Newsletter - Mansfield Public Library


Newsletter - Mansfield Public Library
Friends of the Mansfield Library
Vol. XXIX, No. 4
December 2014
& Editors
Anne Greineder
President & Editor
Hal Abramson
Leslie Turner
In the buchanan auditorium!
Saturday, January 10th 9:00am - 4:00pm
Clean-up 4:00pm ~ The library will be open for business that day.
Friday, January 9th
9:00am - 3:00pm
Saturday Clean Up
Friends of the Mansfield Library
Book Donations
e always appreciate the generous book donations we
receive throughout the year. In order to facilitate
setting up the book sale in January, we will not be
accepting donations during the week of January 3rd
through January 10th. The best time to donate
is after January 10th, as our storage areas will
be empty and we will be ready to sort for the
next sale.
September 2014 Book Sale Results
It’s time to pay your annual
dues, which run from October to
September. You can pay by mail
using the form on the back of this
newsletter or you can use one of
the forms located on the Friends’
sale shelf at the library and put
the payment in the cash box
there. Thank You!
The September book sale made $9,529.55 from books and $215.00 from food.
Many thanks to our wonderful helpers:
Hal Abramson, Sarah Accorsi, Carol Anselment, Nancy Barry, Pat Biggs,
Jane Ann Bobbitt, Rajeev Bonsal, Aline Booth, Carole and Chuck Boster,
Joe Cary, Donna Clouette, Rachel D’Antonio, Mary Dean, Andrea Epling,
Norma Gingras, Kathy Girardi, Sharry Goldman, Anne Greineder, Jean Haas,
Gretchen and Ros Hall, Kay Holt, Jane Jackman, Careen Jennings,
Marietta Johnson, Ayla Kardestuncer, Barbara Katz, Carol Kegler,
Rita Kinstler, Molly Kirouac, Alice Kolega, Karen Lank, Scott Lehman, Jerry and Zoe Leibowitz, Noah Lerman, Marie McCain, Carol McMillan,
Adrienne Marks, Susan Meisler, Gale Morrow, Annette Murphy, Bill Peters,
Carol Phillips, Dennis Pierce, Rita Pollack, Joan Quarto, Karen Randolph,
Ann Rash, Compton Rees, Tove Rosado, Nancy and Chauncy Rucker,
Naomi Sanders, Richard Schimmelpfeng, Laura Scruggs,
Larry and Regina Snyder, Cynara Stites, David Stone, Lee Terry, Leslie Turner,
Marlene Wenner, Betty Wexler, Julie Wright, Karen Wyatt, the UConn bakery.
Thanks also to our book movers: Liam Goode, Mark LaPlaca, Colin McMullan,
Emmett McMullan, Mansfield Town Maintenance and Town Public Works
departments; and to officer Wil Bigl for directing traffic; and the library staff. Special thanks to Mansfield Boy Scout Troop 56 and the rest of the clean-up
workers, and to all who helped but didn’t sign in and so remain anonymous.
December 2014 Newsletter
What is a Little Free Library?
Little Free Library is a box located in a public space where anyone can take
a book or leave a book. You may have seen one in your travels; they are
all over the world, but you don’t have to go any farther than the transportation
center in Storrs. The Mansfield Library purchased one using Friends’ donations,
had a lovely base built for it by local woodworker, Johnnie Walker of Walker
Woodworking, and installed it inside the center. Travelers waiting for a bus,
people entering or exiting the parking garage, and passersby on the street have
easy access to a free book.
For more information on these miniature libraries, including maps of where
to find them, how to purchase and install one, plus many photos and stories of
libraries all over the world, go to
To change your home or e-mail
address or to send a book review
or other communication, the
e-mail address for the Board
of Directors of the Friends
of the Mansfield Library is: [email protected]
We use this address for library
related business only and ask
that you do the same. We also do
not share our members’ e-mail
addresses or use them for any
other purposes.
Book Reviews
Always Needed
Send short, handwritten
(neatly) or typed reviews to:
Anne Greineder
16 Holly Drive
Storrs, CT 06268
[email protected]
Friends of the Mansfield Library
214 Wormwood Hill Road
Mansfield Center, CT 06250
Return Service Requested
Membership dues now run from October
to September for everyone. If you have
not renewed yet, you can do so using
the form to the right. As you fill out the
form, please consider contributing to
the Friends of the Mansfield Library
Endowment Fund. Since its inception in
1999 we have received through stocks,
donations, the Book Sale ($1,000 has
been deposited from almost all book
sales since 1999) and interest on the
Fund where it resides - over $115,000.
Contributing to this fund gives you an
opportunity to support the Mansfield
Library’s mission of offering the highest
quality of library services to
the community.
Anne Greineder, President & Editor
Hal Abramson, Treasurer
for the Friends of the Mansfield Library
Name _________________________________________________________
Telephone ______________________________________________________
Address _______________________________________________________
E-mail ________________________________________________________
I would like to receive the Friends of the Mansfield Library
newsletter by e-mail
Enclosed is $5.00 per address for dues and a tax deductible
contribution of _______________________________________
TOTAL ENCLOSED: ______________________________
Make checks payable to: Friends of the Mansfield Library, Inc., and mail to:
Hal Abramson, 214 Wormwood Hill Road, Mansfield Center, CT 06250-1025.
If you would like to make a separate contribution to the Endowment Fund,
make your check payable to: THE FRIENDS OF THE MANSFIELD
LIBRARY ENDOWMENT FUND and send it also to the above address.
Thank You!