Quick Stitch Flyer.indd



Quick Stitch Flyer.indd
Quick Stitch
Embroidery Paper
is easy to
Gather your supplies together:
* Quick Stitch paper.
* Lightweight tearaway.
* 505 Temporary Adhesive Spray.
* Design of your choice.
* Thread.
* 75/11 sharp needle.
Quick stitch is stable enough that you don’t need
to have stabilizer under it.
You have the option of setting up your hoop with (A) or
without (B) stabilizer in the stitch area.
Just be sure that you have enough stabilizer area with
temporary adhesive to hold your paper in place while
you stitch. With this method you can use the same piece
of stabilizer over and over. Just reapply the 505 between
I like to make a mark on the stabilizer with a pencil to help
find the center mark. This will help with design placement
on the Quick Stitch.
Spray your stabilizer with 505 Temporary Adhesive, lay
your Quick Stitch down and stitch. When your design is
complete, carefully remove from the stabilizer.
Trim your paper according to your acrylic insert template.
(A) If you wish to stitch using a stabilizer under the
design, simply hoop your stabilizer as you normally
(B) If you wish to stitch your project without stabilizer
underneath, hoop your stabilizer.
Depending on the size of your
design and/or hoop size, cut
either a 4x4 or 4x6 hole out
of the center as shown here.
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