models and offered products or services Polska
Value of the whole,
threshold values
Consulenza Aziendale per l’Informatica
Cybersecurity & Networking
Data Management & Security
Digital Innovation
ECM | Content Management
Internet of Things | Graphometric Signature and AdES
Internet of Things | Objects Identification
Internet of Things | Smart Objects
Mobile App
with new processes, services and innovative ICT tools.
Big Data & Analytics
Torino | Milano | Brescia | Padova | Genova | Bologna | Roma | Napoli | Cosenza | Warszawa
ICT partner for companies that want to grow
Dynamism and adaptability to accomplish important projects. •
Banks - Capital Market
Corporate - Credit Management
Corporate - Financial Risk
Real Estate - Property & facility
Transport - TEAM, Rail Solutions
pprroo ff ii ll oo
gruppo SCAI
ICT Solutions
Technological Solutions
Big Data
Analytics Tool | DMP - Big Data Platform
Smart Cloud | SDMP - Big Data Cloud
Business Solutions
Capital Market | DW+ System - Management of the Securities & Compliance
Network Discovery | Ne.Di. - Software Distribution
Credit Management | OnGuard - B2B Commercial Credit Management
Network Monitoring | Ne.Mo. - IP Network Monitoring
Financial Risk | Dianos Dealer Wizard DDW - Financial Risk Management
Web Site Blacklisting | WSB - Web Access MonitoringData Management
Compression | CODEC - File Compression/Decompression
Data Protection | MBM - API Security Suite Suite | MDS+ - DB Indexing and Compression
Enterprise Content Management
Rail Equipments Monitoring | REMS - Management of Components
Train Passenger Information | TPI - Infotainment Platform
Train ZTE Discovery | TZD - Train Safety Sensors
Train Production | TPS - Composition of trains
Business Process Management | Plan&Share - Interventions Planning
Digital Asset Management | MiDA - Multimedia
Real Estate
Document Management | e-Doc - Document Management
Internet of Things
AIDC & RFID | e-Track - Automatic Identification and Data Capture
GraphometricSignature and AdE S | e-Sign - Biometric Identification
Smart City & Mobility | Tetris - Smart Objects, Web and Mobile Networks
Property & Facility Management | REALGIMM - Real Estate Management
Mobile App
Business Process Management | App&GoIn - Management of Interventions
Business Process Management | Welcome App - Management of Reception
Consulenza Aziendale per l’Inform
gruppo SCAI
O ff e r i n g
System Integration, digital
innovation, business
Innovation and experience for high performance
In forty years of activity we have contributed to the computerization of
financial institutions, business companies and PA. With the acquired skills we
• System integration, value creation
help to increase innovation by industrializing services and ICT solutions.
We offer services and ICT solutions and system integration.
The experience in process management, infrastructure, applications and
technologies, translates into tangible benefits.
• Investing in ICT, business development
Human resources and technology, along with investment in ICT • Design, integration and ongoing support
Companies must react quickly to changes.
We offer technological know-how and support in the re-engineering
of processes. We help companies in the technological changes in the
development of the business and the digital transformation.
in order to anticipate market needs. Services and solutions to develop the business for the business development.
• Process, Technical and Functional Analysis (assessment)
• Design and implementation of solutions / innovative services
• Integration into the existing infrastructure or service supply / outsourcing
• Support for Migration
• Management changing, technical assistance, training
Innovation/integration of complex ICT environments
• Design of new business models
We support companies in the early stages of technological
innovation and process integration. A reliable partner for
investing in ICT as a growth factor.
• New models, increasing efficiency, reducing costs
We support companies by deploying their best resources.
The development of new business models enabled by new technologies.
Renewing competences, opening to new experiences and analytical skills
to successfully meet the challenges of the market for digital innovation.
gruppo SCAI
O ff e r i n g
and Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing
• SaaS, Software as a Service
• Application Outsourcing
• PaaS, Platform as a Service
• Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
• IaaS, Infrastructure as a Service
• IT Infrastructure Outsourcing
Cloud Computing and Outsourcing services
The technological evolution requires the evolution of business models.
The challenge is to integrate the data into multiple services to better
integrate them into business processes.
Cloud Computing
• Software as a Service
Applications and functions available as a service, a guarantee of
security and reliability, flexibility, rapidity of innovation.
• Platform as a Service
Programs, libraries and services to support the development of
applications in an integrated environment, many functions.
Virtualization and new IT architecture
The demand for large and complex technological on-premises installations,
has weakened in recent years in favour of outsourcing choices that offer higher
• Infrastructure as a Service
Scalable, reliable and safe ICT infrastructure. Fixed costs and low
implementation time, compared to traditional solutions.
performance, lower costs and above all faster access to innovation.
