badgemaster bc



badgemaster bc
Hoop one layer of Badgemaster
Water Soluble Embroidery Film
or a few layers for heavier weight
designs as normally done.
Since stitching on water soluble
stabilizer is different than stitching
on fabric, you will want to test and
possibly adjust your tension
settings before stitching a whole
To check thread tension begin
stitching and observe the running
stitches. The top thread should
lie directly over the bobbin thread
with neither thread pulling
towards the center of any curves.
If necessary adjust your
embroidery tensions to be more
balanced. Tension adjustments
will vary from machine to
Finished design removed from
After stitching, clip (don’t tear)
away the excess stabilizer.
Place the design in a container of
hot water and let soak for at least
an hour, then rinse. Once all
stabilizer is removed the item will
be clean, soft and flexible. If
necessary repeat soak and rinse.
To finish the item can be steam-pressed from
the back side using a press cloth.
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