02NE11 BAGELA - Pavement Recyclers


02NE11 BAGELA - Pavement Recyclers
January 19
Vol. XLIX • No. 2
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ConnDOT Takes Delivery of Bagela Asphalt Recycler
Asphalt recycling is not new, but has become a
new phenomenon in national, state and local governments looking for cost effective, environmentally friendly ways to repair infrastructure. The
ConnDOT chose the Bagela BA10000 asphalt
recycler for its wintertime road maintenance programs.
With escalating costs of traditional patching
methods, including “cold patch”— which can
cost more than $100 per ton, the Bagela recycler
can recycle hot mix asphalt for a total cost of
under $25 per ton. This cost differential will save
taxpayers several hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Recycled asphalt provides a permanent solution for pothole repair whereas traditional off-season repairs often are temporary, becoming loose once a roadway is exposed to typical
temperature fluxuations, which cause temporary
repairs to fail.
“We look forward to having the Connecticut
DOT as a customer, as they use their Bagela
asphalt recycler for road maintenance programs,”
said Greg Harla, director of sales and marketing
and part owner of Bagela USA. “The state is joining many municipalities, state and U.S. government agencies already recognizing the environmental benefits and cost savings of recycled
asphalt using the Bagela asphalt recycler,”
The ConnDOT Bagela asphalt recycler will be
operated at the East Hartford district maintenance
facility. From this location, recycled hot mix will
be loaded into one of four Bagela thermal containers for road crews to complete their repairs.
The DT DOT is using the Bagela BA1000 asphalt recycler.
The CT DOT asphalt recycler will be operated at the East Hartford district maintenance facility.

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