• Application Outsourcing
Applications development, maintenance and support. Evolutionary maintenance services.
• Business Process Outsourcing
We optimize business functions with complete and customized
services; strategic control remains to the customer.
Serving the needs and goals of the companies
The definition of the most appropriate architecture has strategic and organizational
impacts. We offer companies an assessment service to evaluate the complexity of the
information structure, the interdependence and the quality of services, security and
• IT Infrastructure Outsourcing
IT infrastructure, hardware resources flexible, secure, hosting and
managed services, networks, servers, data centers, help desks
cost levels, in order to identify the most reliable and efficient configuration.
We help companies to manage complex ICT environments
Depending on needs and objectives, some applications remain within the
company, others can be used in service or entrusted to reliable outsourcers
as SCAI Group, with a guarantee of security, data integrity and availability
of services, with greater flexibility.
gruppo SCAI
O ff e r i n g
and Projects
Consulting services and turnkey projects
Technical, functional, organizational, to deal with complex customized
projects through solutions according to the needs, with attention to
processes, technologies and integration.
ICT Projects
Management/Business Application Consulting / Projects
Project, Risk & Security Management
• Process and functional analysis
• Development activities
• Software Engineering
• Risk Management
• Project Management
• Applications Security, Cybersecurity, policies
Systems and DB/Services
• IP Network and IT Infrastructure
• DBMS and Big Data, BI & Analytics
Erp/Digital Marketing/Scm
• Analysis and evaluations
• Customizing, Development, Maintenance
Digitization, Digital Innovation
• Big Data Analysis, FEA, IoT
• Mobile App
• Cloud computing, web services
• Application Analysis & Development
Functional analysis and process, identification of architecture
and technology tools, development, testing and commissioning.
• Business Process Management
Assessment, financial risks, access to finance, calls for tenders,
internationalization and business development.
• Erp/Scm/Digital Marketing/Communication/Web 3.0
New Implementations, application and technical support, functional and
technical competences, customizing, development, help desk.
Business • Big Data Analisys, web sentiment, web reputation
Platforms for data analysis from company and web / social sources,
semantic analysis, decision support, statistics and forecasts, cloud.
• Organizational, functional, technical Assessment
• Corporate Financial Risk Management
• Dematerialization, AdEs, digital signature
• Tenders, R&D, ICT projects financing
• Corporate Performance, BI & EAI
• Multimedia, digital communication,
e-commerce, e-payments
• Digital innovation - Business Transformation
• Business Development in Poland
• Mobile App, multiplatform
Access to applications and web services from any device (tablet /
• Networking and IT Infrastructure
Design, implementation, validation of ICT architectures. Complex and
embedded network systems, DB administration, equipment TLC & Media.
• CyberSecurity
Design, implementation, validation of ICT architectures. Complex and
embedded network systems, DB administration, equipment TLC & Media
Digital innovation, engine development
The activity of consulting and design meet the technical, architectural and application needs
of digital innovation of companies. These activities also deal with matters related to business
processes and business development: assessment, security, networks, R&D funding, competition,
financial risks, multi-device (Mobile Apps).
• Quality Assurance & Change Management
Software/Firmware V&V (analysis & testing, requirement, architectures),
telco, device/application certification & qualification.
• Project Management
Project management, process re-engineering, impact assessment
changes in processes and systems of the organization.
We follow the life cycle of projects
• Study of architecture, technological instruments, analysis & development;
• Processes re-engineering, functional and technical requirements;
• Evaluation of changes in the processes and systems of the organization.
gruppo SCAI
O ff e r i n g
Research and
Innovative projects and business goals
We help companies to develop technological and functional skills to enhance
relationships and experiences: identify, promote and implement innovative projects
to achieve the objectives.
Quality and Methodologies
Software development and maintenance. Function Point Analysis and
SEIP methodology (SCAI Enterprise Integrated Process), international best
practices ITIL, UML, Constructive Cost Model.
Expertise and Partnership
We are partners of the major players: SAP, IBM, Microsoft, Sun, Oracle,
SAS, Cisco. Working independently, we can propose the integration of the
best solutions, with particular attention to the evolution of systems and
technological standards.
