FORMAL CONSULTATION Proposed 20MPH Zone Hillcross Avenue



FORMAL CONSULTATION Proposed 20MPH Zone Hillcross Avenue
within the amended proposal would be approximately 15, of which 8 is across crossovers. Access will
not be affected. The proposals also include the necessary associated signage and road markings.
Proposed 20MPH Zone
Hillcross Avenue
A Notice of the Council’s intentions to make the Traffic Management Order (TMO) for the above
measures will be published in the local newspaper; London Gazette and posted on lamp columns in
the vicinity. Representations for and against must be done in writing to the Head of Street Scene
and Waste Management Division, Merton Civic Centre, London Road, Morden, Surrey, SM4 5DX by no
later than 5th January 2009, quoting reference ES/SGE/Hillcross 20mph zone. Anyone who opposes
the scheme must state the grounds upon which their objection is made. We also welcome letters in
Please note that responses to any representation received will not be made until a final decision is
made by the Cabinet Member. The Council is required to give weight to the nature and content of your
representations and not necessarily the quantity. Your reasons are therefore important to us.
A copy of the draft TMO, a plan identifying the area affected by the proposal and the Council’s
‘Statement of Reasons’ can be inspected at the Merton Link, Merton Civic Centre, London Road,
Morden, Surrey during the Council’s working hours, Monday to Friday, between 9am and 5pm.
Alternatively, this information can be viewed on Merton Council’s website,
Please note that the outcome of the consultation, along with officer’s recommendations will be
reported to the Cabinet Member. Once a decision is made you will be informed accordingly.
If you require further information please contact Waheed Alam on 020 8545 3200 or email
[email protected]
Merton - Putting you first
Issue Date : 5 december 2008
Dear Resident/Business
The purpose of this newsletter is to advise you of the outcome of the informal consultation that was
carried out in September 2008 on the proposal to introduce a 20mph zone on Hillcross Avenue.
On 4th November 2008, the outcome of the consultation, along with officer’s recommendations was
reported to the Street Management Advisory Committee and the Cabinet Member. The Cabinet Member
has approved the undertaking of a formal consultation on the proposed 20mph zone and the introduction
of the associated measures as shown on the plan over leaf.
The consultation resulted in a total of 159 residents responding representing a response rate of 36%
which is considered to be good for a local safety scheme. The responses to the questions are given below
in the following tables.
Table 1
Do you support the principles of a 20mph Zone?
% Yes
% No
% Undecided
Table 2
Do you support the proposed measures?
Councillors for Cannon Hill Ward
Cllr William Brierly
Tel: 020 8545 3425
Email: [email protected]
Cllr Brian Lewis-Lavender Tel: 020 8543 6790
Email: [email protected]
% Yes
% No
% Undecided
Councillors for Lower Morden Ward
A closer analysis of the responses indicated a marginal majority of residents between Links Avenue/
Hillcross Avenue junction and property number 200 Hillcross Avenue in favour of the 20mph zone
proposals though with some reservation to the loss of parking. The section of Hillcross Avenue in
favour of the scheme is also the section where the worst of the speeding problem has been observed
and would benefit most from the implementation of the proposed 20mph zone.
Cllr Maurice Groves Tel: 020 8330 3054
Email: [email protected]
In light of the results it has been agreed to introduce a zone between Links Avenue/Hillcross Avenue
junction and property number 186 Hillcross Avenue as shown on the plan.
Cllr Debbie Shears Tel: 020 8715 1610
Email: [email protected]
The proposed measures include
Cllr Barbara Mansfield
Tel: 020 8648 6139
Email: [email protected]
• Speed cushions
• A Speed table at approximately 30m east of its junction with Maycross Avenue
Cllr Ron Wilson Tel: 020 8337 9718
Email: [email protected]
• A Speed table outside property boundary of 184 & 186.
• Yellow line restrictions
Waheed Alam, Merton Civic Centre, London Road, Morden, SM4
For the proposed zone to comply with the requirements for the introduction of a 20mph zone, speed
reducing features are necessary. The proposals include cushions; junction entry treatment; new/
modified pedestrian refuges; build outs and virtual build outs with alternate give way working system.
Every effort has been made to minimise the loss of on street parking. The total number of spaces lost