Quick-Stitch Tone-on-Tone Ornaments



Quick-Stitch Tone-on-Tone Ornaments
Quick-Stitch Tone-on-Tone Ornaments
These designs are very quick to stitch – under 10 minutes each – and can be completed right in the 4"
hoop. The design is stitched all one color; the color changes shown in the design file are for stops.
Hoop a double layer of tear-away stabilizer in the 4x4" hoop. Lightly spray a 4x4" piece of white
(or other suitable color) felt and adhere it to the tear-away stabilizer.
Lightly spray a piece of satin or other fancy fabric of your choice and position it on top of the felt.
In the illustration, I am using a lightweight satin jersey fabric shot with gold thread for a bit of
Stitch the first color and pause
the machine. Remove the hoop
from the machine, but do not
unhoop the design.
Turn the hoop face
down. Cut a 7" or 8"
length of string and
form a loop; knot the
ends together. Position
the string to the back of
the design as shown in
the picture; tape it in
place. (I have used
beige masking tape on
the inside of the
ornament to prevent
Tape down the top of
the cord to the hoop so
that it will stay out of
the way of the needle.
Keeping the hoop face down, lightly
spray a 4x4" piece of felt in the same
color as you used for the front of the
design. Position it over the back of the
design so that it none of the stitching can
be seen. Lightly spray a 4x4" piece of
your fancy fabric and position it on top of
the felt backing.
Return the hoop to the machine, working
carefully so that the backing fabrics and
the tape remain in place, and stitch the
next color.
Remove the hoop from the machine
but do not unhoop the design.
Carefully trim the felt and fancy
topping fabrics just outside of the
stitching lines, coming as close to the
stitching as you can without snipping
your stitches. I find bent-handle hoop
scissors good for this task, although a
sharp pair of curved nail scissors will
also work.
Turn the hoop face down and repeat this
process, trimming the felt and fancy fabric
close to the stitching line on the back of the
Be careful not to snip your hanging
cord as you trim.
Change the bobbin thread to a coordinating
color (I am using gold) and return the hoop
to the machine. Stitch the final color. A
tack-down stitch will be followed by the
satin stitch border.
Remove the hoop from the machine and
unhoop the design.
Gently remove the tear-away stabilizer
from round the design. It should detach
10. Your finished ornament is ready to hang.