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Starting A Team! - Life Foundation
Starting A Team!
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Life Foundation?
Life Foundation is Hawaii’s oldest and largest AIDS organization. The organization was created by a group of volunteers in
1983 as a response to the AIDS epidemic in Hawaii. Life Foundation provides free services to more than 700 HIV positive
men, women, and children living on Oahu, and offers the most comprehensive HIV prevention program in Hawaii, which
includes free and anonymous testing, outreach, and counseling.
What is HIV/AIDS?
HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is the virus that causes AIDS. HIV attacks a person’s t4-helper cells (CD4 lymphocytes), a type of white blood cell which helps fight off germs and diseases, thus weakening the immune system. When the
number of t4-helper cells in a HIV positive individual drops below 200, or that individual becomes sick from opportunistic
infections (such as PCP, a type of pneumonia or Kaposi Sarcoma), that person is diagnosed with AIDS (Acquired Immune
Deficiency Syndrome).
Do many people have HIV/AIDS?
It is estimated that 42 million people around the world are living with HIV/AIDS. Approximately 56,000 new infections occur in the United States each year, over half of which are in individuals under the age of 25. Since 1983, there have been over
3,000 reported AIDS cases in Hawaii. Currently, it is estimated that there are 2,300 - 3,200 individuals in Hawaii who are HIV
positive. It is estimated that one of three HIV-positive people are unaware of their status.
(Source: Hawaii Department of Health)
What is the Honolulu AIDS Walk?
The Honolulu AIDS Walk is Life Foundation’s largest annual public awareness and fundraising event. In its 23rd year, AIDS
Walk is the best opportunity to gather together as a community to remember the friends we have lost to AIDS, and to recommit ourselves to work together until we have won the fight against AIDS. Walkers get friends and family to sponsor their
efforts, and funds raised go to support Life Foundation programs and services. Walkers can sign up as individuals or as teams
with friends or co-workers.
Where and when will the walk take place?
The Honolulu AIDS Walk will take place on Sunday, April 17, 2016 at Kapiolani Park. Registration begins at 8:00 am and
the walk starts promptly at 10:00 am. The walk is an easy 5k around the park.
Will there be entertainment?
Of course! Warm up activities start on the bandstand at 8am and Ohana Broadcast Company will be sending down several
DJ’s and emcees to host the event. Each year the walk features some of the best entertainment groups in Hawaii.
Will there be prizes?
Of course! There will be prizes awarded to the individuals, and team that raises the most funds for Life Foundation. Our generous sponsors donate a variety of brand new items, trips, and more! Also, there will be a special prizes for the three teams
with the “most creative attire” or team costume. Gather your team and your efforts could pay off!
How can people sign up and get more information?
Visit or call 521-2437. Registration brochures are also available at most Starbucks locations on
Oahu from March through April.
Team captain responsibilities:
· Register your team. Just go to or you may fill
out the attached Team Sign-up form, and return it to Life Foundation. After
Life Foundation receives this form, you will be registered as a team.
· Set a fundraising GOAL. Setting a fundraising and walker recruitment goal is
key to successfully motivating your team. Strive to be the top Honolulu AIDS
Walk fundraiser. If your team has walked before, pledge to beat your previous
fundraising total or ask each team member to raise $50 more than last year.
· TIP: Make fundraising manageable for your team. If you set a goal of
$75 for each walker, suggest that they ask 15 people for $5 each. They’ll
be surprised how fast it adds up!
· Have each participant register online or fill out the registration form on the
Honolulu AIDS Walk brochures. Walkers under the age of 18 must have a
parent or guardian sign the release on the registration form.
· Collect all registration forms and donations raised by your team and turn
them into Life Foundation on or before the Walk on Sunday, April 17, 2016.
There will also be Early Check-in & Donation drop Off Day at Life Foundation on April 14 9:00 am– 7:00 pm if you want to turn in your team’s money
early and pick up your fundraising prizes. Additional funds can still be turned
in the day of the Walk too.
· Serve as the point of contact between Life Foundation and your team.
Life Foundation will be sending out regular updates about the Walk for you to
pass on to the team. Your e-mail address is the best way to be kept up to date.
· Attend a Team Captain party to get tips on how to motivate your team to
fundraise and how to keep your team organized at the Walk. Also, it’s a great
chance to meet other team captains and Life Foundation staff and volunteers.
Hard Rock Café will be hosting the official Team Captain party on Thursday,
March 3, 2016. Please be on the look out for the RSVP email, space will be
YES, We Want to Walk!
Organization/Team Name __________________________________________________________________
Team Captain Name ______________________________________________________________________
Address _________________________________________________________________________________
City / State / Zip Code _____________________________________________________________________
Contact Phone # + ext _____________________________________________________________________
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Team Donation Goal_______________
To partner with Life Foundation for the upcoming Honolulu AIDS
Walk 2015 on Sunday, April 17th, 2016 please contact:
Calvin “Calvi” Marquez Jr.
Life Foundation, Development Director
Call (808) 521-2437 ext. 250 or Email: [email protected]