OilnCO do Or~siI/U.S. Region


OilnCO do Or~siI/U.S. Region
Trile Networkil1g Applicatiol1s fro", ACT Networks, l11c.
Va l I/me 1 NlI l1l ber 2
Bank's Network (uts Millions from Phone BiIIs While Offering
Global Access For Worldwide Sites
OilnCO do Or~siI/U.S. Region - Ph~se 1
Los Angeles
lhe Problem: Inadequate Communications
Network for International Branches
hen Banco d o Brasil, the largest ba nk in Brazil
w ith over 2500 branches, began expanding their
intem ational o perations, they knew that sooner
or later they would need to prov ide on-line access
for a li remote s ites. They also knew that process
would m ost likely be an expensive, but necessary,
in vestment to provide customers w ith the services
theyexpect. What they didn ' t rea lize was that a
technology on the horizon wo uld soon prov ide a
way for the Bank to meet a li their da ta communica tion and netwo rk performance need s, w hile oHering
an opportuni ty to cut gargantu an telephone bills
dow n to size.
lhe Solution: An Integrated Networking System
Called AClnet
ith 32 sites in 26 countries on four continentsand s till g row ing - Ba nco d o Bras il wanted a
sophis ticated network that also was costeHective, easy to install and grow w ith m inimal
investment in equi p ment and s taH.
ACTnet met a li those requ irementsa nd a lso provided a way to control rising telephone and facsimile
costs, w hich had mo unted to $4 m illion a quarter! By
integ rating telephone and fax ca lls among the
bra nches and between the branches and head quarters
in Brasilia, Ba nco d o Brasil esti ma ted they could cut
25-30% from their long dis tance telephone bills and
rea lize a six-m onth payback on the cost of the wide
area network .
8anco do 8rasil- Completed Network
í1Iih~ IL IL IL
Hamamalsu papan)
T,,,,IO IL
M";,, CH,
Panama Cily
Monlevid eo
Buenos Aire s
lhe Result: High-Perlormance Global Network
Charts Future
he implementa tion of the ACTnet network
allows the Bank to control their communications costs while vastly enhancing their ability
to communicate. Where the re were no communications except for exorbitantly-priced international
telephone and facsimile ca lls and sluggish, unreliab le internationa l mai l service, there is now a high-
thTOUghput, low-delay network.
ACTnet supports fu ll LAN-to-WAN access and
AS j 400 data processing from every site, no matter
how re mate. Any-to-any te lephone and fa x connectivity means every person with access to a te lephane ar a fa x machine at the 8ank can cammuni-
cate w ith any other employee over the network,
eliminating ali toll charges. Both these ca pab ilities
are critica I to Banco do Brasil's future growth and
l a Paz
grea ter than 20,000 packets per second throughput.
Both switches are compliant with the full range of
Frame Relay standards and offer dis tributed
network intelligence, dynamic learning of network
hub configurations and automatic rerouting in the
event of trunk fai lures.
The SDM-FP combines voice, fa x, da ta and LAN
input and compresses that information fo r cost
efficient communications. The SDM-FP is a s tan-
dards-compliant Frame Relay Access Device
(FRAD), but un li ke other FRADs, the SDM-Fl'
translates telephone and facsimile ca lls as well as
data into Frame ReJay packets. Frame Relay not
onl y provides a hig h thro ug hpu t, low d elay transpo rt mode, it also allows for easy any-to-any
network connectivity. Other vendors of in tegrated
network solutions rely on point-to-poin t links,
making voice and fax commun ications especia ll y
AClnet Integrates VOice, Fax, Data anil LAN
Using Frame Relay
ombining advanced compression techniques
with Frame Relay compliant technology,
ACTnet sll pplied an innova ti ve solution for the
Bank. ACTnet comprises two Frame Relay sw itch
models, the MS-1000 and MS-2000, and a Frame
Relay network access mllltiplexer, the SDM-FP.
The MS-1000/2000 is a high-performance sw itch
that provides up to 4 Mbps port data rate w ith
Th e SDM-FP 1I/IIltiplexer "I/ri lhe M S-2000 Fral/le Relay
sIVil c/1
Banco do Brasil Builds Network lI'om lhe
Ground Up
or Banco do Brasil, the ACTnet sol ution a llowed
them to implement a sophistica ted network tha t
wo u ld meet a myriad of need s. Fortuna tely,
they didn't have to worry about eliminating existing wide area networking equipment, beca use they
had a very limited computer communica tions
network outsid e of Braz i! . What they did have was
a far-flung internationa l branch network on four
continents a round the world. They also had multimilli on d ollar m onthly telephone and facsimi le bills
in the effort to communica te with and between the
personnel at the re mote sites and their customers.
