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“Constant innovation and
technological renewal are
basics for Sant'Anna.
SAP’s management software
enables us to take key
decisions in order to continue to
grow in a profit-making and way in
a fiercely competitive market".
Alberto Bertone
Managing Director
The company
Project objectives
Name of the company: Fonti di
Vinadio S.p.a.
Main office: Vinadio
(Cuneo, Piedmont)
Industry: Food & Beverage - Consumer
Type of services/products provided:
Bottling and distribution of mineral
and table water
Revenue: 185 million euros
Employees: 70
Solutions and/or services
SAP ERP ECC 6.0: administration
modules, management control, sales,
purchasing, production, radio-frequency
Challenges and opportunities
• To substitute an outdated management
system no longer able to follow
developments in the business, especially
over recent years
• To have an internationally recognised
global platform available, that offers
complete and functional cover
• To implement a faster and more
modern system, in line with business
• To cope with the constant
growth in the mass of data handled
by the business
SAP Customer Success Story
SAP Business All-in-One Fast-Start Program
• To fit out an IT system capable of
recording and managing the data needed
to analyse profitability of the product
(impact of product costs on profitability)
and of the market
• To set up efficient management
control providing a real-time overview of
the situation in warehouses located
across the whole of the country
• To control stock status in real time
through a rapid, accurate and updated
system, based on radiofrequencies
• To optimise the process of product
• To exploit SAP’s potential for purchasing
and production forecasts, in order to be
able to move medium-term planning to
within the company
• SAP represents an established
international standard, known and
adopted by leading companies
• It enables effective management
and control of business complexities,
especially that of warehousing
• There is the guarantee of having
invested in a tool that, thanks to its
scalability, will accompany the
business through its natural evolution,
guaranteeing innovative solutions for
any market requirement
“SAP has perfectly understood the strong innovative impulse that
has always been the corporate mission of Fonti di Vinadio. Today
we have a powerful and efficient tool in our hands that
guarantees precise and updated economic and financial control,
indispensable in a fiercely competitive market".
Laura Barale
Head of Administration
Keypoints of the implementation
Fonti di Vinadio S.p.A.
• Creation of a cohesive working group:
highly motivated by the client and
equipped with specific skills by the
• Introduction of a new and highly
detailed warehouse control method to
promote better overall business
• Integration of all business processes
(production, commercial, logistics and
administrative) with control and
reporting instruments
• Faster, more efficient and real-time
management of warehouse stocks
• Spreading through the business a new
way of working: the SAP system
automates repetitive and low valuedadded procedures, freeing up time for
business analysis activities
The Fonti di Vinadio company that bottles
and markets Sant’Anna mineral water,
was born in 1996 with the objective of
exploiting the potential of water that
springs out of the Maritime Alps at 1,660
metres above sea-level.
From the earliest years onwards,
investments in technology and innovation
led the business to possess bottling plant
that was among the largest and most
modern in the world, and a completely
automated warehouse, enabling it to keep
pace with fierce competition.
With just 70 employees producing a
market volume of 1 billion litres each year,
it became market leader in Italy through its
Sant’Anna brand, a 100% Italian
benchmark surrounded by brands that are
mostly in the hands of multinationals. Its
13% market share makes it one of the
best-selling mineral waters in Europe.
• The possibility of carrying out more
controls, thus reducing the number of
errors and the ability to access data more
rapidly than in the past
• Speedier and more streamlined
information-exchange procedures
in the warehouse, thanks to radiofrequency and throughout the business
thanks to integration of the SAP system
• Reduced response times to
market fluctuations
• Reduction of stock levels in the
warehouses, calculated in relation to
forecast demand
• Comprehensive and reliable vision
in real time of costs and business
The determining factors in this rise were:
• the quality of the water, with its
notable organoleptic properties and
one of the lowest levels of fixed solids
in the world
• a clear and honest communication
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