Research, funding while reducing business risk
Research projects may allow to obtain important financial support in order
to invest in initiatives with higher risk, offering cooperation and sharing
experiences with universities, research centres and other companies
Some projects
Integrated management of product data | Enterprise 2.0, methodologies
and social & semantic techniques | Engineering methodology | Applications,
frameworks and distributed knowledge | Automatic digitization of audio
and video materials | Intelligent Retrieval in Multimedia Archives | Innovative
technologies, networks, Smart Environment | Cost-efficient methods &
processes for embedded systems | Model-based testing and analysis |
Ability to integrate
Heterogeneous network domains | Data Mining | Business Intelligence |
Smart Card | e-finance
different technological platforms
Guarantee of reliability and scalability
on new architectures
Innovative technological solutions
Think different | Improve | Go beyond
as a response to business needs
Tenders, partnership and cooperation in projects
We support companies to participate in calls for tenders and competitions,
partnership in development projects and economic cooperation under the
European research programs (FP7), Italian (PON) or regional (POR).
Ethics and professionalism are our key values.
gruppo SCAI
O ff e r i n g
Professional training,
Te c h n i c a l a s s i s t a n c e
and other Ser vices
Technical assistance - Training
Technical assistance
• Help Desk
• On site interventions
Professional training
• Ict
• Management
• Linguistics • Financed
• Ibm software training
Other services
Infrastructure & Security
• Network Management
• DB & System Management
• Infrastructure Management
• Cybersecurity & Networking
• Penetration test
Application Services
• Application Management
• Software Distribution
• Multi-Device | Mobile Business
Design services, certified quality
Starting from the requirements, the development provides for the
elaboration of infrastructural and organizational design. Services, resources,
interventions, definition of management procedures, verification and testing,
Professional ICT and management training We unlock people’s potential increasing the level of skills by motivating and
preparing them to the changing market.
Operating systems, development languages, DB, networking, ERP, personal
development and management, safety.
Assistenza tecnica
ICT infrastructure services to ensure updated and integrated environments.
Technical support to users throughout the national territory
Installation / hardware maintenance, software configuration, network
integration, roll-out, telephone and on-site support, help desk.
Infrastructure: monitoring & maintenance
Monitoring of IP network performances, web services. Security &
vulnerabilities checks, web services availability, web sites control.
A complete offering, valuable services
Training, technical assistance, monitoring and network management, systems,
applications and DB, control efficiency web services, security, software
distribution, application management and “mobilization” of applications.
To improve the performance.
Applications, database, network, security and systems management.
To ensure high performance and high levels of work safety.
Mobility: access services from mobile devices
We help companies to quickly develop mobile app for mobile devices and we
offer systems of device management, App, connectivity and security.
We enable access to ICT services on the web via smartphone, tablet or notebook
with mobile Apps (for Windows Phone, IOS, Android systems).
Human resources, infrastructure, mobility, performance
Companies invest in tools and IT infrastructure. People move and need to
access data and information on the move.
Network performance, infrastructure and online services in Cloud, have
become increasingly strategic. We guarantee high-speed, quality & security.
gruppo SCAI
Utilities & Energy
Banca d’Italia, Intesa San Paolo, Banca Fideuram, Unicredit,
Banca Carige, Banco Popolare, Banca Popolare di Sondrio,
Banca Sella, BNL Gruppo BNP Paribas, Cariparma Credit
Agricole, Credito Fondiario, Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze,
Monte dei Paschi di Siena, UBI Banca, Banca Agricola
Commerciale San Marino, Banca Agricola Popolare di Ragusa,
Banca Credito Cooperativo Roma, Banca Italease, Barclays
Bank, Cassa di Risparmio di San Marino, Cassa di Risparmio di
San Miniato, Banca Cassa di Risparmio di Savigliano, Società
Servizi Informatici Sammarinese, Iccrea Banca, Cedacri,
Cedecra, Sec Servizi, Istituto Centrale Banche Popolari Italiane,
Boss Lab, Akbank, Hellenic Bank, Deutsche Bank
Endesa, Enel, Eni, Erg Petroli, Italgas, Snam Rete Gas, Terna, Acea,
Acquedotto Pugliese, API, Kuwait Petroleum Italia (Q8), Hera
UnipolSai, Generali, Reale Mutua, Allianz Ras, Axa, Cattolica,
