APAIT Health Center, by Noel Alumit


APAIT Health Center, by Noel Alumit
APAIT Health Center
Noel Alumit
Program Manager
Personal Background
AIDS work in 1990
Health Center is Southern
California’s largest provider of HIV/AIDS
services to the API communities.
Outreach and prevention, direct services,
and capacity building
Open clinic 2012
State of the Nation
and the World
In the US, 50,000 people get infected
every year
 Worldwide 33 million people are living
with HIV
 Two million people die every year from
 30 million people have died
 Infections vary in regions
APAIT Health Center’s Roots
A member of Asian Pacific Lesbians and
Gays passes away
Asian Pacific AIDS Intervention Team
David Ho
Approximately 861,000 lesbians, gays, bisexuals reside
in California (3.2%). Of those approximately 66,000 are
individuals of API descent. Source: UCLA Williams
A third of LGBT undergrads experienced
harassment. (NGLTF)
82% of API LGBT had experienced discrimination/harassment due
to their sexual orientation. Equally 82% also felt they felt
discrimination/harassment due to their race. (AAF/NGLTF)
Over 82% of APA LGBT people experience racism within the white
LGBT community, and 96% of respondents said that homophobia
and/or transphobia was a problem in the API community
Mind, Body, Spirit, Wellness
Nick Truong, manager; Barbara Crofford,
LCSW; Dr. Bryan Choi
 This program is designed to assist clients
effectively identify and cope with
symptoms and problems that may be
contributing to their distress in order to
improve overall quality of life.
A weekly social and educational lunch
 Individual counseling
 Specialized support groups for various
Asian languages
The programs aims to reduce isolation;
decrease depression; tease out more severe
mental health diagnoses; investigate substance
use issues; tackle paranoia; and other cognitive
disorders. It also incorporates other health
messages (drug regimen, co-infection).
This program is designed to provide a
sense of emotional well-being to HIV
positive individuals with the knowledge
that the mind, body, and spirit are all
connected in each person.
The main focus is on the client, or client centered. The
program deals with a whole gamut of issues such as
sexual identity, teach them skills to disclose HIV status
to loved ones, increase support system, and help them
adhere to medications. The goal of this program is to
help clients feel good about themselves.
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