ACTnet ta rgeted both problems.
APhased Network Implementation
mplementing Banco do Brasil's network proved
fa r easie r than anyone anticipated beca use of
ACTnet's ability to be configured in any network
topology: s tar, multi-s tar, delta, and full mesh. For
Banco do Brasil, a multi-star topo logy a llowed for
the minimum in network links w hile gua ranteeing
full connec tivity and needed resilency.
After a two-week training session at Advanced
Compression Technology headquarters in Simi
Valley, Ca li fornia, the tea m of network managers
from the Bank installed the United States portion of
the network. The US. doma in includes a hub site in
New York City, where the MS-lOOOsw itch and two
SOM-FPs are situa ted.
At each of the node si tes - Chicago, Sa n Francisco,
Los Angeles, Miami a nd Washington - a single
SOM-FP tra ns mits telephone a nd fa x ca lls, as well as
data and LAN communica tions, to the MS-l OOOin
New York. The Frame Relay packetized traffie is
then rou ted to its destination a t any of the other US.
sites, oron a sa tell ite link to headquarters in Brasilia.
When the full ne twork is implemented, the telephone
and fax ca lls calls and data com munications will be
ro uted to sites a li over the wo rld using a fully standardized technology.
After the US. d oma in was opera tiona l, the team
moved on to London, where they situa ted a MS2000 switch and two SOM-FPs as a hub with node
sites ali over Europe. They a lso established some
dial-up connections to anci llary si tes in the Ca ribbea n, Central America, the Middle East and Africa.
Next ca me the Asia-Pacific link with a hub site in
BilnCO do Brasil - US to Brazil Network
Son Frontis(o
MI· 1000
Tokyoa nd nodes in Hamama tsu, Japan; Singapore;
Hong Kong; and Beijing. FinaUy, they return to
South America, where the Brasilia node is upg raded
to a hu b site with the add ition of an MS-IOOO swi tch,
and a second hub is established in Santiago, Chile, to
serve a mu ltitude of other South America n cities.
ACompleted Network ContriJutes To OveraU
s each phase is comple ted, the sav ings in
telephone and facsimilecharges are immediate; however, the full network impacts almost
every aspectof the international banking operation.
Headquarters in Brasi lia has informati on about the
daily operations and fin anciai administration of
every site in the ne twork at their fin gertips. Management ca n control their worldwide opera tion w ith full
knowledge of exchange rates and financi ai resources
available to them at any point of time.
The ACTview Network Management System is a
Windows-based NMS tha t prov ides customized
repo rt management - including s tatistics, a larm
and event activity, and real-time sta tus reports th roug h a sophisticated relationa l d a tabase programo ACTv iew does more than just coUect the
data, it allows the Bank's network managers to
analyze and present the in forma tion in a meaningfui formal.
ACTnet Meets Universal Network
ACTnet provided this levei of benefits to
Banco d o Brasil beca use it meets five
universal wide area networking requirements:
Provides maximum bandwidth utilization
Supports any-to-any networking
for voice, fax, data and LA N com-
Remote site employees now effect wire transfers,
access account information, send e-mail, and process
fin ancia i transactions quickly and easily. A lend ing
office r in Sao Paulo, Brazil, ca lls his counterpart in
Paris, Fra nce, to discuss a loa n ap plica tion for thirty
minu tes - w ithout ta llying a penny of interna tional
toll cha rges. Faxed documentation is transmitted
from Hong Kong to London or any other site in the
network fo r free, jus t by dia ling the aCcess code and
the ex tension num ber.
Multinational cus tomers bring their accounts to
Banco do Brasi l, knowing the ins titution is represented in m ost of the cities of the world - and their
needs ca n be met w herever they choose to do business. The bank ca n expand their operations to meet
the increasingly open trade in ali parts of the world .
They now have the option of continuing to use
priva te leased line service or pub lic Frame Rela)', or,
more likely a combina ti on of the two.
munica tions
Compliant with world wide standards
Gateways to public data networks
Offers an easy, economical grow th
For more informa tion on ACTnet or to
discuss your specific networking
applica tion, give us a ca ll at the number
listed below.
Banco do Brasil is now free to grow as the world wide
economy grows. And that growth ca n be wellmanaged beca use the network provid es up-to-theminute informa tion a nd controls through a easy-touse NMS system ca lled ACTview.
Global Network Management Made Easy
he Bank insta lled ACTview at two loca tions,
the Headquarters h ub si te in Brasilia and the
hub site in New Yo rk Ci ty. This all ows Ba nco
do Brasil to have fedi configura tion capabilities for
a li the dev ices in the ne twork: meaning less
s upport sta ff and less travei to the re mote si tes.
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