Direct Line, Ala, Genialloyd, Sara, Toro, Helvetia, Skandia, Intesa
Sanpaolo Assicurazioni
Financial Institutions & Others
Consob, Ufficio Italiano Cambi, Assogestioni, Mediobanca,
Cassa Centrale Banca, Mediocredito del Friuli Venezia Giulia,
Allianz Global Investors Italia sgr, BG sgr, BNP Paribas AM sgr,
Capitalia Asset Management, Fideuram Investimenti, Pioneer
Investment Management sgr, Sogefi, Citicorp, Online sim,
Cotifin, CitiFinancial Italia, Kepler Capital Markets, Prima sgr,
Eurizon, Nuovi Investimenti sim, Ersel Asset Management sgr,
Enifin, Fiat Finance, Ge Capital, Cir
Public Administration & Healthcare
Cnipa, Consip, Equitalia, Inpdap, Inps, Poste Italiane, Postel,
Ministero Economia e Finanze, Italia lavoro, Sogei, CSI
Piemonte, Regione Lombardia, Regione Veneto, Arpa Emilia
Romagna, Arpa Piemonte, Comune di Roma, Politecnico di
Torino, Università di Bologna, Università di Udine, Università
della Calabria, Museo d’Arte Contemporanea, Teatro alla Scala,
Ospedali, Istituto Superiore di Sanità,
Transport & Mobilities
Almaviva TSF (Ferrovie), Anas, Ansaldo STS, Atac Roma,
Argiro Group, Gruppo Trasporti Torinesi, Autostrada dei Fiori,
Autostrada del Brennero, Techint, Consorzio Corifer-OFV, Fisa,
Imet, Siecab, Panalpina Trasporti, Ferrovie della Calabria, IMG,
Sagat Areoporti di Torino, Sea Areoporti di Milano, Trenord
We offer competences, solutions and ICT services for
different sectors in order to turn goals into realities
Dada, Ericsson, H3G, Seat Pagine Gialle, Telecom, Tim, Wind, BT
Italia, Urmet Group, Alcatel, Siemens
We have considerably grown in recent years thanks to the confidence of our
growing number of customers and partners of the SCAI Network. Among our
strengths in the highly specialized market sectors with process expertise and
technology, the presence, the integration capability and a comprehensive
range of services and solutions of excellence with attention to methodologies. Media & Tecnology
Rai - Radiotelevisione Italiana, Mediaset, Publitalia ‘80, Sky,
DeAgostini, CRIF, Elsag Datamat, IBM,, Centro Ricerche
Fiat, Infocert, Italtel, Serco, PriceWaterHouseCoopers,
Automotive & Aerospace
The skills acquired and the proximity to the processes have made
us a reliable partner for many companies from different sectors
Banks and financial institutions.
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Iveco, Alenia Aeronautica, Caterpillar,
Landi, Pierburg, Volkswagen, Car World Italia, Momo Italia,
Yamaha Europe, TRW Automotive, Maserati
Retail & Fashion
Casillo, Costa d’Oro, Galbani, Danone, Eldo, Mc Donald’s,
Ferrero, Gruppo SME, Nestlè, Sonepar, Artsana - Prénatal,
Bennet, Camst, CIR Food, Bulgari, Casa Damiani, Loro Piana,
Louis Vuitton, Prada, Randazzo, Tod’s, Valentino, Filanto,
Marzotto, Basic Net (Robe di Kappa), Fila, Benetton, Stefanel
Manufacturing & Others
Bonfiglioli, Società Prodotti Antibiotici, Wincor Nixdorf,
Northrop Grumman, Solvay, Tecnikabel, Buzzi Unicem, Lucchini,
Whirpool, Burgo Group, STMicroelectronics, Johnson Controls,
Carraro, Fujitsu, Hilti, Arpa Indusriale, SKF Industrie, Casoni,
Selex, Xerox, Intercos, Tenaris Dalmine, Ariston Cavin
Real Estate
ALER Milano, Federcasa
Banks and financial institutions
ICT not just
as a tool, but
as a strategic
leverage for
Digital Innovation
Business Transformation
Expertise in financial services companies, and holding in all areas of banking
as retail, corporate investment, payments, risk management, regulation,
foreign, multi-channel platforms.
Expertise in all areas, claims and policies, from emission to management
portfolios of central and peripheral systems, cost accounting and general multicompany, bank-insurance, new channels, multi-channel platforms.
Public Administration and Healthcare
Experience in innovation processes related to government activities at regional
and local level, consulting to provide services of the central bodies and other
public institutions, e-government and digitalization.
Capability to speak the business language of industrial and service
companies in various sectors, to meet the real needs identifying new enabling
technologies through new development models. Enterprise 2.0.
and flexibility
We are committed to ensure high performance and
flexibility with convincing answers
We offer systems integration, outsourcing, consulting, solutions and ICT
services, training and support.
We help companies looking for technological innovation in a functional way,
trying to provide useful elements for the improvement and optimization of
business processes to get the opportunities offered by digitization: experience
and expertise to quickly transform goals into realities.
Consulenza Aziendale per l’Informatica
System Integration,
competences, consulting
ICT solutions & services
Professional training
Technical assistance
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